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Here are the most recent romance articles:

My Best Friend is The Hottest Boy On Campus
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?Patience! Patience! A watched pot never boils. I think to myself. But here I am staring at my cellphone anxiously thinking: when will he call? What should I say when Jace calls? It's not just the usual phone call we have, the situation... (more »)
A Leap of Faith
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A Leap of Faith By Karina Avalani I lost my opportunity, my once in a lifetime chance, my chance to shine. All my life, I’ve been a dancer. I’ve grown up a dancer. Everyone around me was a dancer.  My destiny was pretty much to be a... (more »)
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Have you ever had a moment where everything is perfect? When all your stress just evaporates? You feel as if the only thing tha really matters is just that you're alive and there. There's only one person that can make you feel that way, and if... (more »)
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You know that feeling that you get, when you realize you have a crush? That feeling of panic, because you know your crush will never like you back? I swear, it's one of the worst feelings in the world, especialy if you're crushing on your best... (more »)
The Bracelet
The Bracelet. We were all born with one, no one knew why or how. All we knew is that it took a year of knowing someone for it to show how compatible they were with you. Mine had only ever shown 7 out of 10 lights for anyone, and that was my... (more »)
Condemned This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“It’d be quick. You wouldn’t feel a thing.” Two silhouettes – a young woman and a young-looking man – sat on the beach.  It was winter, when the hazy fog enveloped the coast.  The two didn’t mind the cold vapor that blanketed... (more »)
The Girl who stole the sky and the Boy who gave...
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She was the girl who stole the sky and he was the boy who gave her the stars. She stood at the edge ready to fly to the second star to the right, and every night he would put her feet back on the ground. He looked into her eyes and saw the... (more »)
A Last Dance
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     The snow fell, light and pure white as cotton, swirling, twirling in an intricate ballet through the frigid, biting air. The sky hung heavy – a dreary, gray slate – the last few dregs of sunlight reflecting off the pearly hills and... (more »)
Young Bride
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Those glistening silver-blue eyes were so bright against the darkness in that moment as she tilted her head down and looked right at me. She was like a lioness under the tall, waving grasses, a hunter at night. Her eyes pierced through the... (more »)
Young life
  Seeing that young not shy at all girl end up liking that on shy guy that is always in the corner made me think if that can happen what can’t with love. That young girls name was Addison and the the young boys name was Tanner. The boy was... (more »)
My Dearest Charlie
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She had been preparing herself for this day for several years now, yet that was not enough to hold her breaking heart together. Every ounce of strength in her body could not hold back the tears or calm her trembling fingers.  At age 87,... (more »)
Carnival's Suck
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I try not to lose sight of Cameron in the crowd as I scrape gum off of the sole of my Chucks. When I look up again and realize that I’m lost. S***, he has my phone too. Cause of death: yearning of smartphone accompanied by hot potential... (more »)
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For days, I watched him. For weeks, I watched him. For months, I watched him. I watched as he ran his fingers through his mussed hair, as he bit his lip in concentration while he did his calculus, as his chest slowly rose and fell while he... (more »)
The End of Forever
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Love is an emotion that results only to tears. That’s what I believe. When you lose someone who played a great role in your life, even death seems to be the only option to avoid the pain. I thought happily ever after and happy endings are... (more »)
Life Changing
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It all starts with a boy named Trevor. Trevor isn’t the most popular sophomore student but he isn’t the worst, he’s like anyone else with good grades, ok life and everything was going good for him. One day, there is a new student that... (more »)
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The first time he saw her was on a Monday. He hadn't been living in the house very long. His grandmother just passed and he inherited the house from her, isolating himself from he world. He rather liked the peace and quiet, it was serene.... (more »)
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