Blue Eyed Babe

February 14, 2018
By Angel_face247 BRONZE, Muncie.IN, Indiana
Angel_face247 BRONZE, Muncie.IN, Indiana
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clown mask

Chapter 1: scary

It was as she was waiting for Jerry to pick up that Nina noticed something curious happening across the atrium a tall man in a long black trench coat had come striding down the concord ,with decided purpose toward the bank, the gates of which Rick hadn’t fully pulled down.Something was wrong with his face.At first Nina couldn’t figure out what it was.Then,a second later,she figured out what it was. A terrible grinning clown mask. It was as she realized that this tall man ducked beneath the half lowered gate in front of the Eastport Bank.When Rick the security guard ,stepped forward to say something when the man pulled a gun on him and told him to lay on the ground.’’Oh” Nina cried, a physical shock seemed to jolt through her, not unlike the time she accidentally stuck her finger in the power outlet  ,while plugging in a toaster.”Oh my god” said Nina.”This is Jerry”,Jerry said, answering the phone she still had pressed to her ear.”Oh my god Jerry”,Nina said into the phone.”He has a gun’’,”your just joking Nina so get off the phone”,”No I’m not “he hung the phone up on her she threw it down in frustration.That was when she saw the fire alarm she grabbed it and pulled it.The alarm was blaring through the mall.”I have to go”,Nina said,”I have to get the people to go the other way”.People were flocking to that exit unaware of the danger. Then Nina motioned to go the other way thankfully that worked they went to another exit.Then it was like a band of iron wound around her throat,and the person who had her in that grip said with a rough voice,”were you the one that pulled that alarm’’, Nina nodded”,you don’t want me as a hostage I’m a terrible hostage”,and he said”,oh is that so would you rather I take your freind there behind the counter” .He pulled her along to the exit and forced her to get into the dark blue car that was outside.There was a young police officer that was outside,”put your hands above your head and put the girl down”,the officer said.He looked really young like he just got out of the academy.The guy who had me said,”you let me get into the car with this girl or her brains will be splattered all aon this wall”,and the officer let him get into the car with me.By then I could hear the police sirens.Then we intercepted on route 137 I was scared then I heard a sound.It was a motorcycle.The guy with clown mask said,”who is this guy he’s riding my a**”,” you’ve never heard of the Night Rider wears a mask saves people sometimes rides a motorcycle”,said Nina,”the who”the clown masked man said.”take the wheel I’m gonna shoot this a**hole”,and he ripped off his mask as he took out his gun and was about to shoot so Nina turned the wheel sharply to the right to aim for the trees.He turned around in his seat and said,”hey stop that”,he grabbed the wheel and tried to get Nina’s hands off it and when she wouldn’t let go she jerked it again really hard and he hit me in my face with his gun.Nina saw stars then they crashed into a tree and I blacked out My vision kept coming into focus when it did I saw a pair of icy blue eyes.I felt myself being carried then laid down very gently.Then I    blacked out again when I came to whoever he was he told me to stay laying down I didn’t listen I ignored the pain in my head tried to stand up I almost fell over but he caught me just in time.He had a black mask on he said my name,” Nina Nina are you okay”,” no I’m not okay”,said Nina. She tried to get up but she saw dots in her eyes,and then he laughed like something was funny. Then I remembered his voice he was the rich kid at school what was his name oh yeah Jonah.His parents just died.Then the next thing I know he kissed me and it felt like many snakes were in the pit my stomach It felt nice.I reached up and weaved my fingers through his hair it was soft.

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i love this

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