Strange love

April 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Suzie is your average young women. But there is one thing about her that separates her from the rest. The one thing is that she loves villains. In this story you will see how Suzie and the villain get along in the story. The villains name in the story is Forhey. If you want to see what happens in the story you will have to read on to find out.

One night when Suzie was walking through her corn field on her farm she heard noises. The noises were of something running through the stocks. Like a man in a race. The minute she didn’t hear the noise again she ran to her house and swung the door open. When she got into her house she grabbed her phone and called her friend. The phone rang and rang until she found out that nothing was there. It was vacant.

Suzie isn’t the smartest so she tried it again. This time she finally realized that she wasn’t getting anything but air. So she hung up the phone. She looked at the cord and it was slashed into many different pieces. She was so scared that she ran upstairs to her room. When Suzie got to her door she swung it open and standing there in the door way was Forhey.

The minute she saw him she screamed. The killer grabbed her by the neck and threw her on her bed.

She said, “Don’t kill me ill do anything I will do anything at all just don’t hurt me.”

The killer said, “Ok then will you marry me tomorrow I, would like to be married before I have to leave again.”

Suzie said, “Yes I will marry and love you forever and ever.”

Then that night while she was watching soap operas she heard someone banging on the door. She gets up and answers the door. When she opens it Forhey is standing in the door way.

She lets him in she says, “Hi honey.”

He says, “Hey.”

Then they both go to the kitchen.
She said, “Do you want any tea.”

He said, “Sure.”

Then they both go and take a seat in her small cozy living room. When they sit down the killer pulls out a knife out of nowhere and stabs Suzie in the neck. She is dead instantly. Forhey says in his mind well she is taken care of who will be my next victim to go for. So then he walked out and vanished into the foggy night.

The next day the Suzie’s sister goes to her house to see if Suzie wanted to go to the mall and get something’s for over the weekend. When she got there the door was wide open. On her way to the doorway she smelt a nasty smell like something had died. When she got to the doorway
she saw her sister laying there dead on the couch. The minute she saw her she burst out in tears and froze up and wouldn’t do anything.

When she finally came to reality she got out her cell phone and called the police and said, “My sister has been murdered on elm street come as soon as possible.”

The police man said, “I am on my way.”

When the police man gets there he walks into the house and sees Suzie on the couch dead.

He says, “Well she is dead for sure.”

While he says that he is laughing. The sister says, “can you take this serious my sister is laying dead here mister.”

He says, “Okay.”

Then he calls in for the ambulance to come. While the two were waiting for the ambulance the sister said to the cop, “Do you want some tea.”

Just then while they were drinking there tea they heard a noise. It sounded like footsteps coming down the steps. The cop walked over to the steps when he turned the corner to go to the steps the killer pops out and stabs him the neck.

In the killers head he said them humans and them drinking tea. Haven’t they noticed that when they drink tea they will get killed? Well in conclusion I hope that no one drinks anymore tea or else. Well the killing didn’t stop after that if you would like to find out who else gets killed you will have to read the next story. This may not be out for a while so don’t save your money. It’s not worth it.

The author's comments:
Well I hope that you will read my next story. See you next time. Well not really see you but hope to hear from you.

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