The Storm Twins

April 12, 2009
By AshleyAnn PLATINUM, Sanford, Florida
AshleyAnn PLATINUM, Sanford, Florida
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Have you ever wondered about Thunder and Lightning? How they got into the sky? Why they flash and crash?

At one time, there was no land. There was only sky and water. Most species weren’t in existence, humans included. The only superior life was the gods.

There were many gods, and they were much like humans today. Each god was born a child with no abilities. Once they reached their sixteenth birthday, they had to go through a series of tests to see if they were able to survive and protect the sky kingdom from the demons in the water.

They were forbidden by the High Council to have knowledge of the final test until their fourteenth birthday so they would have two years to prepare. The final test would pit them against the one they held most dear to test their loyalty.

The fight was to the death, so only the victor would live and face the High Council to be honored. However, the victor didn’t always feel happy, which was expected by the High Council, because they killed a loved one.

This system worked without flaw for centuries, until the Battle of the Storm Twins, but we’ll get back to that.

Rain Storm gave birth to the twins of Hurricane. She named them Thunder and Lightning. The twins were inseparable. No Thunder without Lightning.

Two months after their sixth birthday, Rain gave birth to another child, Hail. Thunder and Lightning became very protective of their little sister. She became attached to them, but still never measured up to the bond between the twins. Hail was very much like her mother, so pure and couldn’t hurt anyone intentionally. However, Thunder and Lightning were like their father, Hurricane, violent and harsh on the outside, but calm on the inside.

The years passed by, all was well, until their sixteenth birthday came. For two years they had tried to hate each other, with childish hopes they wouldn’t have to fight to the death. If anything, they became even closer.

They walked slowly toward the Sky Kingdom’s courtyard, known today as Cloud 9, where the battle would take place.

Less than a mile away from the courtyard, Lightning grabbed Thunder’s shoulder. “You must win this fight. You must be the one to survive. I will throw the battle so you can win”, he said.

Thunder shook his head. “No, you will survive. I could not live with your death on my head.”

Lightning nodded. “We both live or we both die. We are one.”
They linked their right arms, the age old way of sealing a deal. “To the end, my brother”

When they refused to fight, they were taken to the High Council. “Why do you dishonor your family?”
Leon, the head of the High Council, asked.

“I would rather dishonor them than kill them”, Lightning shouted.

“Very well then, have it your way”,
Leon said and clapped his hands twice. Immediately, a guard, Mason, came through the door holding a body. When he got closer, they saw that the body was Hail’s, and she was dead.

“She has been dead for six hours. Thunder, is that not when your brother spent time with her, while you were with your father. They were all alone and she winds up dead.”

“You Lie!” Thunder yelled.

“I am not lying. I merely pass on the information given to me by Rigor and Mortis. They say she has been dead six hours, and they are unable to lie.”

Thunder faced Lightning, and for once doubted his brother, which lead to their downfall. Lightning looked his brother in the eye, hoping his brother would see the lies that
Leon spoke. Thunder was speechless and couldn’t even recognize his brother through the rage. He attacked Lightning. Lightning had no choice but to fight back.

Lightning stabbed his brother by accident. “We live together. We die together. We are one”, Thunder got out before he slit Lightning’s throat.

Their bodies faded away, but their spirits were released into the sky. After centuries of fighting, they made peace and saw the error of their ways.

Now, Lightning flashes in hopes that his brother can see him and catch up. Thunder sees the flashes and makes loud sounds so his brother will know he is not far behind.

The author's comments:
Wrote this a while back, not what I'm used to writing now.

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