The All Knowing Taxi

February 11, 2018
By kelseya BRONZE, Mabank Tx, Texas
kelseya BRONZE, Mabank Tx, Texas
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Have you heard of the taxi that takes you where you should go and not where you want to go? It only comes out one night a year, well it is only seen one night a year. Some say they see it in the woods when they are hiking or hunting. When they see it there is never anyone in it and it is in the trees. Where it could not possible get through the trees kinda like the trees grow up around it.
“Oh be quiet, you’re just trying to scare me Shane.” I say.
“No Ashley, I am not its true, and the taxi is supposed to come out tonight.” Shane says.
“Just the night I am taking a taxi home a coincidence I think not Shane. I’m not falling for it just give it up.” I say rolling my eyes.
Alright Ashley, whatever you say just remember I warned you.” he says.
I roll my eyes and we continue with the night we watch a movie, and eat popcorn. The movie ends and I get up and check my phone. I see a text from my mom saying  “It’s time to come home I can’t come get you. Take a taxi I will pay you back when you get home. Love you see you soon.
I listen and get my stuff together I tell Shane I have to go home. We say our goodbyes and I walked out of his apartment and to the first floor outside.
There is know taxis to wave down then suddenly turning a corner. It is an older taxi I have never seen a taxi like it before. I wave it down without thinking about what shane told me about the weird taxi.
The car comes to a quick stop I open the door, and get in. “ 123 Sandy Avenu please.” I say to the figure in the drivers sit. They noting I see them reach over and push buttons on the dash, and the car starts rumbling. Suddenly lifting off the ground and taking off into the sky.
“What’s going on let me out of here now stop the taxi, plane whatever this is let me out!” I plead.
There is know response to what I am saying the car starts spinning in the air as we enter another time period.
It’s the future.. I think “where are we?” I say not so freaked out anymore.
“We are in the future and I have a mission for you Ashley. I need you to become friends with Shane again. If you don’t Shane will never be the same Shane as before.” a deep voice says.

“ What do you mean, be friends again he is my best friend he has been since we were in 1st grade. I would never leave him, he he has been there all my life how did this happen?” I stutter I feel my throat burning.
“Well Ashley, I will just show you…” the voice says.
He pushes a button on the dash and a screen pulls up its a video of us.. He was confessing his love to me. I just laughed in his face and told him he has to be joking.
I see you like a brother nothing more than that simple.
It skips to later that night of a video of him crying himself to sleep. He did not look very happy about my reaction. 
“Stop, the video I can’t watch him in pain anymore, I can’t stand the fact I did that to him.” I yell in tears.
He stops the video and and turns around “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause you pain. Although you do need to know what happened so you can prevent his pain.” he says to me in a genuine way.
“I need you to go fix yalls friendship we are here the very same day of this video. You will go to his apartment when he calls you to come over and hang out. When he tells you how he feels you will use this. He hands me a medal looking pole with a button. He tells me its a device that will clear his mind of ever having feeling for you. This way neither on of you get hurt in the process. Now Ashley, go fix you and Shane’s friendship.” He tells me.
I get out of the car grabbing my bag, phone,wallet,and the weird little gadget he gave me to use.i start walking down the street Shane’s apartment building is on. It looks different compared to earlier that day or 2 years ago I guess you could say. My phone rings and it is a call from Shane I answer it.
“ Hey can you come over I want to talk to you about something?” his voice rings over the phone.
Ugh my stomach flips “ Oh uh yeah I am on my way right now.” I say with a fake happy voice.
We talk for a minute, and I tell him I am almost there and hang up the phone.
I start walking the apartment steps they seem like they have gotten stepper and longer. Gosh why am I dredening this so much? If I don’t do this I will lose a really close friend that is like a bother I never got.  I get to his door out of break after walking what seemed to be 10 flights of stairs, but was only 3.
I knock on his door he opens the door welcoming me in.
“ Hey Ashley how are you?” he says as I walk past him in the doorway.
“Good I guess, so what did you want to talk about?” I ask trying to act like I don’t know what is going on.
“ Well, I wanted to talk about our relationship.” he tells me .
My stomach rolls around “ What about it do you not want to be friends anymore?” I ask him.
He looks at me confused and opens his mouth and says” Know I want to be more than friends Ashley. You have been here for me all the time and never gave up on me through my dumb mistakes.” I-I like you Ashley, I have since the time we went out to the movies as friends. When I picked you up and carried you all the way home looking into your eyes. In that moment I realized I am in love with you.”
My Heart beats fast I look up at him tears in Shanes  eyes it makes me feel guilty for what I am about to do. Even though I have not done it yet, I reach into my bag my hand is on the zapper. I can’t seem to get  myself to us it on him though. Something comes over me all I can do is hug him. I think to myself while I am in his arms I guess I really do like him!
I pull away from his arms and look him in the eyes, and said “Shane, I feel the same way about you!” Tears of joy in both of our eyes we hug. Suddenly, I am in my bed at home I hear my alarm clock ringing, I rollover turning it off. I pick up my phone, look at the date I am back, and there is a text from Shane...

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