Ted Decker

February 17, 2009
By ben ashby BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
ben ashby BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Ted Parker woke up to the sound of his daughter, Amelia, screaming. He leaped out of bed, and rushed to a concealed cupboard. In this storage unit, there was a gun. This was a small, automatic pistol, his weapon of choice. Ted picked up the cold metal object, and streaked through the house.

As he ran down the hall, an assailant clad in black armor leaped out at him. Two quick shots to the chest sent the man tumbling to the floor. Ted never even stopped running.

The handle on his daughter’s door had been broken off. Ted smashed the door down with a mighty kick. Inside the room, there were five more disguised men. On the floor, was Amelia’s body. Blood was spreading on the floor. Ted let out a guttural roar, and rushed the closest men. Bullets flew around the room. Within twenty seconds, four of the five men were dead.

The survivor of the assassins dived through the room’s window. Ted quickly copied this motion. He chased the assailant down the block, constantly shooting at the man. The assassin must have been wearing a bullet-proof vest, because none of Ted’s well aimed bullets knocked him down.

Suddenly, a Hummer skidded in between the two men. Windows rolled down, and machine guns were poked out. Ted dived into a nearby bush for safety. As bullets spewed out of the lethal weapons, the assailant in black entered the Hummer. Just before the vehicle sped away, Ted threw a slim, sticky cylinder at the vehicle. It hit the Hummer, and didn’t come off. Ted opened his cell phone, typed in a code, and watched a blinking dot travel across a section of the city’s map. Ted began to stride back to his house. “ You came after me, and now I’m going to come after you. With a lot more firepower…”

At a downtown warehouse, a battered Hummer skidded to a halt. Four men jumped out of the vehicle. They signaled a hidden guard, and the warehouse door was lifted up. The inside of the warehouse looked like a military facility. Large men with large guns patrolled the area. In the center of the warehouse, there was a staircase leading into a underground bunker. The four men showed their IDs to an incredibly huge man. He nodded, and they were allowed to descend.
In the basement of this building, was a laboratory. Men wearing facemasks and white lab coats were mixing chemicals together. Jets of gas shot up out of large cauldrons. Other men were welding parts together. A large missile was being created. The men walked past this creation as if they saw every day. Actually, they did. These men walked through a plastic curtain, and bowed to a hooded man sitting in a large, fancy chair. This man was their leader, a genius with a vigorous hatred of the USA.
“You got the code.” The mysterious figure noted. “Finally, the missile will be ready! Prepare defenses. We still need time, and Parker will be angry.”
The mercenaries nodded, and briskly strode away.


Ted was searching his daughter’s room. He found what he was looking for. Ted pulled out a slim, black laptop. As he opened it, fear gripped his chest. Ted’s worst fear was confirmed. They had taken the code…

What was this code? It was a highly confidential military access code. This code had been confiscated many years ago, due to its dangerous content. A man with this code could send a missile straight at the White House, undetected by the Patriot Missile System. Ted, a former Black Ops commander, was its guardian.

Not only was it a top government priority to get the code away from its new owner, it was now personal. These mercenaries had killed his daughter. Ted Parker would not stop until these men were dead... With this grim thought in his head, Ted went into the house’s cellar.

This cellar had been “slightly” altered by Ted and his military friends. Ted picked up a piece of wood, and put it in the unused fireplace. As soon as the log hit the bottom of the fireplace, all of the wall began to flip. Stainless steel compartments took the place of old stone-block walls. Ted pulled out a drawer from the compartment. He took out a large, black military belt. He quickly strapped it on.

Resting of each of Ted’s hips were scabbards. These held thick, foot-long daggers. Two small bags were clipped onto the belt. The first bags contained miniscule, spherical object. These were mini-grenades. The second bag held a flash-drive. If Ted ever plugged this into a computer, it would completely crash, deleting every thing that was connected to that computer, too!

Lastly, Ted picked up a Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun, and a mini-Uzi Sub-machine gun. These were his two favorite guns. Power, and speed. Equipped with all of these items, he set off, following his planted tracking device.


Back at the warehouse, almost fifty mercenaries milled about. They were setting up walls of sand-bags, and taking care of their weapons. The survivor from the house, their leader, was setting up a heavy machine gun. He had witnessed Parker’s supreme skill, and didn’t want to take any chances. Just as he knelt into position, the warehouse door exploded into pieces. Ted Parker was here…

Ted strode through the smoking remains of the warehouse door. He lifted up his shotgun, and shot a few rounds into the air. Ted didn’t want to kill anyone that he didn’t need to. He hoped to scare most of the mercenaries away, without any real violence. So far, it was working. Ted saw at least twenty people scurry out of the building.

As he walked around a corner, Ted was almost hit by a barrage of bullets. He dived out of the way just in time. Apparently, some of Ted’s enemies were still going to fight him. Ted quickly pulled out five mini-grenades. He tossed them at the barricade of sand bags. The explosion demolished the bags, and sent the attacking soldiers into unconsciousness. Another five were out of the way, but not dead.

Along the way, Ted was met by another spew of bullets. He caught a quick glance of his attacker. It was the man who had killed his daughter… This battle would not be free of deaths.

Ted prepared his shotgun, his experience allowed him to imagine the position of his opponent. Ted stepped out of his safe position, his gun already blazing. The shotgun’s slugs took chunk after chunk out of the sand bag barricade. One blast hit the side of his enemy’s heavy machine gun. The weapon began to pour out smoke, and his daughter’s killer had to flee.

The ex Special Ops agent ran past the smoking gun. As Ted sprinted down the corridor, he pulled out his two blades. Ted saw the fleeing figure duck into a small path. He slowed down, and walked tensely into the walk-way. Stacks of boxes provided good cover, and even Ted did not know where his target was.

Suddenly, the mercenary jumped out at Ted. Ted’s military training kicked in. He dived onto the floor, yanking at the feet of his opponent. The assassin crashed to the floor. Ted sprang up as swiftly as a tiger. He gripped the two daggers tightly, and charged. The man in black pulled out two daggers of his own.

Ted’s knives clashed with his opponents, sending sparks into the air. Their blades weaved and stabbed with an incredible speed. The mercenary captain charged at Ted. Right before they made contact, Ted slipped onto the floor. The startled mercenary’s own force sent flying over Ted. Ted kicked his feet into the man’s stomach, and pushed with all of his might. The assassin was hurled back, crashing through wooden boxes.

Ted slowly stood up, knowing he had plenty of time. He strode over to his broken enemy. The man was crumpled against a splintered wall. He tried to get up, but couldn’t. Ted simply angled his uzi, and fired three quick shots. This mercenary would cause him no more trouble. Now, he needed to find the missile.

About two minutes later, Ted reached the underground bunker. Any resistance had fled after they learned about their bosses’ death. Four small explosives demolished the stairwell’s metal cover. Ted dropped down into the battlefield,

The missile’s building room projected a size that shocked even the experienced FBI agent. He knew that this must be stopped. Engineers and scientists fled at the sight of Ted and his guns. He grabbed one the men. “Where is your leader?” The horrified man pointed at the plastic curtain, and stuttered out a few undistinguishable words. Ted ran through the curtain.

As Ted stepped through the curtain, he saw that he had walked into a trap. Almost twenty men stood on a catwalk, their guns trained on him. In front of him was an old, recognized, and hated face. It was Dr. Manelzi. Dr. Manelzi was an Italian mastermind. He had become bored as the mafia’s leader, and went on to greater things. When he had last been fought, Mr. Manelzi was about to detonate a series of bombs that had been placed underneath New York City, and Washington D.C.
The evil man spoke. “Ah, Mr. Parker, you’ve arrived. Most impressive, but I think your victory will end here. Men, kill him….” Dr. Manelzi backed away, to a safer view of his foe’s death. Before the mercenaries could shoot him, Ted through out all of his remaining explosives. The whole room was enveloped in a white explosion. The mercenaries ducked, and Ted sped towards the room’s gigantic computer.
He pulled out the flash drive, and dived towards the computer. Suddenly, a hot pain seared through his thigh. “Not this time, Mr. Parker.” Dr. Manelzi pointed a smoking pistol at Ted’s head. “The next shot won’t be so gracious. Goodbye. Te....” The mastermind stopped speaking, and stared at a knife protruding from his chest. His eyes rolled up, and the evil genius fell to the ground.
Ted Parker painfully rose, and neared the computer. He stuck the flash-drive into the computer’s USB input section. The computer instantly began to smoke, and its screen shattered. Ted turned, and limped away, the computer quickly destroying itself behind him.
Finally, his mission was over……

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