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Here are the most recent romance articles:

One Last Look
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I take slow, careful sip from my steaming hot cup of low-fat cinnamon cappuccino. My red lip stick stains the place form where I took my sip. I look around the small, cozy French Café, and I see couples, newly in love I suppose. I remember what... (more »)
The last time I saw you was the first day the anchovies fell from the sky. It was about a week ago, I think. The air felt sweaty and the sky hadn’t yet decided whether it wanted to rain. You and I were walking down the boardwalk. You had a... (more »)
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Protection He opened the door to see her standing in the middle of the room, crying. In a sudden rush, he moved to comfort her, but she offered nothing but a cold shoulder. It was his fault; it was always his fault. He never meant to hurt... (more »)
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I felt a soft thud as she slumped over onto me, her head resting on my shoulder. Smiling to myself, I wrapped my arm around her waist, my index finger tracing an invisible oval on her outer thigh. In return, I got a sigh of content with a small... (more »)
Don't Shoot Your Albatross
I am all alone. The terrible realization came to me like a slap across the face one February morning in my junior year of high school. I sat, day dreaming in AP English class when the soul crushing epiphany pierced me like a bullet in the back... (more »)
Just Chemistry This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Seriously, it’s just chemistry. Under my breath, I’m reciting the twenty-seven bones in the human hand as I do my best to ignore the twenty-seven bones of his hand that are getting dangerously close to the twenty-seven bones of mine.... (more »)
A Simple Greeting
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I am ugly. An ugly girl would never get any greeting sort from anyone anywhere. If I can't even get greeting from a girl, I already know that I won't get any from a guy. There's not much hope left for me to even plop myself in an... (more »)
The Soldier's Girlfriend
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You wear your tags beneath your shirt. My fingers twitch when I remember how I have known the skin on your chest where the metal letters now press. I look at your face, searching. You stare at my worrying hands. Are you searching, too? My hands... (more »)
The Liberator
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I swear, every time I look into Bradley's eyes, a little part of my heart is healed and functioning again. The first time I saw him, his muscular body, his blond hair just falling over his eyes, it felt like an electric shock coursed through... (more »)
Shattered Heart in the Ocean
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The waves kept taking me under, this vortex of darkness took ahold of me. I kept reaching out for the one I loved but each time I went under, she was further away. I knew I had to fight for her… I emerged out of the water and begin to run... (more »)
Someone I am not
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As i lay on my bed, trying to get some sleep, I realize how everything has changed. I shut my eyes tight, trying not to cry again. With every dream broken, I let go a tear. I hug my pillow closer, trying not to scream again. I try to call him... (more »)
An Unfinished Story
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He hugs me tight, and I try not to cry. His arms are wrapped around me and my body is curled up against his chest, a position I never want to leave. All the emotions come flooding in, every memory that I have of the time we've spent... (more »)
Prince Dylan
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Once upon a time lived a handsome Prince he was going through a really rough time, it’s as if he lost himself. This boy had short blonde hair,scruffy, real easy looking brown eyes, and thin lips.He was 6’2, and skinny, he goes by the name of... (more »)
The Effect of Love
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Everyone says not to do drugs, but if we never did drugs we would have never found love. Love itself gives you a high. You aren’t aware of your surroundings, and aren’t thinking straight. You’re brain isn’t accustomed to working while... (more »)
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His love is like a disease without a cure. I feel so weak in his presence. I've grown to him being around me, because he never leaves. His voice is always spinning thought my head reminding me he's there. Air gets thin when he's in... (more »)
Letter of Love
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Dear John, I miss you so, my tribe, though filled with persons, feels like a dessert without your presence. I lie awake every night, in hopes of seeing you once more. Oh, how your warmth envelops me like the light of day. My love for you is... (more »)
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