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The Unspoken Words of an Unseen Heart
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He saw her sitting there and wanted to speak, to say something, anything, oh if only he could, but by nature he can't. Since Bobby was young he could not speak. His poor mother never got to hear the one word all mothers long for, and he would... (more »)
Me and Him
Beverly Hills citizens had various stereotypes. There was always at least one truth to those believed stories; everyone was rich. I, Anna Walker, lived among the rich upper class of Beverly Hills. My father had made billions of dollars off a... (more »)
Summer Feelings
By , Cupertino, CA
Sixteen years old, hazelnut colored hair, blue eyes, six feet four Mitchell Baker never realized his feelings until that summer. Mitchell's family had been in a financial problem for as long as Mitchell can remember. His father is a hardworking... (more »)
Picture Perfect
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     I was nineteen years old when I first laid eyes on Jay. As a part of my illustration class, I was assigned to change one small part of my daily routine and draw whatever I observed as an impact of that change. I decided that I would take... (more »)
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His mouth is curved into a grin, laughing at something you said. His eyes crinkle at the edges, and you feel a little less alone.   He agrees to be your prom date (it's senior year and you can't just go alone). He puts the... (more »)
The Hardest Part
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The quiet made it that much worse. I yearned to hear the piercing buzz of my alarm clock. I desperately wished it was already Monday, that I had to get out of bed and get something done. Frost bordered the windows; it was pre-dawn on a cold,... (more »)
The Best of Men
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Love is such a useless thing. More often than not, it brings people together for a particular occasion that requires them to dress appropriately but uncomfortably. Women drape themselves in colorful formal dresses with a combination of long... (more »)
Would you like to take a survey?
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DING DONG… DING DONG… DING DONG… ding-ding-ding-dong. “Patience! It’s a virtue,” Jackson yelled while sprinting to unlock his door. “So I’ve heard,” said Desarae with arms crossed across her chest.  “Hello? That... (more »)
The Journey
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We walked through the glass doors of the airport, one hand holding my suitcase, the other holding Todd's hand. He brought me to the gate and kissed me goodbye. I waved until I couldn't see him anymore and that was it. The intercom came on for... (more »)
By , Covington, LA
Hello, I am Emmie Marie Miers, but most people call me Emm. I am a senior at Cardinal Spellman High School, located in New York City, New York. I'd say that I love my life in high school, but that would be an absolute lie. However, on my... (more »)
Details in the Fabric
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She remembered his smile. The feel of his whispers. The sincerity of his "I love you"s. She thought it would never end. "I'm sorry... but this is goodbye..." She couldn't speak. She could only numbly feel the wobbling pavement under her feet... (more »)
Shake It Off
My leg shook up and down shaking the table. The silverware rattled as my leg went up, down, up, down, up, down. "Maybe we should start without him, Sweetie," my mother said trying to dispel my discomfort. "He probably just got-" "No," I... (more »)
Coffee Shop
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“I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you. I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine Now I'm shining too.” Falling in love at a coffee shop – Landon Pigg * It... (more »)
My Brother's Best Friend
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I walked into the room with bright plans for the day. My mind was bubbling with new ideas and kept going off on many tangents; like the tabs on a cell. Today was going to be excellent. I just knew it. I stopped walking abruptly and felt all my... (more »)
To Be Or Not To Be
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I edged closer. Not too close. But close enough to breathe in her lovely fragrance that was powerful enough to fog my mind with impossible scenarios which would have been strongly disapproved by anyone that knew what I really was. Who I really... (more »)
Love or Loyalty?
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I perched on the wooden bench nearest to her, hoping she wouldn't realise my movement. Fortuantely she didn't. This left me to explore her most colourful soul; vivid with vibrant patterns of loyalty, honesty and complete innocence. Everytime... (more »)
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