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Here are the most recent romance articles:

Evidence of Love
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I took a steady grip around the metal bar and used my upper body strength to launch onto the deck. It was not a new procedure of mine, and I was surely beginning to get skilled at it. As I wiped off my hands on my skintight jeans, I reached for... (more »)
A Disease Called Man
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     Four years ago, I figured out that he was a pathogen. With my nose high and confidence alarmingly present in my movements, I accepted him for the fiend he was. Yesterday, I realized he was always the disease I never attempted... (more »)
A World of Tattoos
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I sat cross-legged on the small, scratchy rug, gazing blankly at the cream-colored wall that stood only inches from the curve of my nose. The air surrounding me was vibrating with each bang delivered to the locked door of my tiny Vegas... (more »)
Does She Know?
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I’m done loving you with every part me of my heart when you only loved me with a sliver of yours. How much do you love her though? Is it more or less than how much you loved me? If it is it more… Does she know about me? Does she know... (more »)
My Story
By , Ammon, ID
I carry this armor, thick as any brick wall, stronger than steel. Built upon the pain slashed into my heart from my youth. Meant to protect me from the cruelty life has shown me, But here I stand before this man, holding his arms out,... (more »)
By , Unknown, United States
You didn't get it. I don't blame you. I always did have a hard time at explaining my point and making myself clear. I guess you could say I had a habit of "beating around the bush" because I didn't like to see those I cared about hurt, which was... (more »)
moon dancers
By , keller, TX
I stared out my window looking at the glistening moon as it reflected off the shallow ocean waves i could faintly hear the water swish against the rocks. the motion of the lightly sounding waves enhanced me as i began to swiftly daydream ... (more »)
The Broken
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Without words, he was able to tell her, able to say ‘I can’t handle it any longer’ and she felt his pain. In a second, relief was turned to fear, and the loud shattering of the bottle sent him to the floor. The small... (more »)
The Lover Blushes This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The pallor of my skin, the flutter of my eyelashes; the blush on my skin; the tender rush of my words; the flash of my smile; is held under a microscope. Like the burn of a mirror in the heat of the sun, as an insect squeals under its breath,... (more »)
Beautiful Minds This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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She told me to stay away from you. You know what could happen to him. And I nodded resignedly. Yes. Your eyes reflected liquid chocolate. Your soul, a kindred spirit, held the warmest laughter. Ashen hair and ghost-pale skin. I had never met... (more »)
What Have You Done?
By , flushing, NY
      I first met you through a friend of mine. You were tall, dorky, and yet was able to make me laugh. I first talked to you on facebook, that didn't go out so well. Our next conversation got us close and I guess that you... (more »)
four feet, one heart
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Once upon a time, there was a little girl, she wasn’t ordinary like the rest. She would use her feet to dance instead of walk, twirling in circles over running, she wasn’t any girl. She was a dancer. Her gift was so rare, and... (more »)
The Story of Cole
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“2015 was one of the best and worst times of my life. Filled with new experiences, treasures, and hopes, some were lost, and some were found. “One summer night, I fell asleep, hoping the world would be different when I woke.” but at the... (more »)
Boogie Wonderland
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back when you used to be fun we’d spend most of our time in run down discos. 11 pm was when we’d meet at the bus station and by the time the clock showed 11:30 we’d be making our way towards the queue. it wasn’t long... (more »)
The Only Reason To Live
By , Bloomfield, IA
She jumped into bed, Jami was so tired yet she knew that she had to wait for the text that would change her life forever. Living in New Jersey and going to a private high school, can be hard at times, but for Jami Bradwell, it was as easy as... (more »)
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When you fall in love, nothing else matters. Judgement and logic disappear, as if they were never there to begin with. Some people get lucky and wind up with someone who truly loves them and whom they do not need judgement and logic with. The... (more »)
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