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Old Love
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        ACT I , SCENE 6 SYNOPSIS :                      In the scene of the party Benvolio sets... (more »)
By , Bhatapara, India
Three years ago Saurabh declared happily his love for Astha and as expectedAstha even loved him. Hence, they were having their own true love story.   One day they told about each other's love to their parents for marriage and... (more »)
When Flowers Dance
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The dance was supposed to end soon, but everyone was still going strong, showing no signs that they were going to stop. Viscaria feet were aching from jumping up and down, spinning, and sliding. She sat on the rail that sectioned off the game... (more »)
A Flower at Midnight
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The clock struck twelve, and midnight came upon the small town of Mahone Bay. Most of its residents had long since fallen asleep, but two people remained outside. A man and a woman. They walked together, side by side, each glancing at the other... (more »)
months This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The waves rocked back and forth over my bare feet. I dug my toes into the sand and let the water touch my ankles. The salty breeze rustled through my hair, causing chills to crawl up my spine. The water was very cold against my skin; I wondered... (more »)
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Every night, I used to paint until I was unable to continue. I left the studio, fingers bleeding and eyes bulging red from strain and an overdose of stale scotch. They say, artists and alcohol are closely related. I never thought that way of... (more »)
The Man in the Submarine
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“Can you tell me a story, a love story?” A woman asked a man she loved more than life itself. The man thought long and hard, trying to come up with the best story until finally, it hit him. “Have you ever heard... (more »)
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You are nine, and Her hands are full of yours when she drags you through the trees behind Her house, and your ankles are bleeding in six places. She leaves purple stains on your wrists and you find out two hours later in the emergency room that... (more »)
The End
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The day I met you, Grayson Black, was a day I’ll forever remember. It’s not because it was special or because we had some amazing, it was nothing really. The day we met we said our hellos that were forced upon us by our moms... (more »)
The lies Your soul told.
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I shouldn't be saying what I am about to say, but you know to know before I go. I loved you from the very moment I laid my eyes on you. Little Did I know You were going to be the one who crushed, stabbed, and break my heart. You were the one... (more »)
Switching Lanes
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It was a dreary and rainy day in Ripley. Which to Vanessa seemed like the everyday thing. Ripley was the kind of town people made an effort to avoid. Businesses were driven out, it seemed to be raining every day, and there was one little school... (more »)
Love in a Flash
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At the age of 3, she chased after him down the riverbank. At the age of 5, he stole her gluestick, and she cried. At the age of 7, he put on a band-aid for her after she fell off her bike. At the age of 10, he blushed and called her pretty in her... (more »)
Wet Cigarettes
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I jumped back into the beat up truck, soaking wet and with a huge grin plastered on my face. I felt my heart about to explode out my chest, and I didn’t even care anymore that my eyeliner was running down my face or that my hair was a matted... (more »)
The Girl in the Back
By , Vista, CA
You are sitting in your boring history class. Just another ordinary day, stuck in  class waiting for that final bell to go off. You have never been a person to enjoy school, but there is  one upside to your history class. It was Calum Hood. He... (more »)
The Marionette
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She is a marionette. They call her Nova, the Puppetmaster’s precious doll. With her painted green-and-blue eyes, heart-shaped lips, and the fuchsia bow perched in her honey-gold hair, Nova is a beauty to behold. No one but the Puppetmaster... (more »)
Missing You
By , Tampa, FL
I hear a knock on the front door and I wonder who it is since Gabby is the only person who really ever comes over, and she’s at her grandparents for another few days. I stay at my desk; continuing to read my book, but five minutes later I... (more »)
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