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Till Death Do Us Part
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Looking in the mirror one last time before she headed out for the evening, Lucy realized an 80-year-old heart was trapped inside her 16-year-old body.   The restaurant was vibrating with warm energy, hopping with people, life, and... (more »)
By , Nevada city, CA
The first time they met was at the seventh grade dance. She swayed back in forth on the dance floor in her new red dress. Kate, was her name and his was Jade. They were destined to meet when the two school joined for the Winter Dance. Kate was... (more »)
Butterflies (A Short Story)
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I knew this day would come eventually, but somehow, part of me still couldn’t fathom the realization of it. I was dying, and today was my last day. In less than twenty four hours, I would be dead. I stared up at the sky, taking in the blue... (more »)
By , Las Vegas, NV
Vincent     The moment i entered the classroom I saw you for the first time. I didn’t know what to do. You are just perfect, like a greek god. I saw that I was not only in great thought about you but that this was the start of something... (more »)
Paperdoll This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Something about her feels imaginary, so at first she thinks He’s just made her up, like some kind of excuse.  Even the name Mary feels idealized, like a collage someone would make of a waterfall, or a paper doll of flower scented... (more »)
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He reminds me of a child. A crafting child, with glitter on his hands who jumps up from his work table and gets glitter everywhere. With him, it is the same, but his glitter is invisible. The glitter he has is made of youth and beauty and lies... (more »)
An Unexpected Love Affair
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   I haven’t really realized that we broke up until right now. Its been a little less than a month that I’ve been single, but because its valentines day, I feel more lonely than ever. I have never really loved the day, sappy and pink... (more »)
Chapter1-3 : Mystic Ego
By , Nevada city, CA
Chapter One   Today was almost like any other day, pouring down rain. The weather has been changing rapidly recently and no one knows what to think of it. I live in Fargo City, one of the city's in, ArmStrong County Pennsylvania.  It's... (more »)
Love Bites
By , Lewisville, TX
I woke up to realize I was in a different atmosphere I didn’t recognize a thing around me. My skin was crawling with bugs and insects. When I sat up my head dizzy and everything around me was spinning. A group of boys and one female surrounded... (more »)
I Remember...Feelings of Romance for the Forbidden
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What is this feeling? I keep having different flashbacks of all the guys I've been with and loved most and why I loved them. I remember all the times Caleb held my hand or hugged me or put his arms around me or even just looked at me.... (more »)
Don't Need You
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And the one day I remember the clearest was an afternoon in May. I loved you, oh how I loved you so much. It was storming in the city, and it was the only time I had felt alone in such a big place. The sky was grey, and gloomy, and it described... (more »)
By , Lewisvillie, TX
“ Left, Right, Duck, Right hook” my trianer Dallas said. Let me introduce myself, my name is Ayshia Willams. Im 19 years old, 5’1, and my eyes are hazel. My life can be any better, NOT. My whole entire life was runied because of my abusive... (more »)
Because of You
Short strands of blond hair were all Bella could focus on. The way they laid in perfect zigzags while still looking effortless had her eyes glazed over with infatuation. His broad shoulders filled out his red and black flannel shirt perfectly,... (more »)
Don't Know Her Name
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He had this smile you could see from miles away and I think that’s how I found him. He was way over there and I was sitting at the table across the cafe. His eyes were lighting up as he talked to the other boy and asked the barista for what I... (more »)
You and I
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The rain falls.Not to hard and certainly not to lightly. I stand across the street and watch you and you watch me. You wait for the cars to pass then walk across to me. I look at your face and the rain drips from your jawline. Your hands move to... (more »)
My Guardian Angel
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He was always in my dreams. The angel boy with grey wings always was. He told me that he loved me, and that one day that we would meet in person. One day. I think of him as I walk to school. I don't his name, just that he cares about me.... (more »)
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