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Silent Savior This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“What did you say to me?” The boy shoved her, hard. Maxine whimpered as she caught herself on the concrete, her palms scraping against gravel. She let out a wet cough, lifting an arm to try and smother the hacking sounds as she... (more »)
The Reader This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Books were like water to her, or at least that’s what Nick observed. Ninety-nine percent of the time, she was reading. She was an easy thing to watch, easy on the eyes. She was beautiful; she dressed nice and wore makeup, but Nick had... (more »)
The Smoke Lingers
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My shoulders began to shake in such a way that I thought they would never stop, in a way that I thought if they continued to shake, they would never stop.   Rejection was bad, but humiliation was worse. I experienced both that... (more »)
Remember Me
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Death is inevitable. Every person’s life will cease to end at one point or another. That much is uncontrollable. What is controllable, however, is the legacy a person decides to leave upon the world. He or she could either be remembered by... (more »)
The Black Beach House
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I never noticed how empty my house was before she left me. Nothing was taken from my house, but it felt different all the same. Walking down the hall, the house seemed lifeless, but spiteful. I always kept the window looking out of the ocean... (more »)
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Late Night Drives
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The low hum of the highway became drowned out as I twisted the dial on my car radio. Cars buzzed past, their headlights like fleeting fireflies on a hot summer night. A lamp ahead flickered intermittently tapping out Morse code desperately... (more »)
In All Our Years
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The steady alarm sounding from the monitors above his bed penetrated my short sleep. My aged muscles worked as I sat up to hold his wrinkled hand in my own. His eyes were closed, preventing me from gazing into his soul like I’ve done so often... (more »)
To My Best Friend
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Dear friend, How did I get so lucky? Usually people spend an entire lifetime trying to establish a connection with someone on a deep, subconscious level, so how in the world did I find it so soon? I don’t like to think about that, because it... (more »)
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From The Memories Of Gracie Mae
By , Bethlehem, PA
    It was like a roll of film creating a child’s imagination into a movie. A blank canvas that she covered up with wonders that spilled out of the paint brush. I learned so much just from the memories she replayed for me out loud. Sometimes... (more »)
Undeserved Grace
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My life was perfect; I had everything I could possibly need. I had straight A’s, an amazing boyfriend, great parents, and a nice car. My life was made. I could already tell that my senior year was going to be a breeze. I had great friends, and... (more »)
By , Dover, MA
I watch as Andy’s back disappears onto the dance floor with some girl i’ve never seen before. It’s just like him to convince me to come here and then completely ditch me. I look around, the dance floor is a sea of moving colors, they blend... (more »)
North Shore
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The sand between my toes was uncomfortable, but in a vaguely pleasant way- sort of like that in-between second right before you sneeze. Besides, my shoes were all the way back on the dock and I didn’t want to run back for them. A warm breeze... (more »)
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When I Had You
By , tiffin, OH
I shoved the last of my suitcases into the car, gave my little brother a last hug goodbye, and got into the car. Then my mom sped off down our road on this sunny september day. Away from all of the blissful noises of kids playing outside, and... (more »)
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The Complicated Life Of Georgia Rae
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Life is complicated, so complicated. I’m Georgia Rae Bells, I’m from the south, so obviously our whole town is about God, Football, and Family. Considering our sunny ole’ “happy” town’s population is... (more »)
Love Letters
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                                                                 Love Letters... (more »)
I Found You
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Her fingers grazed the worn spines. Each book, in her eyes, was collector worthy though she knew he could take care of them better than anyone else. A soft smile played across pale, pink lips. One book, one she had not seen before, caught her... (more »)
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