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Here are the most recent romance articles:

Shaken Love
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   Martin woke up with a large yawn followed by a long sigh. He was already thinking about the day ahead. He often felt a thirty-year-old man with a masters degree in music should be doing something more important than doing construction work... (more »)
A Seat for Two
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                                 5:07 am I saw her looking at her seat like she had just been stolen from. I would feel the same if a random guy had taken my backpack and put it next to his seat. He smirked at her but she... (more »)
Hopelessly in Love
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“You keep me alive,” she wants to whisper, as his tongue licks over his lips in concentration. “You forgot your camera again,” she says instead, heart panging in regret from all these secrets. His lips stretch in a smile... (more »)
His Lips
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It wasn’t his eyes that lured me in, as they did the other girls. It wasn’t his muscles poking through the t-shirt or that red carpet smile. No, it was something much better than all of that: his lips. His lips were caressing the... (more »)
Enough for You
By , Lexington , KY
Notice, I whisper to myself in English class. Then he walks in, his blonde hair immediately catches my eyes and his swooping bangs, and his deep, rich blue eyes fill me with curiosity. It would shock anyone to know that I liked him. Of all... (more »)
Never Break Position
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It was day five of marching band camp. I had survived the last four and was making my way to the end of the last day. My experience had been different than all others. I was a percussionist. Percussionists are known for their lack of brains,... (more »)
Sixty Seven Years
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 His lips graze the back of my hand. Harry straightens and leads me to the center of the dance floor. Frank Sinatra's crooning voice fills the ballroom as I drape my arms around him and we sweep around the room. The open toed shoes and knee... (more »)
do you believe in love at first sight?
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I was woken up today by the pleasant warmth of sunlight shining mutely through my white curtain, instead of an alarm clock. I had forgotten I was finally at the beach house. Rolling onto my back, I stared at the bunk bed my sister and I were... (more »)
Do you accept?
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Tonight is just so perfect for the night that is planned ahead of me. There are just so many bright and abundant stars twinkling in the night's sky above the outline of the oak trees, a cozy bright fire to sit next to, and of all the things a... (more »)
The Plum Tree
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Once upon a time....there once lived two common folks. One of the two was an evil sorcerer who specialized in enchantments and brewing. Now he was no different than any other evil-doer. He robbed, murdered and destroyed, many lives. The other... (more »)
Set Sail
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I am a girl lost in a sea of suitors. Joseph, my anchor, holds me down so that I might not drift away. I am floating peacefully and happily in calm waters. I am content resting here with no danger or adventure. But sometimes a wind tickles my... (more »)
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Searching for My Other Half
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Dear Kev,       I never really focused on loving myself when I was younger, and I guess that translated into my love life, into our relationship. Growing up I had this idea planted in my head. An idea about love. I thought that my self... (more »)
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The Cafe
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Clack, clack, clack. The sound of his feet striking the pavement. His studded heels clacking and clicking against the wet concrete. His head bowed, letting the rain run down his face and drip off his chin. Dark hair, now drenched, hung around... (more »)
White Floors, White Walls and Silent Sarcasm
Where am I? Everything is so bright and white. I feel like I am floating through an endless sky of fluffy white clouds yet also weighed down by bags of sand. As my eyes finally adjusted to the strange whiteness of the environment, I realized I... (more »)
I Love You
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I love you. I think I've said it before, but I haven't given you any reasons. So here it goes. I love your smile. It's one of the first things I noticed about you—it's sort of dusty, like it's seen better days, but you still love this... (more »)
Falling in Like
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You know that moment when everything in the world stops?  And you can only focus on one thing in front of you?  No matter how hard you try, all you can do is stand like a statue?  Not a single muscle in your body moves- well,... (more »)
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