Super Pig

April 20, 2009
By David Brown BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
David Brown BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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It all begins in Pigsville on Farmer Brown’s farm in the Galapagos Islands, when Super Pig was born. But before I tell you the story about Super Pig, I have to tell you this one.
“Oh they are so cute!” Mrs. Pig said.
“They are very pretty, but what is up with those two over there?” There were two pigs playing and punching and then they lifted up the farmer’s car! One of the rascals was Super Pig. Super Pig’s real name was Jeff. Jeff had a twin named Tim. Tim was the other little rascal. As they were growing up on the farm, they didn’t get along at all. They hated each other so much because Tim was always so annoying, and Jeff had enough. Tim was always punching him, and eating his trash, getting the banana peel for dessert, hogging all the hay to sleep on, and most of all, when ever he made a mess in the barn, he blamed it on Jeff every time.
So one day, early in the morning at about 3a.m., he ran away, into the deep, dark forest. He spent his night there on the cold ground. He is so used to sleeping in the warm stack of hay with all of his brothers and sisters. But at least he wasn’t anywhere near his evil brother Tim. In the morning, he woke up and winced back in fear because animals were surrounding him with a puzzled look on their faces. He heard whispering going out through all of them.
“What is it?”
“Who is that?”
“He looks weird”.
Finally somebody broke the silence and said, “Who are you?”
“My name is Jeff and I have run away from home.”
“Why would you do that?” said a turtle.
“Because I hate my brother Tim and he annoys me non-stop every second of the day.
“O I see. Here in the jungle we all get along with our younger siblings. There is Ted the Turtle and his little brother Rodney, and there is Iggy the Iguana and his little brother Antwan, Wait…..where is Antwan? O there he is. See that little guy over there, his name is Antwan.”
After a little while Jeff met everybody in the jungle and became friends with everybody. A few months later, Jeff has fully grown, and found out some very interesting things. Jeff has found out that he can fly just like all the birds. He also found out he has super strength and super sonic speed.
When Jeff woke up one morning, he felt like taking a walk, so he did. On his walk, after he got a little further, he heard screaming. So he sped up to find out what was. The city of Pigsville was being attacked by some maniac in a cape. After Jeff took a closer look, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was his brother Tim, and he gave himself a nickname, Hogzilla. When he started walking a little closer he found his mother hiding under a lamp post. He ran over to her as fast as he could and asked her if she was ok. She said yes, but she said she was worried and asked if I could do anything to help.
“I’ll try my best”, Jeff responded. So Jeff ran into the woods. In there Jeff grabbed a big leaf and carved into it, Super Pig. Jeff, now Super Pig, flew into the sky and hit Hogzilla right when he had least expected it. He went flying into the biggest building in the city. It took a while for him to recover, but eventually he did. When he flew back up I said, “Soooo. We meet again.”
“Hey look it’s the big baby who ran away.”
“Tell it to the street because that’s where you are going.” Then Super Pig punched Hogzilla ands hey flew face first into the street. Hogzilla flew up and punched Super Pig right when he wasn’t looking. Super Pig soared into the biggest building in Pigsville. He didn’t move. Everybody thought he was done. Hogzilla started to celebrate, and then it happened. Super Pig zoomed as quick as lightning and hit Hogzilla. Hogzilla fell and was out cold. He was still alive he just lost consciousness. All the citizens in Pigsville cheered as loud as thunder, even the sun was smiling. Then Super Pig used his super strength and threw Hogzilla into the next galaxy.
“You won’t be hearing from him for a long time.”

Now he cherishes his cape for as long as he lives. He never goes anywhere without it. It is his most prized possession. It’s so beloved he sleeps with it. Also, all the kids in the city have Super Pig lunch boxes, jackets, and even some posters of Super Pig in their bedrooms.

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