When the Dead Rise

February 17, 2009
By Alex Ashley BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Alex Ashley BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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As long as time could tell, humans have been trying to bring back the dead. They have tried and failed. Some lost their lives trying to do this stunt. Everyone knew what might happen if someone could have rise the dead. They could beat any army and the army would be unable to be destroyed. Everyone was worried that a person might try to use that power to take over the world. After many deaths trying to be the dead back to life, the king of the land declared that trying this stunt would be a sign of witchcraft and anyone found guilty would be killed. The king’s name was Arthur. Arthur made a special force to cleanse the land of these types of people. The forces were called Paladins; they were very strong, elite force that used the power of the light to defend the people of the kingdom. Arthur gave a name for the people that try to bring the dead back from life. He called them warlocks. Warlocks caused pain to the people of the land and they found a cult to find a way to bring the dead back to life. This cult was lead by Arthur’s son. Arthur’s son is named Phillip. Philip thought his dad was crazy for not letting the warlocks try to bring the dead back to life. Philip tried to tell his dad that with the undead on their side, they could win any war.

The town folk were getting worried that the warlocks might be able to bring the dead back to life. Many people told Arthur to do something before it is too late. Arthur did. He trained more Paladins and was able to get the warlocks number’s down a few. Phillip was really mad that his father was killing his followers. He made all the warlock’s work harder to fine a way to raise the dead. Everyone wanted to help the kingdom so they could stop the warlocks. Many men took arms and became soldiers, but very few were able to become Paladins. They were not many deaths all around, just small fights, until one dreadful day.

The sky was very dark. The sky look like a simple rain cloud, but the lighting was different. The lighting was a purple color. Then the cloud open up and a green meteor came down. The green meteor landed near a town. The king told the soldiers in the area to check it out. When the soldiers got there, the area was burned but there was no object anywhere. The soldier got back to the town and told the village mayor that there was nothing in the area. Later that night, some of the villagers heard a sound. It sounded like a giant was near. The villagers reported the sound. Then at midnight they saw Phillip. The village called the town guard. The soldiers came and try to capture Phillip. Phillip waved his hand and another green meteor came crashing down. The soldiers got out of the way. When the meteor hit, a giant fire monster came out. The soldiers tried to fight the monster but it was too powerful. Most of the group was killed the rest tried to get away to warn the town. When they turned around, there was a soldier. They tried to tell him to run but it look like he didn’t listen. One of the soldiers tried to grab him but his arm came off. The guard then realized that this was an undead soldier. The man who took that guy’s arm was sliced in two. The other soldier ran back to the town.

The soldier got back to the town. His name was Drek. He came into the town all tired and coved in blood. He told the town about the warlocks finding a way to bring the dead back and send green rocks to attack them. The villagers all ran in fear and try to get away from the town. Drek went to King Arthur and told him the bad news. King Arthur was saddened by the news. He sent his best paladins to try to take care of the undead. Drek followed them. The Paladins got to the town and saw it was destroyed and the air smelled of dead. Drek hid behind a rock. The Paladins went into the town and saw many dead. As they walked by the bodies, one got up and tried to kill one of the Paladins. He blocked the attack and cut the undead’s head off. After the body fell to the ground, the lead Paladin took some holy water and poured it on the dead body. The body went to flames. As they saw the body disappearing, they heard more movement. They turned around and saw about 50 dead bodies rising and charging. The Paladins killed many but there were too many to kill. The Paladins started to run back. Drek came out of hiding and helped close the gates as the Paladins ran out. The Paladins stop to rest on their way back from the village. They thanked Drek for helping them out in the village. The Paladins got back and told the king about the army of undead at the village and how Drek helped them close it off. King Arthur thought about how they were to stop the army of the undead from killing everything. King Arthur ask Drek if he wanted to be a Paladin and Drek said,” Yes”.
It took Drek some years to complete his training. While he was getting strong and trying to become a Paladin, the undead have been moving around and taking out village after village and everyone that gets killed becomes part of the undead army. The undead looked like they can’t be stopped. King Arthur was worried that his kingdom would be destroyed. His army was getting tired and the Paladins were the only one that was staying alive and not losing many. The warlocks were finding ways to spread this plague that turns humans to undead. One of the warlocks was telling them to put it in their troops and let them spread it by exploding in towns. Phillip said it was too risky and the plague might not mix well with undead flesh. Phillip got the idea of mixing the plague into the food that would get sent to town. All of the warlocks thought that were easy to do and the humans won’t be able to tell a difference. Phillip found a farm that no one was using. They started to farm the food and put the plague in it. Then they place it outside of the towns and the villagers took the food. The plague worked on the villagers well and at night the town was full of undead.

Drek heard about the attacks and finished his training. He went to go help the army. He heard that so many towns were overrun. He went to a near town to check on it. He saw that the undead were attacking it. He got angry and went into a fury, slaying every undead in that town. After killing 20, he calmed down and sat down and thought about how this could happen. He saw the open boxes of food. He went and checked and saw that it was made from a farm that no one work at anymore. He then saw that it was tainted with some black chemical. Then Drek realized that the black chemical was somehow making the villagers turn undead. He went back to King Arthur and told what he found out. King Arthur was surprised that Drek would kill that many undead without any effort and that the warlocks were able to make a plague that turned humans to undead. King Arthur gave the order to ban this food that comes from that farm.

Drek and a group of Paladins went to the farm to check it out. When the group got a mile away from the farm, they saw that ever thing was dead. All the trees look like they died 5000 years ago. They went on slowly. When the group got closer to the farm, they were attacked by a group of undead. The undead were quickly killed and the group pressed on. They got to the farm and Drek and his Paladins comply stunned. The whole farm was filled with undead and some warlocks. They were farming the food and adding some black dust to it. Drek realized that this must be the way they were making a giant army so fast. A huge undead beast attacked Drek’s group. The beast looked like it was stitched back together from different bodies. The beast had an axe on one hand and a chain in the other hand. It had great strength. It charged at them and the group dodged it. It wasn’t so smart and ran into a tree. It didn’t move and the group took their holy water and poured it on the beast. The beast body went into the ground. Drek and the rest of the Paladins kill the rest of the undead there and inspected the food that they were making. The food was causing the people in the towns to turn undead once they eat it. The group destroyed the encampment and returned to King Arthur and told him about the food and the undead at the farm. The king ordered a patrol in the area just in case they would try to use the farm again to make the plague food.
Years went by and the undead were getting weak. The warlocks were either getting killed or fleeing the country. Everyone was at peace again and life returns too normal.

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This article has 2 comments.

AE said...
on Apr. 30 2009 at 7:16 pm
This story really shows how horrible a plague of undead would be. Keep going with adding suspense.

nevakim said...
on Apr. 30 2009 at 5:52 pm
Great story.

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