I'm A Solider

January 8, 2009
By Kevin Delahanty, Horsham, PA

After getting home from school I snatched soda and plopped down on the couch. I open my drink with a sense of urgency and gulp it down. While doing this a couple of sentences made me gag up my soda and changed my life forever! “It is May 13, 2104 and China and Japan had declared war on America. The Japanese have bombed Michigan and they are not stopping there. There has been a bomb threat in Pennsylvania and New York. Your governor will teach you and give you instructions for bomb threat emergencies. To find out more detail about bomb threat emergencies log on to abc.com. That night thoughts racing through my mind made me do something I never thought I would do.

I Signed Up For The Army!

The next day after signing up I tell my mom and she hollers and keeps asking! She is saying in this special way that tells me she is scared but also frustrated. That night the base tells me to come get my uniform tomorrow because I am heading to Japan and I am going to try to capture Mikado, the Japanese emperor. So that is what I do. On the plane ride I come across with this African American named Shaun who came from California and a guy named Billy from Michigan. He said his dad worked where Michigan was bombed and died and that if he saw Mikado that he would chop his head off. Then there was another 250 men on the plane but I did not encounter them. In about another 4 hours we had arrived and we had a private base located on this island off of Japan, thinking no one would find us.

That night we had to sleep to get ready for a difficult day. While I was drifting asleep I heard a bunch of explosions thinking it was the alarm to wake up. So I jumped out of bed, woke Shaun and Billy up, and ran outside. This sight had been the scariest sight you will ever see.

It was the Japanese! Not knowing what to do I grab my gun and begin to fire.

After 6 months of rehab and undergoing surgery I feel great. I feel stronger

and confident. It is 1 I said to myself. So I went out for a delicious lunch at Tiger's. On the way I see a view in my head causing me to lose control. Luckily I got it right back. I pulled over and wanted to know what just happened. I saw a vision of a cop getting shot and killed near Lincoln Avenue. But I thought it was just from a movie or something but it was not. I got home, turned on the TV and watched the news. “Today, the top story is a officer getting shot by a drug dealer on Lincoln Avenue.

I felt really bad. It was the same cop I envisioned and the same street. I was thinking… what is wrong with me? Déjà vu or am I psychic. About a week later I go out shopping for groceries. And the same incident occurred and I did not want that to happen

again. I saw a little boy and his mom getting kidnapped and murdered on Boat Drive. So I peddle to the metal and I go as fast as I can go. I make it there as it is happening I call 911 and I tackle and put the cruel man in a headlock until the cops arrive.

The next mourning I am on the news and I feel great. If that little boy and his mom were kidnapped and murdered and you had a chance to save them, you would do what I did.

It is December 31st and 2 hours until New Years. My friend Billy introduces me to this girl named Heather. She is a beauty. She is smart, funny, kind, and pretty. I give her my number and she gives me hers. Heather and me have been dating for 8 months, and I think it is time. I am going to ask her to marry me.

The next mourning I call her up to see if I can come over. Her voicemail went on and I had a vision. I was heather. She was getting into a car accident with a 18 wheeler. I had to save her. She was the love of my life. I drove to her house and she already left. I drove. At one point I think my heart was beating as fast as the car was going. Then I saw…
That it was too late. Heather was lying in the road bleeding and staring into blank space. My heart was broken.

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