Gym Class

April 5, 2018
By Anonymous

I still remember it like it was yesterday


The sweat dripped off my shoulders as I tried to wheelbarrow this unidentified classmate across the gym floor all the way to the other wall. My hair swayed in front of my face, hair that probably should have been tied up since I knew what activites would occur today. Wearing a Tshirt baggy enough to fit not only my upper half, but also half my lower half and tights gripped onto my legs so tightly, they may as well have been part of my skin.


Heaving, I managed to carry my partner in the wheelbarrow race to the finish line, where loss was awaiting us because my arms were as fragile as a flower and refused to cooperate with the rest of my body. I dropped into a hot mess, gasping and passing out onto the floor, not caring about the piercing glances and muffled giggles that arose from the rest of my class. However, my cherry faced partner seemed to have her pride as her top priority, clearly holding back her thirst and need for air, as she held her ground with her eyes directed towards the teacher.


"All right, now that we're done our warm up, its time to get into the REAL lesson. Go to your assigned teacher and have the attendance done. Kapish?"


Groaning, I trudged over towards Mr. Alison, who was more than happy to see our worn out limbs and soaking wet foreheads.


"Sadistic son of a bitch," I scowled inside. 


After attendance was finished, our agenda for todays class was announced. Apparently it was two-step partner dancing. I was less than pleased. In fact I was panicking. Scenarios of the ambulance arriving to take my poor unsuspecting dance partner due to all the injuries he received from getting stepped on, drifted through my head. Not to mention I was terrible at ballroom small talk and smelt horrible enough to make my mom yell at me to go take a long shower.


The class shuffled into the lines that we were gender assigned; girls stand on the red line while the guys stood on the black. Managing to shove through to a little spot in the overly crowded row of females, I saw my companion that would most likely have to risk at least eight of their toes dancing with me.


By god, was my next victim gorgeous.

He had cute dusty blonde hair slightly gelled up, intense deep blue eyes, and an absolutely adoring smile. Instantly, the insides of my stomach was attacked with bouncy balls coming from every direction. I could practically feel the heat rising up to my cheeks as he put his hand out to dance with me. My palms began to exhaust all my nervousness into sweat. Quickly wiping off my hands on my tights, I placed my hand on his and got into position. 


He was a lot taller than me. Not to mention, much better at small talk than I was, considering he'd made the first move talking to me.


"So do you have a name or should we stay anonymous and keep up the suspense?" He said with a friendly smirk. 


After gaping at his words for a few seconds, I got my sense of reality back and stuttered back my name. He laughed and held my hand a bit tighter when he introduced himself. 


Reese. Even his name suddenly sounded beautiful. I'm sure he probably had some dumb nickname like reese's pieces, but I kept that bit of information hidden away in the more sensible side of me while I giggled a bit. God, theres no doubt I came off looking like some tipsy fool with the amount of times I giggled. Even so he had an actual conversation with someone like me. A complete dunce at anything gym related. A girl who wasn't the most attractive, smart or athletic. I fell into his pool of charms with no hesitancy.


Mr. Alison, now known as the biggest cockblocker, rudely disrupted our conversation and began the lesson. The first step was to walk. So it shouldn't have been that hard. Right?




Just like my assumptions, I kept stepping on Reese's feet at each beat and bumped into every other pair as we kept walking. Nonetheless, he would always lead me back to the proper position and let me try again, never once mocking me or peering at me with a smug face. It was evident he was a better dancer, but he still gave an effort to help me improve and actually had fun while doing it. 


Reese was the Mariam Websters dictionary definition of a prince.


The music changed every five minutes, and whenever it did Reese would do some sort of small jig to match the musics tone. 

In the gym class that I had Reese for, I found myself constantly pulled by his magnetic charm and falling deeper and faster for him. There's no way a guy like him could've existed, or more stayed single. 


What drew me the most to him was his smile. That timeless, adorable, energetic smile. It lit up the room and for once in all the gym classes i've had, he made it enjoyable. 


Sadly the class ended and our dancing immediately came to a halt. Mr. Alison blew his whistle, to my disappointment as usual, and said that the bell had rung and we were free to leave. I would've been gleeful, if I hadn't had such a killer time. Reese bowed to me and said he had a fun time. A fun time. I was amazed I could give someone that. In the brief time we had, I had these ingrown feelings for him that I couldn't push away. Even after his hands left mine, I could feel my fingertips buzzing with heat. 


Of course it was a fleeting romance. When it was time to go to my next class, I caught his hands entwined with another girl, much more prettier than I would ever be. I didn't experience any heartbreak though. Simply knowing Reese had someone who could commit to his happiness like he did to me, made me glow with happiness. Perhaps I still loved him and hadn't realized he was unavailable. Still, I soaked in the bit of cheerfulness I got from it. As they walked away, I picked up my backpack and headed for the door. I had chemistry next.

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