Astral love

March 28, 2018
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As the stars grew brighter as your heart grew darker yet my love never waned even as you seemed  to slip farther and farther away from me into that little room of yours coming out smelling like ash and smoke and death. Your skin black as coal and your heart twice as hard. After you turned its seemed to suck all of the air out of the room time would slow or pass in a moment. Every time you held me I could feel the thrum of power  flowing through your veins. A power that was as intoxicating, as it was threatening. Soon  that was the only thing you cared about it became your god your muse your world it was your everything. It gave you power but that power was addicting and all you seemed to know was your next fix, your next trum of power. Then the nightmares became reality when it left you you became violent you had outbursts of wrath and malice and blood lust. A monster. You became a monster, and I hope you will understand that I am not trying to hurt you. I am trying to save you. So please don’t come looking for me. You will not find me.

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