New York

April 8, 2009
By Anonymous

“Another busy morning; another crowded street; just another normal day in New York,” Pete thought as he walked down the sidewalk. He carried a notebook full of many scribbled on pages in one hand and his iPod filled with all the songs that are meaningful to him in the other. He was on his way to school; photography class to be exact. He loved capturing every aspect of life; freezing a moment in a photograph; making time stand still for just a second; and having that memory forever hanging on a wall. His jade green eyes observed everything around him. He watched people pass him by and wondered who they were; how they lived their life. A woman looking no older than twenty three strutted past him; her walk alone put her off as a model. Her raven black hair swept just inches past her waist and bounced with her movements. Her crystal blue eyes stared straight ahead. Her face held no emotion. Her pale yellow tank top and faded blue jean shorts exposed just enough caramel smooth skin that’d it make any female jealous. He was brought back into reality when he came face to face with a blue bus sign. He shook it off and stepped to the side and continued walking. The calming melody of Dashboard Confessional filled his ears and despite himself, he let his pale pink lips move along with the words silently. He pulled his light weight black hoodie closer to his body as a gust of wind blew, causing his chocolate brown hair to fly in all directions. He shuffled his Converse on the concrete at a faster pace; wanting to get there before he froze.

Norah stepped out of the bright yellow cab after paying the driver and slowly shut the door; amazed by the city. She placed ear buds connected to an orange iPod in her ears as she veered away from the vehicle and began walking down the sidewalk; taking in everything New York had to offer. Her deep blue skirt swayed as she walked; flowing from her waist down to her ankles. She kept her head up high; letting her golden brown eyes dart from one thing to another. She placed her hands in the front pockets of her creamy white hoodie, along with her iPod. She sighed contently and let the upbeat rhythm of Metro Station ring softly in her ears. She watched cars and people go past her at a fast pace and imagined herself in a MTV music video. She pictured Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso breaking it down on top of a lit up skyscraper; screams of “I love you’ and ‘will you marry me?” coming from the ground beneath them where loads of people are jumping around and rocking out to the music flowing through the air. Her smooth rosy lips formed a small smile as she continued to walk in nowhere in particular; wandering through the crowds. Once in a while the wind would blow and cause her wavy crayon red hair to whip around her face; but she was too consumed in her thoughts to mind.

Pete’s fast pace walking was slowed down as he noticed another woman; scratch that, she was no woman; she was a girl. A teenage girl. She looked about his age; 19. Her skirt made him think of her as a vegetarian or a hippie, but then her hoodie made him change his mind. She looked as if she wasn’t paying attention to anything at all. He saw the wires for ear buds coming through her bright red hair. “She must be listening to classical music” he thought. “Hey Pete!” he heard someone yell from across the street. Pete turned his head in the direction from which the sound came from to see one of his casual friends from class. He gave a small wave and a smile and turned back to watch where he was going. At the exact moment he focused on the sidewalk, he crashed into somebody. His iPod fell from his hand, along with his notebook. He got up quickly and muttered, “Watch where you’re going,” under his breath. When he bent down to grab his belongings he noticed exactly who he had run into. He scanned her shocked expression, looked into her golden eyes; he hadn’t noticed those as she was walking towards him. He instantly regretted being so rude to her. He left his things on the ground and held his hand out to her. She graciously accepted his offer, placing her fragile hand in his. Pete gently pulled her to her feet. He would pick up their discarded objects later.
“I’m so sorry; I wasn’t paying good enough attention.” He apologized, handing back her iPod.
“It’s no big deal. I was daydreaming and wasn’t paying much attention, either.” She blushed, and lowered her head. Once Pete heard her voice he realized he was wrong about judging her; she was like a melody you would sing to a small child before bedtime.
“I’m Pete,” he laughed and scratched the back of his head.
“Norah.” She melted when she heard his laugh; it was like music to her ears. They were quiet for a moment.
“So…do you, um…maybe want to grab some breakfast?” Pete said, breaking the brief silence and completely forgetting about his class.
“Sure, that sounds great.” Norah smiled. “I think I’ll enjoy my stay in New York,” she thought.

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on Apr. 14 2009 at 6:56 pm
BellaLuna1 BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
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LOVE IT! i would love to hear more about their dinner trip. lol. wel, this was really good.

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