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Here are the most recent romance articles:

Out of Reach
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The most powerful love there could ever be was not between one person to another, a bee to honey or to its hive, or a dog to its owner. It was between the two things life revolved around: the sun and the moon. The sun loved many things like the... (more »)
Save the Date
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Every girl has probably been planning their wedding since age six. A girl I know has a whole sketchbook filled with designs of her future wedding dress. The bodice was going to be intricately designed, a tiara was going to adorn the crown of... (more »)
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He held open the front door for me, and I, somewhat reluctantly, walked in. Even as I walked across the threshold, I was cold. He followed me inside with adorable red ears. We had been dating for a week, everything was amazing, like a dream. I... (more »)
Happy,A Five Letter Word
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Happy, a five letter word that sounds foreign on my tongue. My name is Ruth Anderson. If I were born a male it would have been Ryan. Drugs, alcohol, fast relationships, all of them can get you fake happiness. The thing is they aren't permanent... (more »)
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Letters From a Lover
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Dear Luke, I haven’t seen you in a week. Since I told you I was in love with you. I remember exactly what happened that day. We were laying on the roof of my house. It was midnight and we were looking at the stars like always. You played... (more »)
Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part
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He used to say that the hardest part about spending the night with me was saying good-bye. I’d laughed at him then, believing that there were several things considerably more difficult. For one, there was sneaking out of the military compound... (more »)
Coffee and Cream
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The chance of an average person being struck by lightning in any given year is 1 in 960,000. The chance of being struck in a lifetime is 1 in 12,000. The smallest of factors can affect this such as taking a wrong turn, but no one usually... (more »)
Lightness or Darkness
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 "You can't possibly love me for all that I have done," he spoke as if he were certain that no one could ever love him. And it was true; he did believe that no thing could ever love a monster like him. But he was wrong. He... (more »)
Today,I met a girl
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July 1st-Today,I met a girl   "Hi!" she yelled.   Who is this girl,who thinks that she has the right to disturb my lunch?I turned around,daring to give her my attention. She was gorgeous,blonde hair with the cutest fringe ever and... (more »)
Just a Friend
Music was pounding, bodies were swaying , drinks were spilling yet I still couldn’t get Audrey off my mind, this party seemed to just make things worse. I pulled out my phone. My fingers dancing on the screen not knowing what to tell her.... (more »)
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I still remember him. The guy that I was completely infatuated with. I was admitted to a hospital. The hospital is at the hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle. Eventhough this hospital is enormous, it is a sleepy hollow. So, he visitted me... (more »)
Love Over Royalty
By , chicago, IL
It was a long stormy night while Ariel was laying in her bed wide awake not able to sleep. She had been thinking about the guy she ran into earlier that day, Vincent. Ariel could not stop thinking about the way she bumped into him, it was... (more »)
The Boy of My Dreams Part 4
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I arrive at school a few minutes before the bell, so I quickly grab my books from my locker and dash down the hallway to History. Suddenly I slam into something hard and looking up, find myself staring into the muddled-blue eyes of Enzo. I blush... (more »)
The Sadness
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No one knew the sad that she hid with a smile and a laugh, but one day she met someone who could tell that there was something wrong. The day she met him her whole life changed, she talked more because he understood her like no one eles did. He... (more »)
What am I going to tell you?
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I wish you had held me longer. I could use the heat of your hands on mine right now. There's this rising of warmth in my chest when I think of us sitting across from each other on top of a paint splattered picnic table, skin patches stitched... (more »)
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I found your girlfriend’s mixtape. It was between the seats in your car. The plastic case was cracked and as I picked it up, I wondered where she’d found cassette tapes. My mind said Radio Shack but my gut whispered Urban... (more »)
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