My Vampire Story

February 16, 2009
By thatguyyouthinkyouknow BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
thatguyyouthinkyouknow BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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1. Going, Gone.

"No way! You are not moving to New York City!", says my best friend John.
"Yup. I have the plane tickets right here.", I flash them at him, "See? I am so going!" "Why?", he asks. "Oh, my dad said he would take my mom to court if she didn't send me to him sometime soon so here I go!" "Why would someone want to hang out with you that bad?", he asks. "Because I am just so awesome.", I say as I slug him in the arm. I smile largely as we pull into his driveway. "This, my friend, is where you leave my car. Hey I'll see you later though, I've got a week untill I have to catch my plane." I say. As he gets out he stops like he is thinking and, after a minute looks at me with a crooked smile and says, "I have to put up with you for that long? Bye bro." I smile back as he slams the door. I put the clutch into drive and pull out, headed home. I decide, as I drive past the 7 Eleven, that I want a slushy and a pack of cigarettes. I go in grab a sour apple slushy and head for the counter. As I get there I look at the clerk. A really hot senior by the looks of her. Right in my league. I guess I should explain about me. My name is Adam Durnajae. I'm 18 years old, and in my senior year of high school. Almost there... college here I come! I look at the clerk,"Marlboro Medium 100's please." I say to her. She reaches up, grabs a pack of the red cigarettes, and then hands them to me. "Thanks." "Sure..." she hesitated. Was she going to ask me out? I know I'm good looking but Jeez! "Is there something you want to say?" I ask her. " Yes. Actually there is. Would you like to go to the movies with me?" I stare at her. She breaks out laughing. I continue to stare. "I am just kidding!" she manages to stammer out. "I sit behind you in Art class. I wanted to see your expression. My name is Alexandria. Alex for short. Or Alexis, or Alexia or Lexi or Lexis or-" I cut her off " I get it! You have a lot of nicknames!" "But there's one more!" "What is it?" "Cookie!" She announces proudly. I laugh and tell her,"That reminds me of the Stephen King book Desperation. Cynthia Smith meets Steve and he calls her Cookie. She looks at him and says'Don't call me Cookie and I won't call you Cake!'" She looks at me like I'm crazy then begins to laugh again, a soft melodic sound. She stops and says"Please call me Cookie so I can call you Cake." "Okay Cookie." "Thanks Cake." We both begin to laugh again. "I have to go okay?" I ask. " Bye then." She says.

I look around the airport. "Flight B-5. Where is it?" I had walked past B-4 and B-6 but I could not find the area. Then I had an epiphany. "Maybe they are doubled up!" I went back to B-6 went down the short hallway and sure enough, on the left-side, there was a doorway and a sign above it that said 'B-5' " What a relief!" I go in, board my plane, after showing my tickets, and find a seat. I choose the window and settle in for the flight from Camdenton, Missouri to New York City, New York.

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