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I Hate It When
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I hate it when he looks at me that way, the way that gives me butterflies and makes me blush. He knows it too, he knows that i’m miserable and he wants it to stay like that. I hate it when he lets me cuddle with him, when he lets me drift to... (more »)
Alors on Dance
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She walked in and gasped as her eyes met his; he cringed and turned away quickly, she sighed. Nothing’s changed. Natalie is in love with Ivan, but she’s overbearing. He’s not fond of her. Will this random encounter change... (more »)
"Hello?" "I Love You"
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It was night in the meadow on top of the hill, a full moon hung lonely in the cloudless sky. She sat on the corner of the wooden fence, her feet tucked expertly between the rungs, head bowed low, her eyes focused on the sketch book and pencil... (more »)
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Young Love to Last a Lifetime
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Senior year was coming to an abrupt close. Four years had led up to graduation and finally possessing the privilege of calling myself a senior. In just 39 days, we would be out of high school forever, most of us never looking back. High school... (more »)
By , Melbourne, FL
Little bullets that were falling from the sky, would hit her porcelain face. She had these eyes, one look and I was memorized by her beauty and well, she wasn't known for her balance, but she had grace when she would trip and fall. I was... (more »)
For the last several years, living with Uncle Joseph hasn’t always been easy. I moved out of my dad’s house when I was seven for reasons I do not want to talk about. Let’s just say he is not exactly fit to raise a child. He was not always... (more »)
"Ya just don't get wildlife like this up in Manhattan," says Jessie from the driver's seat, pointing at a pile of road kill on the highway that resembles a squashed possum.  His girlfriend giggles in the front seat next... (more »)
What He Meant to Me
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Someone asked if I knew you. I froze, my breath increased. A million memories flashed through my mind; every kiss that we shared, the play fighting, actually fighting. All of it. Now my breathing became shallow “Not anymore,” I... (more »)
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To all the boys with girls
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Think of that girl you love so much. Now think of all those guys who want her. Waiting you to mess up so they themselves can have a go at her. But look, she picked you out of every one of those boys. Your her world and she loves you. Even when... (more »)
And Then There Were Two
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Her:      Love is such a curious thing. Other than it’s two functions- Happiness and heartbreak- It’s useless.      I repeated this to myself as I walked down the hallways towards the library.      Love is ridiculous.      I... (more »)
The Curious One
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Snow. That was the first thing I saw as I stepped off the plane with my mom and her filthy rich  new husband, Christian. What kind of billionaire lived in Ohio? Two minutes off the plane and I already missed California. New house, new... (more »)
The True Ending of Romeo and Juliet
In the ending Romeo and Juliet get married and start a family but they end up noticing that life isn’t what it has crack up to be. Romeo has started a job and he works for over half of the day and by the time he gets home everyone is asleep... (more »)
Devour Me
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His attention is bought cheap. He looks at me with lustful eyes. Wanting, hungry. I've been impossible for him to find in this night, but within this hour, his eyes haunt mine. Tonight I've fallen for him, and once being so impossible to... (more »)
Spring Fling
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
He reeked of sunscreen and desperation, but I didn’t care. As I studied his intricate body I lay still, mesmerized by the curvature of his lips. The beauty of the moon and stars remained nothing compared to him. And yet the sand was so cold... (more »)
Thicker Than Water
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Rosalee was thin and stubborn; I worried the wind would blow her away from me. I never mustered up the courage to force her inside though, away from something as comforting as her rain. She told me once her thoughts were only really clear when... (more »)
Make Your Choice
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A tinkling noise happily greets us as we enter the shop. Immediately, a wave of vanilla-scented, cool air washes over us, and the look on your face is priceless. We take a small moment to bask in the glory of the pastel walls, tiled floors, and... (more »)
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