Eternal Blossom (Prologue)

April 12, 2009
By Anonymous

It was all her fault. It was because of her I was stuck here. I was trapped. Trapped in an alternate dimension called, "The Other Side". I shouldn't have listened to her. I should have minded my own business. I should have ignored her, but I didn't. I opened the door. That stupid forbidden door and ended up here. I'm such an idiot. I looked around. I was surounded by a vast forest. I stood up and dusted myself off. "God," I thought tears streaming down my face, "Next time I see her, she's dead." Then I started into the dark forest.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as my first fantasy like story that I hope to continue. I write storys like this all the time but I quit after I get bored. So I would love some support telling me to continue writing so I will feel stronger (mentally).

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