Through His Eyes and Hers

April 12, 2018
By cms17 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
cms17 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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My face is splotched with redness like a beautiful watercolor painting, gone wrong.
Her face was splotched with redness, it was red roses blooming across her cheeks.

My eyes cried a million tears, each one saltier than the Dead Sea.
Her eyes pooled with tears. They were illuminated by the moon, which made them glimmer like the deep blue ocean: perfect, still, and peaceful.

I could feel her impending frown.
My lips moves into a slight pout, they quivered quickly just like a great earthquake, making you stumble and fall.
I knew it was coming. Her pretty pink lips were no longer propped up into a pristine smile. Her always seemingly persistent laugh was no longer present. She was still perfect, no matter what she looked or acted like, but the way her lips were trembling told me something.

His eyes scanned the outdoors, then to my lips, with a look on his face that I could read. If I gambled, I would bet he had on his I-don’t-know-what-to-do-now-without-making-matters-worse face. There was a sparkle in his eye, like the north star that had peeked out through the midnight sky. They were a pale color of blue, as if an artist had mixed three-fourths periwinkle paint with one-fourth aquamarine. They were exhilarating. I lost sight of them as he quickly moved up and out of his chair.

I faltered out of my chair, I was determined to make this woman happy, no matter what it took. Grinning largely, I started to perform my act, perhaps like the circus.  I made silly faces. I jumped up and down. I emerged from the bushes, each time with a different prop used in a funny way. The sad look on her face continued and I had given up.
He sulked back over to his chair. The show he put on for me was quite entertaining, but not enough to make me smile... just yet.
Kerplunk! That is what my face sounded like as it hit the ground. I must have tripped over the fireplace and landed head-first onto the concrete. I began to reassure her, “Oh goodness, that was not part of the pl--” but before I could finish an eruption of laughs came from those pretty pink lips.

“Oh… my… gosh!” was the only thing able to be heard between my never ending giggles. I could not believe he’d made such of a fool of himself, although I guess his mission had been completed, since he had gotten me to smile.

“There’s that gorgeous smile,” I said, “I think I’ve got my girl back.” She grinned.

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