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The air around her was cold. It reminded her of him, but of course, what else would it remind her of? Winter reminds her of the secrets he would whisper in her ear at night, his words soft against her skin as he held her close. Winter was a... (more »)
I see him in my dreams. He leaves a mark on me that won’t let me forget him. He’s always in the shadows. I can never find him in the light. When it’s dark I can feel and hear him. I can see his perfectly sculpted face. He echoes in my mind... (more »)
High School Crush Turned More
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Hello, I’m Brooklyn. I go to Centerville High School, where a lot of the girls have no self respect or common sense. I, on the other hand, am completely different from the rest of them. I think a girl should be judged on her personality and... (more »)
What You Do
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You make me want to drive down the highway with my eyes closed. I feel like flying blind with you by my side, in the passenger seat that smells like my brother’s cologne and Whataburger French fries. When I’m with you, I want to take my... (more »)
Bluberry Muffins
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When I was 20 years old, the man I loved died. And, although that may often feel like the end, there is so much more to a love story than that. There was mystery and horror, angst and love, coffee and...blueberry muffins. It all started when I... (more »)
him, my love
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He stole the key to my heart and unlocked my love for himself. I miss him. I shouldn't. I told myself to forget him....but I simply can't. I miss him with his strait blonde hair and icy blue eyes...his pale skin and rosy cheeks. He was... (more »)
The Girl at the Register This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A ring from the store's bell signaled his entrance, and the sickening scent of sugar overwhelmed the young man. The place of business was a charming bakery. White trim accented the tan walls, and table sets stood beside large windows. A... (more »)
Love is Blind
You should date Lucy, not Lucy Lou but Lucy May.  The girl you use to stare at months on end.  You followed her to the grocery store; you watched her pick up a tomato and smell for ripeness.  You would blush every time she caught... (more »)
Icarus This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The rain splattered against the windows of the classroom like paint bringing an empty canvas to life. She could feel the raindrops prickling her skin, soothing her with their rhythmic pattern. Irritated, she pushed back that curly strand... (more »)
The Mystical Chapter Two: Win or Lose...
By , Jacksonville, FL
The next morning, smiles of yellow darted across the fresh sky. Natalie did an every day girl routine, but dressed for a soccer game instead. Both Perry and Marine had left her "good luck" messages. Almost out the door, her dad stopped her.... (more »)
A Night In October
By , Jonesport, ME
It was around October when I met you. October Sixteenth, to be exact. A friendly conversation turned into, “So.. are you single?” “What’s your favorite movie?” The common flirtatious chatter of two teenage loners.... (more »)
Her Brown-Eye Boy
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I met him, he was breath taking, and his curly black hair made him look even more mysterious with his big brown eyes. He moves closer each step he made my heart goes KA-thump, KA-thump, I breathe in his intoxicating smell and look up into those... (more »)
Death and Deception
She couldn’t understand what had just happened let alone why it happened. They stood over him. Blood was sprawled all across the floor. Next to his still body lay the tools covered with the gooey blood that was spilling out of his body. He... (more »)
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    There she sits. I can’t help but stare. Every day, I sit down in my seat and watch the door, waiting for her to come in. And then she does, every day, at five minutes past the hour, and she sits down. Sometimes, she’ll wear a blue... (more »)
My Worst Date
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My Worst Date I remember the doorbell ringing 30 minutes ahead of what I had expected. I was still trying to apply my makeup and I was tripping over my clothing scattered everywhere on the floor. I couldn’t find my other shoe and my... (more »)
The Tragedy of Liza and Zane
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Liza:   I was known as a freak, or that’s what the town called me. I wasn’t your average heart-throb no good teenager I didn’t party every night, get drunk and end up on some random guys front lawn. I kept to... (more »)
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