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Date Gone Wrong
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"So it's a date," Roger said."Yeah, Saturday at 4:00 right,"Lily said."Oh yeah," Roger replied.Lily goes runing back to her giggling friends and the weird reamarks they have to say about her encounter with... (more »)
She made the air race through my chest as easily as the 25-cent ring that I won her slipped onto her finger. I remember her perfectly; exactly as she stood the moment I first saw her face. I can still picture the sun gleaming off of her full... (more »)
NYC, NYU, and Main Street
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Adeline walked off the plane and onto the tarmac making her way inside. Finally, having shivers exit her body, she called a cab. She exited the airport with her carry-on and luggage entering the small cab lethargically. The cab whizzed off and... (more »)
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Love Confessions
She could hear the waves, and she smelled the amazing salt-sea air as she sat under the hot summer sun.  Ashley was finally on her vacation with her best friends, Matt and Ariel.  They were so glad school was over with and they could... (more »)
Perfect Someone
I loved the way he smiled. How his dimples could light up any room. How his skin was as soft as a baby's skin when he touched me. The way he kissed me I felt a princess. Like I was in a fantacy world. I felt like he was the one. I felt like... (more »)
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I cuff my pants one, no, two times, to make them short enough to wade in the rushing water. Pillows of sand deflate beneath my feet, leaving footprints at the base of the stream. I wonder if there are ghosts of your footprints swimming with the... (more »)
Fairy Tale
By , howell, MI
Their once was a handsome prince; he was fairest of them all. Than one day a mean old witch tried taking it all away from him. He said oh h--- no and fought back with all his power and might. He defeated the old hag and saved himself and the... (more »)
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that same song on repeat, constantly playing over and over in my head. oh why won't it stop? why? it started the day you left, the song that is, the day you walked away without so much as a goodbye. it hurt to say the least.... (more »)
A Money Problem
I was down to my last ten dollars, and there we were stuck in the middle of desert.  How could I let this happen? I looked at my girlfriend waiting patiently in the car from the gas station window, then back at the lady at the counter and... (more »)
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Fifteen Minutes
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“Go, go, go,” Whitney told herself as she ran down the sidewalk, past the forest of buildings and through the crowds of people. Nothing else mattered; she had to get there in time. She couldn’t imagine the horror of losing that time. Soon... (more »)
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When the last leaf fell
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The man stared out the window, his eyes empty and unfocused. He sipped on the warm cup of tea he'd made that morning. Most of the trees on his yard had no leaves. Only one maple tree had a leaf barely hanging on the lowest branch. He shook... (more »)
I Miss You
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At first, he didn’t believe it was her. But no, it was definitely, undoubtedly her. The girl that sat on the bench on the opposite side of the street, earphones in her ears blasting a song that probably no one has heard of, swiping... (more »)
Three O'Clock This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Stoughton, MA
“Hey can we talk this afternoon? It’s important.” Oh God, he knows. “Yeah sure.” “Alright, great see you outside the library?” “Sure,” I swallow hard and hang up. He knows. I pace the floor of my dorm. He knows I don’t... (more »)
God, I Love Her. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Carsonville, MI
God, I love her. I walked into the kitchen of our new home and glanced towards Caroline looking out the window. She looked so peaceful in thought. I could only imagine what she was thinking. Crazy that woman is. “Bobby, where is this... (more »)
He reminds me of a lot of things
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He reminded me of a lot of things.   He reminded me of the constellations because so much of him I already knew, but there was so much more left to learn. He reminded me of the constellations because of the thousand stars in them. He in his... (more »)
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“Now you may kiss the bride”... Bonded over a mutual love, Roller skating and a two hour train ride to Brooklyn. Remembering first details from the soda shop and the Sweet 16 party. Reliving old romances, like the first... (more »)
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