The Love of her Life

April 19, 2018
By Anonymous

The Love of Her life
Kiki became pretty suspicious because she had a feeling he was going to FINALLY propose! She loves Lucas so much and she has been hoping that he would just propose to her already. This perfect match couldn’t live in a world without each other. Kiki has big blue eyes and beautiful curly brown hair. Lucas on the other hand has pale skin with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Lucas came to pick up Kiki ready to go to the French Quarter.
This wasn’t something Lucas and Kiki did frequently. This was going to be a very special day for Lucas and Kiki. They strolled all around the French Quarter buying anything worth value. Kiki and Lucas decided to go eat some delicious beignets. They decided to order two plates of mouth-watering donuts, and two tasty cups of coffee. They had a waiter named Ben who was such a delight. Lucas took a sip of his coffee and started to feel extremely ill. He doesn’t want to ruin the day though. He has to tell Kiki that he loves her and that he wants to marry her. Once in front of the cathedral, Lucas began to propose, but all of a sudden he feel to the ground and two men in black took him and shoved him into a white van. Another man in black pulled Kiki away and made sure she wouldn’t do anything to stop them. Kiki was crying and screamed bloody murder. Everyone saw this, but sadly no one did anything. Kiki got shoved to the ground and watched the white van speedily drive away as the men ran.
Kiki was in pure shock. She didn’t even realize what just happened. She began to cry, “Ugh!” Irate Kiki didn’t understand why someone would do this to her or Lucas. Right away she called police station, after police station, after police station in hopes of finding and saving Lucas. She even searched the streets through the night. She would have to wait until tomorrow to hear news from the police, and let them do their job. There was a dilemma on Kiki’s hands, and she would do anything in the world to fix it. She would surmount any altercations thrown her way. The next day, circumspect Kiki looked carefully all around the French Quarter one last time. She was going down an alley and soon found Lucas beat up. She used as much strength as she could to try her best to carry him to a safer area. When she did this, she called 911 so they could take him to the hospital as quickly as possible. During this time of waiting for an ambulance, Kiki began to wonder what these kidnappers wanted from Lucas. Was it just to tantalize him to give them something to do, or was it for a purpose?
Slowly, Lucas began to wake up in his hospital bed. He said to her, “Where have you been?” and kissed her on the cheek. He asked her right then and there, “Will you marry me?” She said, “ Of course!” They kissed and hugged each other happy that they would be with each other forever. The police came in and told the couple that they arrested the man behind the scheme and his comrades. The man who kidnapped Lucas was named Ben. This was the same person who served them donuts at Café du Monde! He slipped something in Lucas’s coffee because he was in love with Kiki. Kiki and Lucas didn’t even care. They were happy to be with each other and were going to be inseparable for life. Ben would go to jail for 20 years, and Lucas and Kiki would be with each other forever.

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