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Our Tomorrow
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You had always reminded me there was a tomorrow, that it was our tomorrow. I believed you, in all your tousled-brown-hair, nerdy-glasses, geeky glory. You would hug me, you would kiss me, you would whisper, There’s a tomorrow for us.... (more »)
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Ill send you a postcard
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I sit on the concrete steps. My hair, red, gleaming, dances frantically about the the wind. I am cold, I forgot a jumper again. And, as I wait for the one I am meeting I wonder if I will always be here, obviously not, right? I wrap my arms... (more »)
Ironic Love
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The first time I slipped on a banana was on my first date. Pretty symbolic if you ask me. I mean you’re supposed to fall for someone and I literally did. I fell right on my ass into a puddle as the gentleman who took me out stood there... (more »)
The Lady in Yellow
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As I stood in the grand hall fiddling with my cufflinks, I waited for my drink. My brother came by and ran into me, playfully nudging my arm. “How many times are you going to fix your suit?” Darrel teased me. “What? I want to make sure... (more »)
Lovely Manhattan
By , Carpentersville, IL
     The milky hot chocolate is just enough to make my stomach tingle and those five seconds of joy are cut too soon.      “Ma’m can you move any slower” an aggravated voice behind me yells meanwhile all the Taxi drivers are rushing... (more »)
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It was the first of summer and I was feeling anxious about moving to a whole other state. Arizona was all that I had known, but I  knew the change was good for her and Derek. After two years together the big move was going to only benefit... (more »)
Love Story
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On a sunny morning, birds humming and a bright sky. The sun was rising people were waking up to a beautiful day. There were people jogging and having a good morning. Meanwhile people were getting up early Johnathan was more than half asleep. He... (more »)
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Trust. A small word, admittedly. But this small word can pack a huge punch. And it did. She gave him her heart. She trusted him. She loved him. She loved him. With all of her heart. She trusted him with her heart. But trust can be broken. And... (more »)
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Cinderella's Alcohol
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The silvery rays of moonlight clustered together on the outer covering of the goblet of alcohol. Fizzy Wizz Wizz. Fizzy Wizz Wizz. The girl pushed the hair from her eyes, and grinned excitedly. She rolled up the sleeves of her gown, and took her... (more »)
Roses and Secerts
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A older yet younger looking Lady walked at a rather fast pace clipping her heels against the concrete marble. She was dressed in a gown cloaked over in a brown cotton material with black and silver lace. Her average slim body graced with power... (more »)
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I lay on the tracks, my back touching the chilled metal. I process my thoughts, what on earth would make me want to leave these tracks? They seem comforting and awakening, I put my headphones on, listening to the soft rhythm of acoustic music.... (more »)
Chained Riot
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Chained Riot Mom dropped me off at the football field smiling “Best of luck at tryouts Sam! I know you’re going to do great!” “Yea mom thanks”I said getting out of the car exhaling a deep sigh of boredom. Mom rolled down the window... (more »)
I believe in opening up you're heart
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First loves are tricky. It usually happens during the early stages of middle school. It's always THE boy. The boy that always stares at you a little too long just to be friendly, and the way the corners of his smile do a 180 and makes your heart... (more »)
Coffee shop
The café was crowded; it smelled like a mixture of coffee and sweaty New Yorkers. My nose stiffened every time I had to take a breath. My job was nothing, but a hassle that I had to deal with everyday. Making coffee for the same people that I see... (more »)
Chapped Lips & Stained Satin
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"Do you want to hurt me?" I asked. "No." "You're lying." I could see it in her eyes, the overfill of sanity. Too much. Far too much. "How do you know?" Her head tilted. Thus when I let out a slight chuckle, louder than intended.   ... (more »)
From Start To Star
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Brad rolled over in the snow, Emily’s eyes still stuck in the stars path her eyes following each one. Brad shifted back looking up, gazing in their brightness. “What do they mean?” he muttered. “I’m not sure yet…” Emily whispered... (more »)
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