February 17, 2009
By maddie mcCarthy BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
maddie mcCarthy BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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One day I was walking threw the forest, my luscious blonde hair was gently flowing in the wind. My big blue eyes shimmered as if they were solid gold. I hadn’t gone to my secret hide out in ages it felt like! It was time I go again. As I approached the big oak tree in the smack middle of the whole forest, there it was a wooden jungle of greatness. I grabbed the latter that hung there in glory, I climbed up it as it swung in the wind. I reached the top where my fort stood tall and proud. I draped my purple cape over my shoulders, and put a plastic gold crown on my head. I swung down to the ground on my latter.

I started searching for the cutest of the all the bunnies to play with. They would be my slaves and pets that did whatever I want them to do. I saw a bunny it was white, but it was so ugly that I took a stick wapped it on the head. It cried and ran away, I felt a little guilt but not enough I guess. All the sudden a ruffle came from over in the bushes, I wasn’t worried cause I’m strong. I quickly lifted my stick and ran toward the bushes, then a figure popped out at me. He was tiny and had tiny little wings and draped a cloth over him and said it was his outfit.
“CUPID!” I yelled in disbelief.
“I am not cupid!” He uttered in a deep manly voice.
“HA I didn’t expect that voice to come out of you.” I giggled
“You have been chosen because of your self centeredness and greediness” He said with his chest up like he was talking to his boss.
“ What me?” I yelped “I don’t do anything bad!”

I started to think back to different times of life when I wanted something I couldn’t have…maybe he wasn’t lying maybe I’m horrid.
“Well what do I have to do to repay the people I hurt?” I spoke in a intelligent manner. All the sudden the ground trembled!

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