The Best Discovery

April 28, 2018
By emma.lanza BRONZE, Commack, New York
emma.lanza BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Once upon a time, there was a man traveling the ocean. This man's name was Jack. Jack is a young man who's dream was to travel across the ocean and to discover all he could know about the deep seas and than share it with the rest of the world. Jack has been travelling by himself for 2 years in the Pacific Ocean. Recently, Jack has ended up near the island known as Hawaii. Being out of civilization for 2 years with no one to talk to made Jack nervous about seeing all the people on Hawaii. So, Jack decided that he would just keep on travelling north and avoid all the people that he would have to encounter by going to the island. When Jack was thinking things over with himself he did not relaize that there was another boat near him. Jack was so frightened that he turned his boat quickly and went in the other direction as fast as his boat can take him. By the time the other boat was no longer in sight, Jack finally slowed down. When he came to a stop, Jack noticed that he had no idea where he was. All he saw were crystal clear waters and fog, but than he started to hear a faint sound of seagulls. When Jack heard that noise, he knew that he had to be close to an island somewhere, so he just continued sailing straight. Jack was sailing for what has seemed to be hours, until he saw a faint, little island in the distance and than contiuned to sail towards it. When Jack finally arrived to the island, he docked his ship on the beach; climbed out of his boat, landing in the water; and than just sat on the beach listening the the little waves hit the sand. Jack found the waves crashing calming and he just allowed all of his prevous fears pass over him. Seconds later he heard a rustling in the trees behind him and he turned around quickly to see a scared young woman, maybe in her early 20s, holding a sharp piece of bark right at Jack. The woman looked more scared to be around Jack than he was to be around her. But with a deep breath, she started to say, "What are you doing on this island and who brought you here?" Jack looked at her with confused eyes, not understanding why she was so upset that he was here. But than Jack got up and said, "I'm sorry, I was just sailing and I dont really know where I am right now, and than I saw this island, so I sailed towards it. I didn't know that I wasn't suppose to be here or anything, I'll leave right now." Jack started walking away shyly, not really wanting to go. He was intrigued by this young woman and wanted to learn more. While Jack was walking back to his boat, the woman asked, "Is that boat yours?" Jack stopped where he was and turned around and said, "Yeah, it's a little beat up, but that baby is all mine." The woman started to giggle a little bit and Jack got to see a little bit of light inside of her. Jack than asked, "How long have you been on this island?" She responded saying, "I don't even know at this point." Jack than started to ask her, "Before, when you were about to stab me with a piece of bark, why did you ask me if someone had sent me?" She responded warily saying, "I was on the run from some bad people until I crashed onto this island and no one has found me since than." Jack smiled and said, "Well, until now." She tried to hid her smile, but it came right through. Jack than asked, "So now that you dont want to kill me, what's your name?" The woman laughed and said, "My name is Belle." Jack responded saying, "Nice to meet you Belle, my name is Jack." Than he gave her a mocking bow, trying to make her laugh again. They ended up talking about all of their hopes and dreams and about what they want to accomplish in life until the sun set. Jack looked at her and said, "Come with me. On my adventure across the sea. Staying here isn't doing any good for you and the bad people trying to find you can't find you in the middle of the ocean." Belle smiled, thinking about the idea of finally leaving this island. She thought it over one more time and said, "Okay, I will travel the seas with you and leave this island, but these people, can never find me, you have to promise me my safety." Jack nodded, and just like that, Jack went from travelling the sea alone, to travelling the sea with Belle for the next 20 years. When they finally decided to stop exploring the sea, they came back with a discovery of a new species, a lot of fish, and a 10 year old daughter. Jack has become famous for the discovery of his new species and for all of the journals he wrote for his expeditions, but when anyone would ask him what his best discovery was, he will always say, "Belle."

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