maybe love

February 3, 2018

and maybe love isn’t as simple as seeing his abs at 2am in the morning, maybe love isn’t as simple as holding his hand or playing with her hair. maybe love is something that we need to feel with our souls instead of with our bodies. maybe love is the ability to simply love someone without feeling their body pressed against yours. maybe love is the ability to be the sleepiest person in the world and yet stay awake to ease his mind. maybe love is the ability to be the laziest person in the world and yet run 5 kilometres just to see her smile. maybe love isn’t a person, maybe love is the feeling they bring.

but to me? love is the feeling of his arms around me. love is the smile on his face and the sound of his laugh. love is the sense of home I feel when I see him waiting for me in the mornings, love is the colour of his eyes, love is the curve of his small lips, love is the hardness of his broad shoulders,love is found in his eyes, in his lips, in his warm chest. but love is also his patience when times are hard, love is also his ability to make jokes and forgive me when I’m irrational, love is calling him my brother because I love him unconditionally, love is holding his hand in crowded rooms so I don’t loose him, love is seeing him in between classes, love is running up to him, love is dropping everything just to be there for him, love is the first text, love is the feeling he brings. love is him. love is what he gives me every day. love is what makes him handsome. love is what keeps me going back to him. love is the feeling that comes to me when I see his face in a crowded room. love is the butterflies I feel when his arms wrap around my waist. love is the smile that appears on my face when I catch a glimpse of his face. love is this undying feeling which wants him beside me constantly.

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