If Only

February 8, 2018
By avarenee BRONZE, Kirkwood, Missouri
avarenee BRONZE, Kirkwood, Missouri
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He was sitting on the other side of the classroom. Hair pushed back, muscles flexed, eyes sparkling. He’s never looked more cute. Watching as he passed her desk and walks out of the classroom to get a drink. If only he noticed her. If only he payed attention to the girl on the other side of classroom. The girl who does everything in her willing power to be noticed, but still appears as invisible.

The next day as she was walking back from lunch she realized she had forgotten her backpack in the cafeteria. She whips herself around and alarmingly crashes into another person and falls on the ground. She looks up and apologizes, only…….it’s him. Their eyes meet and don’t look anywhere else but at each other. The electricity beaming between their eyes, so powerful anyone who touched them would feel a shock.

“Hey,” he says. So shocked by the fact he was actually talking to her caused a mental block in her speech.

“Hi,” she finally says back.

They continue to stare into each others sparkling blue eyes. Just then, the moment was ruined when his friends came running up behind him at full speed, and grabbed him by the arm viciously pulling him away.

“Sorry I have to go,” he shouts as he is pulled away.

His eyes followed her up until the moment he turned the corner and then he was gone. If only, she thought.

That night all she could think about was the way he looked at her. What did this mean? Was this a sign? Has he finally noticed me? She really questioned herself. She decided she would try and talk to him the next day and see what happens.

She’s at school on her way to 3rd period, the class she has with him. Her stomach all of the sudden feels like a million butterflies are flying around it as she walks into class to see him sitting there.

“Hey,” she says as she stands next to his desk.

“Hi,” he responds smiling as he looks up at her.

Bullets shoot through her stomach as he responds to her for the first time in forever.

“Sorry about yesterday,” she apologizes trying to make an excuse to talk to him.

He accepts her apology and just sits there staring into her eyes once again. They stay like this for a good 2 minutes. Both of them looking lost and silent as a mouse, she looks up and sees a poster for the friday night basketball game remembering the basketball game is later that day.

“Hey are you going to the basketball game tonight?”

“If you are.” Her eyes widen so bright, they look like they are about to pop out of her head, so shocked by his response she nods her head and walks over to her seat. She sits down with the biggest smile and think to herself, wow this is really happening, he has finally noticed her.

Later that night, she arrived to the basketball game. She walks into the gym and looks around for him. She searches for almost 10 minutes, nothing. Then her friend suddenly comes up to her,

“Hey what are you doing? You look like a lost dog?”

“I was supposed to meet him here but I’m starting to think this was all a joke and he was just trying to make a fool of me.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure he is just late or something.”

“No, I feel so stupid, there is no way he could ever have liked me. I don’t know why I thought this could happen in the first pace.” She sheds a tear as she turns around and is then startled by the calling of her name. She whips around to find him walking towards her.

“Told you,” her friend whispers as she walks away. She wipes her tears and heads toward him.

“You came,” she said sounding surprised.”

“ Of course I did. I told you I would.”

They buy a popcorn to share and 2 sodas. She’s actually on a date with the man of her dreams.

3 quarters into the game, score is 44-42 them. The star player makes a 3 point shot putting us in the lead. Everyone in the crowd cheers super loud. She turns to look at him and smile. The moment just felt perfect.
They couldn’t stop talking their tongues off for the rest of the night. They learned everything about each other from where they were born to where they want to go to college. They were having real conversations. Before they knew it, it was time to go, but neither one of them wanted to leave each other.

To keep the night from ending, she invited him out for ice cream.

“Where do you want to go?” she asked him when they got in the car?

“I personally love Baskin Robbins, but it’s up to you,” he replied.

“That’s my favorite too,” she exclaimed. They made their way to Baskin Robbins. When they got there they both went up to the counter and ordered their favorites. She got her usual chocolate sundae with peanuts, and he got his usual, vanilla milkshake. Their first real date.

The night was now coming to an end. He offered to drive her home and she accepted the charming offer. They spent the whole car ride jamming out to Sam Hunt. It was the best car ride of her life. As the brakes halt to a stop, she realizes she is home.

“Goodbye,” she says.

“Goodbye,” he says.

Suddenly the most cliche scene of her life began to happen. He closed his eyes, puckered up his lips, and started to lean in, and then….

She wakes up. She’s still sitting in her class room across the room from the man of her dreams. He still hasn’t noticed her, still hasn’t said a word. It was just a dream. If only she thought.

The author's comments:

I always love reading romance fiction stories so I figured why not do one of my own and I hope people will enjoy reading my own romance story and maybe be inspired by it

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