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Here are the most recent romance articles:

Just Two Young Men in Love
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We were never at the same place, at the exact time in seventeen years. I bet there’s more than six degrees of separation between us. We simply are from utterly distinct worlds. And I could be walking on Madison Avenue, towards east, and he... (more »)
Loving Elaina.
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Her cherry lips felt like rose petals against mine. She felt warm against me. Everything felt alright, everything was good.  She was all I needed. Too bad the feeling was not mutual.  Maybe it was the way she smiled, laughed, or... (more »)
A Lonely Coastline
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I liken our relationship to an ocean shore. The tide pulls in, and out. You appear in my life, and glowing beacon of everything I want, of hope, of happiness, of love. The sun warms the air, casting the spectacle in a golden hue. Then the moon... (more »)
A Love So True
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You know that little old park bench that sits alone day after day by the water shore? The bench no one has touched in years, gazing out at sea? ever wonder what the past was like?        One day a young man went for a stroll through the... (more »)
Heart of Darkness
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Trap me in your heart, your heart of darkness.  Take my warmth to thaw your frozen soul for when we touch I feel as if I have fallen through ice into the darkening depths of an ocean. Drown me in your hidden secrets and ensnare me in your web... (more »)
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My name is Lisa Willis. I am sixteen years old. I would consider myself normal however, I was born as an albino. My entire life, I had been teased. Growing up, I had no friends because everyone seemed to be afraid of me. Like I was some kind of... (more »)
What I Wish You Knew
By , Westfield, WI
Everyday is different with you. One day, you’ll be so happy and so loveable, while the next day I may only get a few words out of you. Some days I want to cry and scream for some attention from you (and some days I do find myself doing... (more »)
My Summer Love
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 I met him under the clearest cerulean sky I’d ever seen in my mediocre lifetime. It was a beautiful day, alive with a gentle wind and a bird’s song playing through the neighborhood. He was on his hands and knees, pulling out the weeds in... (more »)
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Rose's Side- "Don't look up, Rose. Keep your head down." I thought to myself as I was walking down the hallways of most petrifying hallway of the whole school. Strolling alone on the thousand hall is anything but relaxing. When you look... (more »)
The Crazy Night
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It was the night of the school dance. Jessica was all dressed up; so pretty in her lovely shiny dress. She sparkled oh so nicely in the light. Jessica thought their would have been more friends of hers at the dance. It turned out that there was... (more »)
Leather Is My Middle Name
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Everybody knows him. The forbidden bad boy. He has a sort of charisma that gives off of him like how sand is attracted to sandpaper. Everybody wants to be close to him in a certain way. My friend, Jessica told me he came from a faraway place,... (more »)
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Airplanes and beginnings
By , Eugene, OR
I don’t know what it is I liked about airplanes when I was a kid. I suppose it was the constant hum of the engines, the jittery feeling in my stomach that meant I was going somewhere (or the warm feeling that meant I was going home). It was... (more »)
To Know Nothing At All
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I laid on the grass beside him, close enough to touch but not touching, far enough to flicker my eyes towards his every so often and wonder what he was thinking. With each blade bright green to the tip and the ground dry and hard, the grass had... (more »)
The Boy of My Dreams Part 1
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In the soft glow of the sunlight fading in the darkness beyond the horizon, he gently wraps his arms around my waist and pull me close to his chest, gazing into my eyes with a hypnotizing, intense look before softly pressing his lips to mine. It... (more »)
Love Letter To You
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Sometimes I forget that I once met you, because it feels like you’ve been here, by my side, breathing with me, since always. We went to high school together, but we never overlapped classes, and then one day we were both sitting outside the... (more »)
The Boy of My Dreams Part 3
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I wait until my mother and sister exit the car before I unleash my fury on them. My hands are akimbo as I settle my glare on them. "What is wrong with you guys? A boy has an interest in me and you guys just have to act like total nut... (more »)
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