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     When I get home from school I run into my room and dive into my bed. It's been a long day, and that's not the start of it. My eye start to water. Then I begging to cry. How could I trust him when all he did was lie.... (more »)
Her (A word paper)
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“The gaze in her eyes/ got me paralyzed/ just a few more words and we could be closer than ‘Family Ties’/ with everything shaking, I’m sure I’ll die before I try.” I scribbled those lyrics into the back of my... (more »)
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Runaway? “Juliet Green!” I  hear my teacher scream out as I have my nose in a book. I sit my book down and look at him in annoyance. “Yes?”  In the sweetest voice I can muster. “I don’t see you... (more »)
Dim Lights
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     Months later, I walked into my last period study hall class with a pack of skittles and my book-bag inching off my shoulder. I crouched smack center in between fiction and nonfiction, the conflicting sides of my life, with a laptop... (more »)
Can You Avoid Fate?
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Life in a small town is supposed to be great, right?  I mean, all the movies tell you that people from small towns are “the salt of the earth” and have “small town pride” and images of neighbors borrowing a cup of sugar fill your... (more »)
Her Eyes
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Jessie. I always knew she was special; and I know that is super cliché and straight out of a 90’s chick flick, but it’s true. We had been friends for a long time, and I was drawn to her for some reason that I, no matter how... (more »)
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3:15 pm(Char)    Finally school is over!! I walk out of my last period class in a hurry. I have a dance recital in an hour and need to get to my mother who is waiting for me outside of the building. As I rush out I feel something... (more »)
Bitter Reflections
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Love is bitter and entwined with speeches of rage, of green, almond sweets shared under the marshmallow aroma of a canopy, a canvas of forests and shrubs and sunflowers rising in a chorus of sunlight. Love is the hard stone that dips in the blue... (more »)
The Boy I Will Always Love
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Every time I see him it's like looking at the stars I see them in his eyes The way he looks at her is the way I want him to look at me Love is a funny thing Every time he walks down the hallway I look at his eyes They're sad and... (more »)
Just Another Boy-Next-Door
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     I didn’t know I was in love with her until she broke my heart. I relive the moment everytime I close my eyes, but I don’t just see it, I feel it. The butterflies morphing into hideous bees, the acid pumping from my heart and into... (more »)
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The woman glanced at the clock, watching the second hand tick across the glass face. Two thirty. If she was going to start the mission, she had better leave her office soon. But for now, she had a little bit of time to gather her bearings and... (more »)
Doomed Love
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My footsteps drag, dreading what I might see when I get to her room. As I approach, I slowly resign myself to the possibility that I've already been exposed. I reach the dark wooden door and stop shakily outside, drawing a deep breath. I exhale... (more »)
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Girlfriend She sat at her dull green oak desk, staring at piles of papers. The papers were important, but at the moment, not nearly as important as the thoughts running through her head. It’s been three and a half months. It’s... (more »)
The Replacement Heart
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I dated this girl and she was like no other girl. She danced beautifully and had gorgeous long flowing hair. I had gotten sick a lot, so I went to the hospital. I came down with a heart disease. My girlfriend stayed by my bedside until I was... (more »)
Little Things
By , Ilford, VA
It was when you wore that oversized, navy jumper above you knee length skirt that I knew I was screwed. I remember the look on your face the said you didn’t quite understand why I was laughing to myself after seeing you dressed like that.... (more »)
A Love Letter from Fan to Lace
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You told me  you would never let me go. They told me you were complicated, that you were full of twists, turns, and knots. They told me you would ruin me, that you would slow me down. I knew this to be true yet I took you in. You never let... (more »)
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