Two Squirrels and an Acorn

April 20, 2009
By Daniel Farley BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
Daniel Farley BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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There once were two squirrels named Jim and Bob and they searched for their missing acorn, this is their story.

One day Jim got up from his nice cozy tree hole. After taking a shower and having his daily breakfast of nuts, he noticed that something was wrong. Jim and Bob’s precious golden acorn was missing! Jim went to Bob as fast as he could. After twenty minutes of trying to wake him up, Jim gave up. Then suddenly while Jim was complaining about never finding the acorn, Bob woke up. They hurried as fast as they could to the acorn’s usual hiding place. But it wasn’t there.

So Jim and Bob hurried to the swamp where the acorn had another hiding place. They came across a weird old beaver. She told them that to pass they had to build a dam to get across the river. They just swam across leaving the disgruntled beaver behind. But the acorn wasn’t there either. They thought of another hiding place in the dark side of the forest.

Jim and Bob hurried as fast as they could to the dark side of the forest. Their path was blocked by an old oak tree. To get across the squirrel brothers enrolled the help of a woodchuck. He said he would help if they could beat him at wood chucking. Of course we all know that woodchucks can’t chuck wood so they won. When they got to the secret hollow the acorn wasn’t there either. So they went to another hiding place, this time at the bank of the Mississippi river.

So now they began the journey south east to the river. They met many strange creatures including a bear, a platypus, a flying squirrel, and many others. So when they got to the river they weren’t surprised when they met another platypus who wouldn’t let them pass unless they could beat him up. Luckily they learned squirrel kung-fu from the flying squirrel they met. When they finally got to the place the acorn STILL wasn’t there. When they had all but given up Bob thought of one last place the acorn might be.

They hurried so fast they seemed to be flying on the ground. When they finally got to the place, there it was the golden acorn. The place was so obvious they didn’t even think of it. So as they went to bed Jim thought of their entire journey.

P.S. The place the acorn was in was their bedroom closet.

The author's comments:
This was very entertaining to write.

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