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Chapter 1: khbdscbkack

                                                       The little mermaid with a twist
     Once upon a time in two different kingdoms lived two beautiful and kind princesses. Both girls were cursed in their own ways. One little girl was cursed to live under the sea for the rest of their lives, and the other girl was supposed to fall asleep at the age of fifteen forever. The girls fate changes because of one prince.
     The little girl cursed under the water is named Arielle. She has a tail instead of legs and was more curious for her own good. She was the youngest of five sisters, and her sisters cherished Arielle since she was born. Arriels always wanted to see what is was like above the sea, but couldn't until her fifteenth birthday. She would listen to her older sisters about the land over the sea and it would only throw oil onto her flames of curiosity.
     The other cursed little girl was named Aurora. Aurora was very lonely because her father and mother never wanted to see her, and all the maids and butlers were told never to speak to the girl. Aurora felt lonely even in a room full of people. Its felt like she was already asleep.
     It was know both the girls birthdays. Both were very excited for the occasion. Arielle was exploring the land above the sea all day. She saw the beaches, the people, and most importantly the prince. Arielle spied on the prince and saved him from drowning. She fell in love with the prince. As Arielle was snuggling up to the prince Aurora was already asleep after pricking her finger on the spindle. Aurora was the abandoned princes that her father and mother left to go start a new life.
     Months had passed for each of the girls and Arielle was planning to get legs. Arielle went into her father's catacombs and found a sea witch deep within them. Arielle asks the witch “ can you give me legs, so I can be with the prince”. The sea witch responds to Arielle “ I can give you legs, but it will come with a cost. You must cut out your tongue and make the prince fall in love with you in six months”. Arielle thought this would be an easy task and gave the sea witch her tongue.
     When Ariel got on shore with her new legs she threw herself at the prince who took her in because she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The prince kept Arielle as his mistress, but never dared to make her his bride because he only looked at Arielle with lust in his eyes. Arielle was only a plaything to the prince because in his mind she was mentally impaired. Arielle couldn't speak and didn't know how to use basic human things.
     After a month of the prince and Arielle hooking up the prince left to go on a hunt with his father. During the hunt the prince found an abandoned castle and searched it. During his search he found Aurora sleeping there, so he decided to kiss her. Aurora woke up from the kiss and thanked the prince for saving her. During the time of the hunt Aurora and the prince spent all their time together, and fell in love with each other internally and externally.
     The prince was going back to the palace with his beloved Aurora. Arielle was waiting patiently for the prince, but was in for a surprise when a beautiful girl stepped out of the carriage with him. Arielle made a gesture toward the girl and the prince announced her as his future bride, queen, and Aurora.
     Aurora and the prince spent all their time together exploring each other and the castle. Aurora loved the prince, but was skeptical about the girl that he called Arielle. Everytime Arielle looked at her beloved it was with love, but when Arielle's stare turned to her it was a look of envy.
     Months had past in the castle and Arielle was running out of time. She walked around the castle only at night, so she wouldn't get any pity stares from the maids. Arielle still loved the prince, but hated him for throwing her out like trash. She was jealous of Aurora, but couldn't hate her. Aurora was very generous towards Arielle and often tried to talk to Arielle. Arielle decided if she didn't get the prince Aurora should be the only one to have him.
     Today was the day Aurora and the prince were getting married. Arielle was getting ready for the wedding when she heard someone calling her name from below. “ Arielle, Arielle” Arielle looked out into the water to see her sister. “Oh sister I should have never left. This man has played with my heart, and now I must pay the price. I will turn to sea foam at sunset. Please tell everyone I will miss them dearly” Arielle says to her sister. “ I can save you Arielle, but you must follow these instructions carefully. You must kill the price with this dagger at sunset, and you will be set free” Ariel's sister tells her, then swims away.
     Arielle is left with the dagger and doesn't know what to do. Ariella decides that she will kill the prince for her own freedom. Arielle is sitting in the front row of the church as Aurora and the prince say their vows to each other. Arielle gets up and starts walking toward the prince, but stops and throws the dagger overboard. Arielle couldn't kill her first love and hurt Aurora. Arielle then dived into the sea and was never seen again, but was heard in the wind. She was made into the daughter of the wind for her sacrifices.

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