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Here are the most recent romance articles:

A Crazy Valentine's Day
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Bella was running around trying to find her lipstick and earrings as she looked at the clock and realized she was running late. It was Valentine’s Day and she was going on a blind date. Her new friend Anna set her up and told her how much she... (more »)
Locked Out
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“My mom once told me that the best things in life are the unexpected ones. As a 7 year old, I never really cared about what that meant – I mean, the best things then came from my mother’s shopping bags when she came home from the mall. .... (more »)
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Lauren Jory had always been the most popular girl in school. She had tan skin, perfectly clear complexion, skinny body, straight blonde hair, all the money in the world, and the hot boyfriend, Brad Crawford. He was, of course, the jock, the... (more »)
The End of this Night
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I saw you standing outside in the pouring rain. I stared into your sapphire eyes and I became hypnotized. It’s as if a spell was cast over me. I tried so hard to forget what you did, but at that moment I could see no evil in you. I wanted more... (more »)
Infinite Eyes
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Your eyes met mine. Your pupils bowed and smiled- pulled out my chair and invited me to stay for dinner. A true gentleman. Your eyelids fluttered and we laughed. Our sing song voices echoed as we exchanged life stories. We held hands. You asked... (more »)
There She Stood
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There she stood, all alone. No one in sight. No one for miles and miles and miles of empty, barren beach. The strong winds felt like 1000 needles piercing her already damaged skin. He said he would be there by the time the storm came in- by the... (more »)
By , Beseri, Malaysia
Bam…bam…bam… I heard someone is bouncing a ball at the basketball court in the park. I was wondering who will be playing a ball in the midnight in this cold weather. I went to the court as to see who is playing there. I saw a boy who I bet... (more »)
The Mystery Man
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I was currently in the presence of the most handsome man in the world. His big, blue eyes wandered the room, searching for something to do. Maybe he was here alone, or maybe he had been roped into coming to this party just like me. I had been... (more »)
Whispered Poetry In the Night
“Bite me!” I yelled from my room to my red-faced dad. My picture frames rattled against the wall threatening to fall and shatter as I slammed the door. I was grounded yet again because my principal decided to call my parents about my... (more »)
The cliff
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It had been two days since Roslyn had gone missing, and all she left me was a note with one word. Goodbye. The moment I understood what that word meant, I discovered a new kind of pain. I thought I had known them all, but this kind you would... (more »)
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“Ten, nine, eight...” the crowd shouted with enthusiasm. The varsity boys rushed down the court, hoping for the winning shot. They pushed and shoved their way to the hoop, dodging the defense. The horn blared as Derek rushed in for the... (more »)
From The Mind With Love
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I met him here. A quarter till three, at the edge of the fountain in the square. He looked ready to jump. I stared at him, waiting for him to make his move, to just fall face first into the fountain. He turned around, with the unwillingness to... (more »)
A Distant Memory But For All Of Eternity
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     "I'll meet you there at 7." He had told me about an hour ago. I stood in that parking lot waiting for him to pick me up. I only lived a few blocks away but I wanted to see him. So, being stupid, i stayed longer. He promised to see me... (more »)
One More Time
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I miss her.  I miss her terribly.  People say that I’m in a better place.  That I’ll be happier here.  I am not.  They say that I’ve escaped.  I have not.  I say that I have been banned.  Banned from life.  Banned from... (more »)
By , Clarkston, MI
The sun was covered by dark gray clouds that gently sprinkled snow down on to the world, the frigid air nipped at Zaliver’s skin.  He heard dogs barking in the distance and people shouting in the park beside him as he burrowed his... (more »)
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When I turned seventeen, I died. Or at least, everyone thought that I did.   The doctors said that I was brain dead. Life support was the only thing keeping me alive. All I was, was a lifeless body connected to monitors. Everyone thought that... (more »)
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