January 25, 2018
By Nadio SILVER, Melbourne, Florida
Nadio SILVER, Melbourne, Florida
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There’s girl, her name was Nadia, she was so kind, her looks was what captured everyone. Her hair was as dark as night, it was about the length of her hips, eyes were a light brown, and color was honey colored. Her face was like a model, full lashes, big lips, and a great smile. She lived with her parents. A few years later Nadia’s mom passed away because she was sick, she had a cancer. Nadia’s dad was super sad and heartbroken and he was really alone so he remarried to a women who tolerates Nadia and she brings home three stepdaughters that all do not like Nadia because she is prettier than they are. But, Nadia was super nice to them because her mom told her to always be kind to others. The dad leaves for ever and comes back every three years to visit his daughter Nadia, while he’s away the new wife and daughters treat Nadia so badly. She could not attend school or eat the same food they eat, they took her room and her clothes and she must work for living. She’s been working at The Jimmy’s Place for one year. She loved her job because everyone was super nice to her, she made new friends and one of the girls her name was Alex, she was her best friend and they always hang out after work but there is her manager Kyle, who in the beginning she hated very much but she still thought he was very attractive, his appearance was Hispanic looking, his eyes was dark brown with long lashes, very tall about 6’3, and he covered in tattoos. One night she had to close with Kyle because her friend Alex was sick so she asked Nadia to cover her but Nadia was forced to talk to him and realized that there were some kind of connection between them and they realize that they could become friends and it would be nice. They continued to talk for a few months and Nadia realize that she fell in love with Kyle. Kyle also had feelings for Nadia, he treated her different from the other workers at Jimmy’s place. It was an amazing couple months for Nadia, she was so happy, before she goes to sleep she thinks about him and when she wakes up he’s the first one on her mind, but one day her step sisters came to the store to make fun of her and they saw Kyle and fell in love as well. The step sisters started to create problems between Nadia and Kyle because they don’t want them to be together . The problem is that the sisters were creating that Nadia already had a boyfriend and that she was just playing with Kyle. Kyle got really upset and started flirting back with the sisters and not talk to Nadia at all and he did not want to fire her because he wanted to show her that he didn’t take the relationship seriously anyway he wants to show her that he was playing too. Kyle started flirting with the sisters in front of her to make her jealous and upset. Nadia was really sad so she went to her best friend Alex and she started crying and saying,

“ Kyle doesn't like me he was just playing with me, Alex why he do that to me whyyy!”
And she started crying really hard and she called out of work that night. One night they close together again because Alex wants them to talk so she asked Nadia to cover her. Nadia was so jealous and heartbroken but she gave him the cold- shoulder but by mistake she messed up the order and Kyle got mad at her and he start yelling at her but he was not mad because she messed up the order he was mad because he thinks she was playing this whole time but Nadia couldn’t keep it anymore and flipped out on Kyle. She started to say,

“Why are you doing this to me I thought you loved me and if you really loved me then why would you do this to my sisters,”  she was crying and talking in the same time.

Kyle got upset and his face turned red because he was really mad and said, “ How could you do this to me, you had a boyfriend this whole time if you really loved me then you wouldn’t have done this to me.”

She proceeded to say,  “You are my first love why would I mess that up”, and she started crying really hard. Kyle said it’s over you played me so he send her home early that night. Nadia took off of work for a week because she was really sick and she doesn't want to see Kyle but her best friend Alex was like ‘no I gotta do something’ so she went to the sisters and she was talking about Kyle and how he thinks they are really pretty so they got really happy and one of the sisters said,

“Great our plan worked, now Kyle hates Nadia!”

So, Alex got really mad at them and she runned to Kyle house and she told him everything and how the sisters lied because they hate Nadia and they don’t want her to be happy at all. Kyle was really mad at himself and he ask Alex to bring Nadia to the park so he can talk to her. Nadia came to the park and she was really tired and her eyes was red when Kyle saw her coming he runned to her and hugged and kissed her to calm her tears and he said,

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to break your heart but I was upset too so I didn’t know what to do”.
Nadia looked at him and hugged him really hard and kissed him back. And that was Nadia’s first kiss. After two weeks, Kyle surprised Nadia with tickets to go to New York to get out of Florida forever. She called her dad to tell him everything that has going on for the past three years and ask for his blessing and of course he would do anything for his little girl. Alex was sad because she won’t see her best friend again but she wants her to be happy so she was like best friend that’s why they did create the phone.  Nadia finally ended up going to school to be a doctor and Kyle became an owner and they lived the happiest life they could with each other.

The author's comments:

Hi my name is Nadia i'm 17 years old i wrote this piece for my class project and the story and the characters is real. I wrote this because i hope peope will get the romance part out of it and if you work hard enough you can get everything you want. Relationships are hard but if you stay and work on it they can be the most fulfilling thing in life 

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