Stacy Waterflower

February 14, 2018
By austin_kephart BRONZE, Rushville, New York
austin_kephart BRONZE, Rushville, New York
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It was a bright and sunny day at Onanda State Park when they arrived, thinking they were in for a day of fun and relaxation. Little did they know the day would end in grieving.  For what had seemed like an eternity, a young bride and groom had been planning their wedding alongside many bridesmaids, the finest pastor they could find, and a flower boy.  As the soon to be wed couple walked through the park entrance together, they knew that day would be one to remember.  It certainly would be, but their story began much earlier.

2 Months Earlier

It was just another day.  A young boy, dreaming of love, approached his favorite room in the school: the band room.  As he opened the doors, he was greeted by the band director who gave him a stack of magazines.  The love-yearning youth thought very little about this gift, but little did he know the stack of paper would hold his one true love.  As he looked at the magazines, a smile slowly crept up his face.  He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but this defied all odds.  He had never felt such passion, such a feeling of affection before towards anyone.  At first, the two were friends, but they got closer as the days past.  Many were envious of the bond that had quickly developed between them, but the duo simply ignored their taunting.  As far as they were concerned, it was just teasing, empty threats.  But the boy was beginning to get antsy, worrying she would be taken by another before he had the chance to claim her as his own.  So he invited her to watch a movie together, hoping she’d see something in him perhaps he didn’t even see in himself.  Surprisingly, it was successful and they began officially going out, a rather odd thing for the young adolescent. Their relationship went swimmingly for many months, and eventually, the boy proposed at the same place they met, the fated band room.  She instantly said yes, and the wedding was to be planned.
They waited, and waited, and waited for their day of union to come.  As the weeks passed they became more and more anxious as finalizations were made.  They decided upon three bridesmaids, a pastor, and a flower boy to be in the wedding party.  Two security guards were also hired; however, the groom was concerned about their reliability so they were let go.  The young couple had nothing but affection for each other, and their wedding party worked to make sure nothing would interfere with their big day.  On the morning of the wedding, they rode a bright yellow limousine, stocked with complimentary chewed gum and hooligans aboard.  They were seated and on their way to Onanda.  And soon, they arrived.
The bride and groom were having the day of their lives, walking across the sandy, white beaches and enjoying a picnic under the swaying trees.  They were convinced nothing could ruin this perfect day, but in the shadows, there were four individuals waiting in the brush hoping to literally tear their love apart.  As our couple was walking to their next destination, the bride was nearly snatched by a group of four misfits.  They again attempted to tear her from her lover mere minutes later, but both times they were stopped by the bridesmaids.  It was saddening to the groom, who asked for nothing more than a peaceful day with his bride-to-be.
But one bridesmaid followed the killers back to where they had set up a “base.”  It turned out they had legitimate motivations for their attempted murder.  The leader of their newly formed group was extremely envious of a member of the wedding party.  Not the groom, however, as she despised him.  She instead had feelings for the flower boy, a man’s man in her opinion.  Despite the young boy’s rather feminine place in the wedding party, she still wanted him for herself.  She had been growing closer to him for many months but the wedding planning was taking him away from her.  On the very day that malicious boy had proposed, she vowed to kill the one keeping her from her love.
Sadly the bridesmaid never got to deliver this important news, as the bride was kidnapped again as she and groom laid to watch the clouds drift peacefully.  They grabbed his love and ran off to brutally torture her.  The wedding party immediately started running after them, with the distraught groom leading the pack. All he wanted was to be peacefully wed to the love of his life.  Thanks to the groom’s dedication, the injured girl was reacquired by the wedding party, but she looked utterly torn apart.  Fortunately, their pastor was a jack of many trades and had dabbled in the surgical field.  First, she went to work on the tattered girl’s arms and legs.  She was successful, so they began to mend her torso and face.  The groom and bridesmaids were certain the misfits was done with their attempts to end their fated relationship, as they had nearly killed her.  Two of the murderers were the fired security guards, further justifying the groom’s instinct.  He was certain they would allow him and his tattered fiance to be wed.
As the minutes ticked by, the bride slipped into a coma when the replacement of her body began.  The wedding party hadn’t seen the group of murderers since their last attack, so they let the groom hold her.  She was still in a coma, but luckily stable enough to be handled. 
Lurking in the shadows was a spy from the other side who had witnessed the whole surgery thus far.  He was shocked at how committed the groom was to her, he had never seen such a bond develop between anyone their age.  He started second-guessing himself, wondering if he was really making the right choice by ending these two’s seemingly blossoming relationship.  But he never had the chance to tell the others.  He was found by two bridesmaids, who questioned him and didn’t believe he had finally seen the spark they all did.  He was stuck in their clutches, helpless and defenseless.
The group of hooligans somehow discovered one of their own was captured, so they sent another to retrieve the girl.  They succeeded, and the boy fell to his knees.  His one love, gone.  They tried to find her for many hours, but they never could.  To this day, the groom grieves his lost love, and legend has it she was tossed into the lake after being beaten unconscious.  The whole story is unknown to most, except for eyewitness accounts.  The bride meant everything to the groom, Stacy Waterflower will be missed.  It’s hard to believe people could hold such a grudge towards the cover photo of a magazine.

The author's comments:

The next Twilight, the tragic love story between a young bride and groom.  A story of romance, hatred, and broken hearts, Stacy Waterflower will be a story to remember.

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