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Airport Scene This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I marvel for a moment at the way she looks when she’s trying not to cry. The glossiness in her eyes is hypnotizing. It feels wrong to call them brown, because they’re not just brown anymore. They’re the color of fresh-watered... (more »)
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It was the last day of summer, a hot and humid day. The sky was alive with stars, glistening and twinkling in a way that makes you ache to reach out and touch them. I deep ache so strong you feel it in your very bones, the kind of ache that you... (more »)
October Love
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the stars are so peaceful, I thought on a cloudless night from on top of my roof. A cool October breeze flitting through my lonely Seattle suburb made the night....serene. It was chillingly perfect. The leaves were beginning to change to a... (more »)
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I look around me at the tall trees as we continue to climb up, up, up. Climbing until we can be as tall as the trees and touch the clouds in the sky, the sun just peeks a look at us through the trees that lay behind, weaving it’s way around... (more »)
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kjafbhwrfb Chapter 1: khbdscbkack                                                        The little mermaid with a twist      Once upon a time in two different kingdoms lived two... (more »)
Miami Crush
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Emma is in love with Mason. Sophia and Ethan wanna help her get the guy of her dreams but the guy of her dreams might be closer than she actually realizes. Chapter 1: Chapter It's 6:30 a.m. and I’ve finally gotten myself out of bed and... (more »)
Memories of the 500 Buildings
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Up and up the tortuous flights. The stairs began making slightly soft thuds. People ran up and shoved each other in the process. Why do they run up? Isn’t it more tiring? They look like olympic runners who set their thirsty eyes on the finish... (more »)
My life,My boyfriend, and My secret
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“How could you do this to me!” “Listen please!” “NO! I’m leaving!” Pause! I probably know what your thinking. You're probably wondering what is going on! Well first, my name is Rosalina. I’m the one that is yelling for the... (more »)
a simple sad story
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There was two people in a relationship and they were happy, this short story will stay bland so you wont grow attached to these two. The boy was always living a dull life until this one girl had came into his life and brightened it up. They... (more »)
The River Bank
By , Cambridge, MA
I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the darkness. I got up and turned the light on, making sure that it wasn’t bright enough to disturb anybody. I pulled on the red dress I had chosen not six hours before and inspected myself in the... (more »)
maybe love
and maybe love isn’t as simple as seeing his abs at 2am in the morning, maybe love isn’t as simple as holding his hand or playing with her hair. maybe love is something that we need to feel with our souls instead of with our bodies.... (more »)
A Once Forgotten Memory
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He stepped out of the Café, coffee in one hand briefcase in the other. A cold breeze greeted him as he tucked his chin further into his coat and quickly checked his watch. “8:57” he thought “Great I´m going... (more »)
Empty Space
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      Colton’s hospital room began to feel like home to me.  My blanket draped over the chair in the corner, my favorite snacks expansively covered the counter space, and my favorite show, The Office, incessantly... (more »)
That Night
By , San Diego, CA
The video made it look like we were swallowing each other, and maybe we were trying to. That night wasn’t about anything more than exchanging a few drunken words and sloppily moving our lips together in an awkward rhythm. That night... (more »)
The Moment of Regret
I slowly pull up my pants, not wanting to look him in the eyes. The room is silent, a loud silence, a silence that’s screaming at me and making my brain want to explode. So many thoughts scrambling to be formed into words, but nothing... (more »)
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Gone in the Night
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America’s sweetheart who doesn’t even have the will to live, Kennedy Bryant, feels her life languishing away. Growing up the daughter of New York Socialites is never what it seems. Despite appearing on tabloids, we never felt like... (more »)
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