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Change your mind?

March 20, 2018
By Anonymous

I have a list, a list of reasons. Reasons of what you ask? Reasons why love is dumb. What else would I make a list? For school? How that's a funny joke.

1. It never lasts

2. No one ever finds it in time

3. It's just... dumb and useless

If you have a limited, numbered amount of days on the Earth, then why spend them making other people happy. See what I mean?

Now forget everything I just said, because I lied. Love is different, not for everyone, but a benefit for most. Why? I guess I'll have to make a list.

1. It lasts if you make it, dedication

2. If you never found it, you looked in the wrong places

3. It's only dumb and useless, if you don't use it right

If you have a limited time on the planet, then spend it with someone else, make two people happy while your hear. Make everyone else's numbered days, the best days. See what I mean?

Now look, this is where I finally shut up, but keep these words in mind, "In the end, if you never loved, you never lived"

Love is always there, now find it.

 I don't care if you like girls, boys, neither, or all of the above, there is someone waiting for you to make their life reach it's fullest potential.

You know it. I know it. Know go out there, and find it.

It's there.

Every day.

The author's comments:

Well, I said it, and I mean it.

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