April 18, 2018
By Anonymous

Have you ever been in Love?  Does your heart race when you see that special someone?  Today, we are going to learn about the lovers in Prescott.  Let us start with Savanna and Peter.  Peter is the star of all his sports.  Savanna, on the other hand, tries her best.  Together they can conquer anything.  It was very sweet to see Savanna cheer for Peter at his state game.  Savanna ran into his arms after he made the winning shot at the buzzer.  Maddie and Derek are very different from Peter and Savanna.  Derek and Maddie are very similar to one another.  They both play sports and are both good.  Maddie loves how good Derek is at football, she cheers loud at all his games.  She can be found holding a sign that says, “Number 5 on the field, number 1 in my heart.”  She holds this sign at every game.  Jessica and Matthew have quite the love story.  They dated and broke up. Their love was so strong they managed to come together again. They vowed never to let Emma or any girl get in the way of their love.  They each only play one sport.  That being said, they do not have any cute love stories at games. Claudia and Hunter are the two that struggle.  They both love each other, but tend to let life get in the way of their love.  Claudia always rejects Hunter when he asks to hang out.  It is quite sad; they will not last much longer.
Now, let’s talk about one story in particular.  It was a hot summer day, and they were all going to the beach.  They were cruising along having good time.  All of the sudden out of nowhere; their lives changed forever. 
“Peter look out,” Savanna screamed.  They swerved into oncoming traffic.  Peter was trying not to hit the deer in the road.  Hunter wobbled out of the wrecked car to see the damage.  He soon died after getting out of the car.  Savanna who was in the front seat was rushed to the hospital with major injuries.  Hunter saved Claudia.  He jumped in front of her when the two cars hit.  Matthew and Jessica had been sitting in the back and came out with minor injuries.  Maddie and Derek were also in the back and each broke one arm.  Sadly, Peter and Savanna had major injuries and stayed in the hospital for a few nights.
While in the hospital, they had many visitors.  His soon to be college baseball coach visited Peter.  Peter was told that with his injuries he would never be the same player.  Unfortunately, NDSU said they no longer wanted him.  Her friends and family visited Savanna.  The doctors told her she would recover fully.  The news excited her, but she felt sorry for Peter.
After getting out of the hospital, they went to Hunter’s grave.  Some missed Hunter, but he had a c***y attitude.  His attitude caused many people not to like him.  Claudia still feels guilty that she let her boyfriend save her.  If we had left the car, he would be alive.  Hunter always had to be better than everyone was.  He left the car to prove he was better.  He thought if he could walk and no one else could; he would therefore be better.  Let us just say Hunter was not a smart person.  He sucked.
To this day, the lovers still hang out.  It is obviously not the same for them, but they still try to make the most of their time together.  Peter worked very hard to be the player he used to be.  All his hard work paid off, and he was offered a scholarship at the University of Minnesota.  Sadly, Matthew left Jessica for Emma.  I hope that Jessica learned a lesson and will stay away from Matthew.   Just last week, Maddie and Derek broke up.  Derek found a girl at college and left Maddie all alone.  Love works in weird ways.  Stay safe and have fun.

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