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Here are the most recent romance articles:

For Kacey Foster
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Out of all the days, why did the airport decide to be filled with every single person in the world today? I hated crowds as it was and trying to pick out one girl in this mess was going to be next to impossible. Flight 134 out of Logan -... (more »)
A Lone Mother
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I remember the way he used to look at me. I swear, sometimes his eyes would sparkle as he gazed into mine. He was perfect in every way possible. He promised he would never hurt me. He promised he would never leave me, but he lied. . . Things... (more »)
Impossible Love
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I have fallen in love, but the reality of my love has no ability to survive. This love has lasted for the past four months even though I have not been in his presence for that same amount of time. The separation has increased my devotion and... (more »)
By , Cupertino, CA
"Hey Alice! You guys are sooooooo cute on insta!" "Huh? What're you talking about?" "You and Noah. I can't believe you guys are finally dating!"   "Hi, guys whats up?" "..." "What's up?" "...We're mad at you, Alice. We can't believe... (more »)
The Tulip and the Lily
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Once upon a time a beautiful garden sat gracefully next to the porch of the master’s manor. The royal master tended it daily, taking great care as he pruned and watered the plants, creating a masterpiece more delightful and more lovely than... (more »)
Distance Love
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Once upon a time, there was a young couple. Their names were Katherine and Antonio. They lived together in Honduras and went to school together. One day, Katherine decided to leave Honduras to live in a new country. She asked Antonio to come... (more »)
Im coming Home
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It’s been almost a year since I last saw, felt or even kissed him that makes me miss him even more. I’ve been counting the hours…. minutes and seconds waiting for Conner to come home. I got up from my bed and walked toward the window... (more »)
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Neko's Meeting
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I’m Kalian. Today I’m transferring to Soma High. I hope it’ll be better than my old school. I got bullied a lot because I was different. I didn’t know why or how I was until one day I saw something peculiar on my body, a... (more »)
A Wall to Happiness
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Two more years, one day closer..... These two verses are repeatedly going through my mind. It is hard to be told that you can't be happy now and that what makes them happy breaks every little piece of me.   My parents don't understand me... (more »)
Sercet Prank
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It was about a week into our month long trip that I first noticed him. I noticed him not because of  his stunning good looks, but because he seemed to have this air of danger around him. He seem to just scream trouble. I knew then that if I... (more »)
The Greatest Heartbreak
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Have you ever gotten that feeling that you know someone else can replace you? THen you start comparing everything that that person has that you don't. They seem to have everything that is attractive in you and more. You start to overthink... (more »)
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Love is Pain
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 The waves crash against each other as they reach the shore. The birds flying around in the windy sky looking down at people. The enormous sunlight shining across the clouds made me feel like I was in wonderland. It was damn hot outside which... (more »)
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He always compared himself to the only elephant trapped in the desert, looking for something to hold onto while losing hope until the end of his life.    As this is the end of the story,he figured out that everything had started from his... (more »)
You and Me
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I’m right here, where I have always been. For as long as my memory can span, I’ve stood by your side. Truly, we were inseparable. There has never been a me without a you, nor a you without a me. Over the flying years, you engraved and... (more »)
For you
By , Fayetteville, GA
He tattooed his name on his chest because he was afraid, afraid of waking up on morning, don’t knowing who he is. So he can look into the mirror and he will be reminded of who he used to be. But instead, every morning when he looked into the... (more »)
Puzzle Pieces
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You are made up of broken promises and a broken heart. You’ve felt more than you should and you’ve given more than you should have. You bore every disappointment and every downfall with utmost grace just so she could carry a smile on her... (more »)
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