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Encountering Emerson
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The bell on the door chimes and I glance up to see a petite woman walk in. I immediately recognize who she is. Her eyes travel around the diner and I cover my face with my menu. I look back up and find her sitting only three booths away from... (more »)
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First Love
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“Briella, you always take forever. Hurry up!” My mom screamed as I was packing my bags to go on vacation. She always tells me I’m such a ‘wait ‘till the last minute,’ unorganized person. That may be true, but at least I don’t plan... (more »)
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This is a story that a young teen girl can feel and take in all at once and hits her emotionally.  Chapter 1: Flood Flood   “I love you.” He said it so softly, like the smooth winds blowing in the late fall... (more »)
Let go
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I sawyed back and forth in the middle of the night to the music that seemed to come out of nowhere. I felt a hand on my waist and didn't seem to care as I kept swaying. Back and forth. A beautiful face, built by god himself. Those curly brown... (more »)
The Deceptive Nature of Love This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Red copper leaves were drifting down from the sky, encircling the path in the woods we made for ourselves.  The air was cool enough to see puffs of air when either of us spoke; I left my jacket in your car because I had fooled myself into... (more »)
A Forbidden Love
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Her dress dragged behind her as she slowly walked towards the altar, where she’d be marrying the King of France, Her hands shook with anxiety as she held the bouquet of yellow roses in her jewelry bare hands. She quietly cleared her throat and... (more »)
The Aftermath This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When the tears ceased to rain down her face she was surprised. She had been used to crying for a while, her eyes felt bare and her vision was blurred. Not daring to glimpse in a mirror, she choked down the bile that had built up in her throat,... (more »)
my own mess
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She walked past me. Without a word, without even a glance in my direction. It could be the fact that I was a freshman and she was a junior, but it also could've been the fact that she was staring with a loving complexion towards the girl... (more »)
“Breath in. Your okay, I promise” - you whisper, I think it’s meant to calm me down but all it does is cause the panic on my stomach to rise even more. Oh lord what have I done. “No. No. Nothing’s ok anymore let me go” I scream and... (more »)
The Storm Of Life
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Falling deep into soft sorrow, his heart sank watching me step forward. His emotions are as clear as the early morning sunrise. Dim yet glossy. The cruel lesson of life has struck him, yet none of my forgiveness goes with it. His... (more »)
Water and Fire
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There was a girl who lived in the water. She came up and told me to join her, but I could not, because I am fire. The girl was disappointed, but sank back into the water anyway. The next day, I came back. She had risen up, and was... (more »)
The boy across the room
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The boy across the room Mysterious. First word that came to my exploding thoughts about the boy across the ballroom. He sure had a smile that could start a fire in your heart. My date already ditched me to go with his guy friends….. girls,... (more »)
Catch Me in The Wind; Publish this or Else!
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Catch Me in the Wind Every morning I wake up to the bright, delicate sun shining on my freckles. My black, unruly hair is normally up in the morning and my eyes shine because of the sun, creating a type of light brown, but normally they’re... (more »)
Calli and Gunner
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Calli and Gunner It is fall of ‘93.  In Hot Springs, North Carolina there is a little diner just out of town. Calli works long and hard hours at Ken’s Diner. She is nineteen, has long blond hair, blue eyes, and has the perfect smile. She... (more »)
Just Friends
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Every hour I had to spend in his boring school walking around these boring halls filled with boring faces aged me. Aging unlike fine wine, High School made me bitter. Not bitter with a hint of sweet fruit, just bitter. But around my friends, it... (more »)
The cold stars above This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The tip of this hill makes the stars feel cold above. The wind around me breaks into my bones. I shiver a little as if I feel the breath of an angry God trying to reach my soul, but my rosey cheeks and her hand are keeping me warm. Her skin is... (more »)
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