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Here are the most recent romance articles:

Her Brown-Eye Boy
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I met him, he was breath taking, and his curly black hair made him look even more mysterious with his big brown eyes. He moves closer each step he made my heart goes KA-thump, KA-thump, I breathe in his intoxicating smell and look up into those... (more »)
Death and Deception
She couldn’t understand what had just happened let alone why it happened. They stood over him. Blood was sprawled all across the floor. Next to his still body lay the tools covered with the gooey blood that was spilling out of his body. He... (more »)
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    There she sits. I can’t help but stare. Every day, I sit down in my seat and watch the door, waiting for her to come in. And then she does, every day, at five minutes past the hour, and she sits down. Sometimes, she’ll wear a blue... (more »)
My Worst Date
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My Worst Date I remember the doorbell ringing 30 minutes ahead of what I had expected. I was still trying to apply my makeup and I was tripping over my clothing scattered everywhere on the floor. I couldn’t find my other shoe and my... (more »)
The Tragedy of Liza and Zane
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Liza:   I was known as a freak, or that’s what the town called me. I wasn’t your average heart-throb no good teenager I didn’t party every night, get drunk and end up on some random guys front lawn. I kept to... (more »)
The Box
     The pounding of the rain on the windows filled my ears. With my mind racing, I could barely hear what she was saying until I heard, “He said you were the only person he ever grew close to. He wanted me to give these to you.” She... (more »)
Louri's Blood-pumping Organ
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 "So, what made you like me, anyway?" I asked Troy as we strolled along Roosevelt Avenue, fussing nervously with my favourite baggy sweater. Troy Lawrence was a really popular guy in school, a football player and everything, and he liked me.... (more »)
A Love Twist
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It was a bright and sunny summer day in Littleton, Nebraska. The sky was a deep blue with not a single white puffy looming in its glory. Even though the air was hot and muggy there was a nice crisp and cool breeze flowing throughout the land.... (more »)
Asking of Prom
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Walking home was a normal, day to day thing but someone actually wanting to walk home with me, was something new. As i walked, Amy Richards talked away about Prom. Amy Richards has been my neighbor our entire lives and she has never wanted to or... (more »)
My life with you
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She was smoking one pale cigarette and her devil lips couldn’t see she was bargaining death, but the hipbones on which she relied had long been abandoned, and now, instead of tall roman pillars, she had wooden sticks, ready for the long winter... (more »)
Not That Romantic This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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To be blunt, there wasn’t much I was good at. A deep hatred towards exercise and absolutely no coordination whatsoever left me useless at any and all sports, everything I drew ended up looking like a potato, and the last time I tried to sing I... (more »)
The Last Letter
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     I’ve written this letter a thousand times over, each one facing the same fate as the last. I’ll burn this sheet of paper and spread the ashes of it as if it were a cremated corpse. The rotten corpse of a love that has bloomed from... (more »)
Nothing for confused something.
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Geneysis felt the chills of betrayal squirming through him like snakes did.           The painful memories swam through his thoughts; spilling its lava across his eyes. They too, like the rest of his pale body, had felt the glares; the... (more »)
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Deceit. Within every man is the desire to win. Popular vs. Popular. Chapter 1. Summer is the best season ever, especially in California. Summer in the Smith house is always a festive affair; with that said so is it a deadly one. This... (more »)
Poster Child
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Love is a beautiful thing, but we have no idea what to do with it. It’s like handing new parents their baby. They’re marveled by how happy and how terrified they are at the same time, holding perfection in their arms. And they have no idea... (more »)
BLTs To Die For (Part 2)
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Chelsey blasted through the door and ran to her room. "Six o'clock! I have an hour and a half to get ready !"she thought to herself. She rummaged through her closet trying to find something that looked presentable. "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" she... (more »)
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