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Here are the most recent romance articles:

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“Do you love me?” His hands were pressed against my hips and my own against his shoulders. We stood there, not really dancing, but talking. His dark eyes gazing into my own. They taunted me. Built up a skyscraper of butterflies in my... (more »)
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On sunny day, a couple walks through the college campus. They are Buenos, a boyfriend and Jennifer, a girlfriend. They attended same high school before. Buenos started to love Jennifer since he seen her in high school. Buenos cannot forget a... (more »)
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It was a gloomy Sunday morning, I was in no mood for any arguing. I worked on writing journal till dawn as usual. Even though it was the fourth year worked in magazine house, it still costed me a great deal of trouble. I was bad tempered,... (more »)
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“Can I kiss you?” you asked, as if you even needed to. So instead, I turned to kiss you. I let you turn my lips black and blue on that brown eyed afternoon, hearts singing a song you can’t sing along to. We kissed until we were old and new... (more »)
The Kissing Wall
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I pick up my phone and earbuds then I put some music on. Soon after that I leave my house and walk on over to the public library. It’s only like 3 blocks from here. Once I get to the library I walk up the stairs and open the big heavy glass... (more »)
Free Samples
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    Behind a closed apartment door, there was a soft weeping. Four years ago, the sobbing was much stronger, but each and every day for the past few years, slowly but surely, it grew softer and softer. The girl whose cheeks these tears soaked... (more »)
With Deep Meaning
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He peeked around the corner even though he knew he shouldn’t.  The curiosity had tugged him clear to the room where she was getting makeup done.  He snuck behind the taupe veils that concealed her and his jaw dropped.     She was... (more »)
The People of the Sun
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She used to tell me there were people who lived on the sun. She said they had stardust in their hair and galaxies in their eyes. She told me about they sing and dance and the moons whispered to them from light years away, and how constellations... (more »)
Autumn Wishes
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I look out the window. It is autumn, the red and orange leaves have already fallen to the ground, though there are a few who stubbornly cling to the branches of trees. I see the tables covered in lacy white table-cloths, which hold... (more »)
A Love to Last A Lifetime
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She woke with a start, feeling her heart pounding and lungs expanding trying to take in much needed oxygen. She threw her legs over the bed and raced down the hallway only taking time to grab a pale green wool blanket. It was soft and worn down... (more »)
Love At First Sight
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I look up.  I look down.  I feel it.  My cheeks.  Red.  I am blushing.  What is this feeling?  I must show off.  I look up.  I pull back my shoulders.  I see him.  He is here.  Am I dreaming?  I pinch myself.  Nope.  He is here,... (more »)
Stars in Your Eyes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The gaze of two soulful black eyes, shining with the borrowed light of a thousand galaxies, meet mine. Indescribable electricity sparks every branch of every nerve in me, and I can't move. I can't even tear myself away from those starry eyes... (more »)
Eleanor This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It had become apparent for some time that Eleanor’s affection for me was rapidly waning. Those long, tender gazes that we had once shared had long since escaped our daily existence; the paused and sincere conversations which had once... (more »)
Bewitched Body and Soul
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I stumbled out of bed, got dressed, and went down the hall.  I was expecting a big breakfast, with crispy bacon, pancakes, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and a giant “Happy 18th Birthday.” As I turned the corner, I saw my parents standing together,... (more »)
I love you
As I walked across the street the snow fell in my copper hair. I should've put on a thicker sweater or a jacket. Oh, well, I have work to do anyway. I begin crossing the snow filled field when I hear running. "Babe!" Is the last thing I hear... (more »)
Find Me
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You know, you always were broken. I found you, and I wanted to fix you, more than I ever wanted anything. That was three years ago. Now I just listen, listen as you tell me your problems. I help you, and you say you always feel better after... (more »)
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