The Start of Something New

February 15, 2018
By MegWilliams BRONZE, Gardena, California
MegWilliams BRONZE, Gardena, California
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My life began in the hands of my creator when she unwrapped me from the package.  It all started when I was awoken from my sleep to a bright light and a pair hands picked me up. As soon as I am fully awaken I look around to see that I am in a room full of tables and chairs with all kinds of people who were holding others that looked like me. Before I could look at my surroundings any more my creator started to  enclosed me between her hands and started to shape in a way that I did not understand. I could feel her rolling me into a ball for a while before she sudden stops and sits me down.
While I am sitting there I see her pick up a second package that looks like the same one I came out of. My creator then pulled out a pretty red girl. My creator held her for awhile before she started to form her the same way she form me. As my creator stopped forming the pretty red girl and set her down next to me. When she stopped to think of what to do next I turned to the girl and started a conversation with her.
“Hey, what’s your name?” I asked
“My name is Camille, what’s your’s?” She asked
“My name is Clay” I said
“That’s a nice name, what do you think our creator is going to do to us?” Camille asked
Before I could answer our creator came back and picked both of us up and next thing we know is she started to combine us together. I have never been close to a girl like this before.
“ I have to admit that I have never been this close to a girl before” I said
“It’s okay I never been this close to a boy before.” Camille said
As Camille and Clayton creator forced them to become one they noticed how they were started to turn into a different color. That color was purple.
“My favorite color is purple.” Camille said
“Me too” Clayton said
The more their creator rolled them and their color changed, the more they started to fall for eachother. Suddenly their creator stopped and they both looked down to see they were mostly one, but still had specks of individuality to them.
“I have never seen anything so beautiful before” Clayton said
“I know, it like we were the perfect match” said Camille
Before the both of them notice their creator stuck her thumb into them and made a giant hole. She started pinching at them, expanding them, and extending them. They were afraid of what was going to happen to them so they closed their eyes. After what seemed like forever she finally stopped rearranging them. The both of them opened their eyes to see that they were in the shape of a pot. They did not even care about their shape anymore because they were so in love, with the exception of a few cracks but what relationship is perfect.
Thanks to our creator she gave us meaning with all the little things she added to us. There is two yellow strings in the center of us which shows how much they are connected. The white circles signify the pureness of their relationship. Lastly the 14 dots shows the new additions to their love story.  If it was not for their creator introducing them together they would have never met and to Clayton that was a scary thing because he could no longer picture his life without Camille.

The author's comments:

It was a creative Writing Assignment that I did in class the involved creating something out of clay. 

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