The Sleepover of No Return

April 14, 2009
By Caterina Schmidt BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Caterina Schmidt BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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The Sleepover of No Return

It all started with me waking up one foggy morning. It was a Friday, as a matter of fact it was Friday the 13th. That day was the usual bad day and thank god I brought an extra pair of clothes, for I spilt my lunch tray all over me. Trust me and I mean trust me this truly was only the beginning.

“Mom! Have you noticed any of my shoes?” I yelled to her that early morning.

“Have you checked under your bed?” she asked.

“No I’ll check now,” I sort of screamed at her. As usual she was right. There they were, my converse right under my bed where I propelled them the night before. Gosh, I will never know how she always can do that.

On my way to school I saw the most unusual thing ever. All it really looked like was a little green blob darting into a wall. The funny part is I don’t know what exactly that blob was thinking, but you can’t exactly go through a wall. So next thing I know that blob turned out to be a little man who is seizing his head, sprawled on the grass. At that point, I just shook my head, turned around and got out of the car in order to get into the school on time.

As I told you before at school I spilt my lunch all over me. But, also as I said before I brought an extra pair of clothes. Thank god for I don’t want to be called mushy pants ever again. Later in the day my time was done at that building. I had to call my mom to ask her if I could go over to Becky’s. We were all having a huge sleepover. It was all my best friends Becky of course, Lindsay, Nicole, Mailee, and me. I shrieked in disbelief, “SHE SAID YES!” That’s a first in this case.

“EYE OF THE TIGER IS …” all of us were screaming in unison while playing rockband later that night.

“This seriously is the best game ever!” shouted Mailee.

“I so agree who ever has this much fun ever, well except when I’m with you guys,” commented Nicole.

Everyone in unison screamed into the microphone, “Nice save!” As you can tell we really are all really close friends, but nothing will show how strong our friendship was until that very night.

We were just going to sleep when we heard a pulsation on the window and the door. We had two people go to both of them and open them at the same time to see what exactly it was. Then just as fast as light something came hurtling in past everyone. Next thing we know is that, that green blob earlier that ran into the wall was now on Becky’s bed. The most surprising fact is it’s not a green blob but a leprechaun!

“One little, three little, five little girlies, whom would I like to eat?” the leprechaun rhymed to us.

“Oh forgive me for the moment my ladies my name is Valor, Valor Dagold.” He slowly said to us with a huge grin. What exactly did Valor plan on doing with us? Well guessing from what he said he wants to eat us, wait why would he want to eat us? I don’t know but I could tell everyone else was wondering the same thing. We all made our run at the same time.

“Where are you all going the party is just beginning?” With that last comment he did this devilish laugh that launches that chill up your spine. He
hassled us out of the house and on to the street. Where are parents when you need them? They always seem to be there when you don’t want them to be, but when you really do need them they are never there. All we could really do at this point was run and don’t leave anyone behind. This was not the game of all or nothing.

The very first place we ran to was an old bike shop. The windows were all foggy with dust. It looked like no one even cared for the place for how many years. We concealed ourselves behind a rack of bikes that were on clearance. We never really thought about the fact that our legs show under the bikes. What an easy target we were! When he slowly crept around the creaky floor we realized we have to get out of that spot. The very first intention we had was to push the heavy rusted rack over onto the leprechaun. He shrilled with a killing sound. That was our chance to make the run. Out the back door we departed into a smoke filled alley. We all swathed our noses and ran, the only option we really had left.

“Hey look over there,” burbled Lindsay. It was a feather factory, priceless and perfect. We all scattered across the dark and gloomy street and into the factory. Not far behind was that monster that was trying to kill us. It was pitch black in the factory so we had to lock the door and try to find our way around to a light switch. Something squishy got into the way.

“Uh guys where exactly is everyone?” I asked.

“We are all over here, Why?” they all said from behind me

“Then what exactly is this then?” I asked. The only thing that it could possible be is Valor. I wasn’t so sure until he said to me this very thing and the lights turned on.
“Were you missing me already?” We all screamed as Valor grabbed me and pulled me to the top of a ladder. What exactly was he doing? My answer was not answered until a second later when he plummeted me down into an unknown area. It felt like a bottomless pit. (Until I walloped the bottom.) That weird Valor didn’t he even realize he plummeted me into a huge mixing bowl of feathers. This must be where they embrace them until they use them.

“How can I make a sign to have my friends know that I’m ok and to have them do the same by coming in here?” I wondered out loud. I got it we have this priceless call that no one will guess.
“I’M OVER HERE, COME TO THE BIN AND JUMP IN THIS IS YOUR IMAGINATION CALLING YOU!” I shrieked to all my friends. I don’t think that leprechaun will guess at all.

“Where the heck are those other girls and why is my imagination telling me to go to the bin? Oh well I guess they darted out so I’ll have to find them somewhere else.” Valor commented to himself as he walked out the front door of the factory.

I ascended like a duck out of the feather bin and congregated with my friends. We all hastened to Becky’s house and locked all the doors. From that moment on we never saw Valor the leprechaun again.

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