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Here are the most recent romance articles:

Heal me
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Nothing was easy anymore in Rose’s life. Her boyfriend of four years just broke up with her and the parents fought all of the time. Why did it always have to end up like this? It wasn’t her fault and she knew that, but why was it so... (more »)
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My love for him was like a daisy sprouting in the winter: beautiful and delicate, but also dangerous and deadly. It made me feel invincible - like even though everyone around me knew in the end I would be destroyed, I let my hope shield me from... (more »)
City Nights and Bright Lights
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When my phone rang at one in the morning, I was surprised to say the least. I got even more surprised when it was you that was calling. Especially after what happened. It had been a year, and even though we lived in the same city, I never saw... (more »)
The Solar System
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Grandiose hues of yellow are reflected back onto the translucent waters. A swirl of blood reds and sunset oranges dance before my eyes; further down the shore, the rainbow of colours expand ultraviolet and infrared. They sing songs of beautiful... (more »)
The Moment She Knew
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It was autumn when she met him. The leaves had started to blush ember and restaurants were advertising their pumpkin flavored appetizers. She thought he was a simple man that she could share a bench with. She didn’t know that he was a man that... (more »)
The Queen and the Rogue
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A queen should, get a husband and just let him rule, she should simply be a figure head. But historically speaking a queen without a husband is much more powerful. And has by far created some of the most memorable kingdoms. So the queen remained... (more »)
Date Night This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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He got out of the shower and towel-dried his hair.  Dabbing on $70 ASHLOME cologne and pulling on a pair of dark wash Levi’s, he called Laurelle.     “Hello?” The speaker crackled ever so slightly so that her honey voice was... (more »)
The people are flowers. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , portland, OR
      Marti wakes up on Tuesday morning to their mom yelling from the other room about how she can’t find her keys. Marti knows that they will be hanging from the coat rack underneath their mom’s thick Levi jacket because that’s where... (more »)
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Red String of Fate
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Red strings of fate were said to bind a person to their destined soulmate. They could only be broken by death itself. How romantic. These threads were invisible to the average person. It was better off that way. He could only think of how... (more »)
Love and Dementia This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“I love you” There are a few things I remember from that night. The air was cold, and we watched the speeding cars race past as we ate a small dinner. I remember her green dress, marked with bright swirled flowers and shiny fabric. My blue... (more »)
Janna's love story!
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It was a monday in september. The day was rainy. I streghtened my hair in the morning brfore going to school and guess what happens to youre hair when you streighten it and raijn gets on it! Yes! Youre right! my hair got wet! i came to school a... (more »)
Take Me Back
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We walked along the beach at the end of the world, holding hands for the last time. I t was the summer of 1951 in hot Georgia. That very date was the day I, Brynlee Jacobs met the man I knew I was going to marry a handsome young man by the name... (more »)
Until Tomorrow
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        Tomorrow, I'll prove to everyone that this smile one my face is real. That I don't miss you. That as much as you played me, I played you as well and that everything we been through meant... (more »)
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"You're cute; can I keep you?" A voice, rumbling in deepness, raising fine hair with its silkiness, trickles into her ear. Balmy wisps of the stranger's breath caresses the tender skin of her ear tauntingly. It's a pleasant... (more »)
By , Hoschton, GA
It's amazing how people can play with your heart and think that you can just “get over it”! I remember when I first fell in love with someone whom I thought was the perfect guy! His name was Jayden. At the time, he was a junior in high... (more »)
Abounding Love
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She looked at the ring on her finger. The band was breathtaking, and the diamond that sat atop glistenined in the midmorning sun. Suddenly, it hit her full in the face; she was hoplessly in love. This love was complete and satisfying. It asked... (more »)
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