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Here are the most recent romance articles:

A Letter For Later
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
Dear Matthew, We’ve known each other for practically our entire lives, but only recently have I seen you clearly: my eyes are open to the possibilities between us. I never intended to send this letter—I think I am too much of a... (more »)
Caught in a smoke
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"Do you want a smoke".? " I don't smoke". Chapter 1: Caught in a smoke As I sat on the brick wall done with life. I picked up the glass bottle of jack Daniels, half empty. I glazed at it. I picked at the label with my nail. I was just  about... (more »)
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Her desire that she feels is getting so strong. She holds a piece of small paper now, that is a name card, content by the name that owned the card, the address, and the most important is the numbers that combined as one that known as phone number.... (more »)
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As I am sitting on the beach painting while listening to some of my favorite music. I think about Zach, how happy he makes me how well he treats me it is like a dream come true. I am the luckiest girl on the planet. I live in... (more »)
Her (A word paper)
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“The gaze in her eyes/ got me paralyzed/ just a few more words and we could be closer than ‘Family Ties’/ with everything shaking, I’m sure I’ll die before I try.” I scribbled those lyrics into the back of my marble notebook—right... (more »)
He Who Swallowed the Universe
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Fulfilment was not a word used often by young Warren Waymon. He constantly underestimated himself and had grown to believe that his place was somewhere around the 'average' mark, something that had only led to him living a mediocre life with... (more »)
Coffee and Clichés This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I'm a hopeless romantic. I dream of finding love in a coffee shop, over bitter sips and Bob Dylan. My wandering eyes will catch the guy in the corner, sitting lonesome and writing poetry on napkins. He is so engrossed that he has forgotten his... (more »)
From Above
By This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time.
“ Stop the car, please stop Lance.” I yelled frantically, but Lance couldn’t do anything to fix it, it was too late. The car had slid into a ditch. Scraps of metal lay on the ground, shattered glass lay scattered on the road next to the... (more »)
By , Arcadia, CA
Nothing is worse than depression which is probably the most difficult thing Ariel faced. That was besides going to the hell she called High School where everyone would tease her for being “antisocial” and then returning home to her parents... (more »)
To My Boyfriend's New Girlfriend
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Dear new girl,   Hi. To start off, there was a time in my life not too long ago where I thought I was going to spend my life with J. It was a rare and quite lengthy span of time where I spent every ounce of my day that I could texting,... (more »)
Now and Then
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I began to notice things about him. I saw the way his eyes were ivy green, speckled with hazel spots. I remarked the way his hair was slightly pushed back and always parted to the right. I knew that he would get dimples every time he smiled and... (more »)
Our Tomorrow
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You had always reminded me there was a tomorrow, that it was our tomorrow. I believed you, in all your tousled-brown-hair, nerdy-glasses, geeky glory. You would hug me, you would kiss me, you would whisper, There’s a tomorrow for us.... (more »)
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The Unmasking of the Beard
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The feel of the wind was making its way around his body, his stomach turning into knots. The leaves around him were slowly falling from the trees, as the first drops of water made their way down the nearest tree trunk. The birds in the area... (more »)
Type of Love This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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He knew a lot about her, and most of the times it was truly a blessing. No man in the world understood her as well as he did, and he cherished every word she uttered about herself since everything she had was his. Her reason to laugh, her will... (more »)
The Love Potion
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DINGGGG!!!...DINGGGG!!!...DINGGG!!! UHHHHHHHH! That's what I wake up to every day, the continuous ringing of our village clock tower, signaling everyone to start their day. The builders start building, miners start mining, barracks start... (more »)
The wedding
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Stacey married Hanson on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Saint-George's Church. Later,they sat on the park bench under the shade to cool themselves down after a whole day of fun. As they were taken photos by a professional photographer,... (more »)
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