Feelings in Miami

February 7, 2018
By gracie329 BRONZE, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
gracie329 BRONZE, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
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"True love is to love fully and never let go. No matter how hard it gets"

Emma is in love with Mason. Sophia and Ethan wanna help her get the guy of her dreams but the guy of her dreams might be closer than she actually realizes.

Chapter 1: Chapter

It's 6:30 a.m. and I’ve finally gotten myself out of bed and started getting ready for school. I brush my hair, teeth, get clothes on eat breakfast and head to the bus. Samething everyday. It’s not that bad until I actually get to school then things get crazy. There’s drama everywhere, couples making out, people fighting. It's just a mess. I’m Emma. I moved here to Miami from all the way over in Pennsylvania. It was a big change to adjust to but I did it over the summer so it wasn’t that bad. I’ve already made new friends and I seem to be well liked by a lot of people except Abigail. We haven’t really gotten along since I moved to this school. I feel like she’s been jealous of me since I’ve gotten here… also since I kinda have a thing for her boyfriend Mason. I mean he has the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when the light hits them, the softest brown hair. His hair is not too long but it touches his eyebrows which is perfect. He makes my heart melt into a puddle. He’s the sweetest guy I’ve met since I’ve been here. But anytime I get near him she always comes up behind me then hangs herself all over him like a scarf. It seems like she has to have one hand on him at all times. But anyways my bus comes at 7:20 a.m. and I wait outside Sophia’s house so we can walk to the bus stop together. I live at the top of the hill in the big grey house. Sophia lives at the bottom of the hill right at our stop. She always takes forever to get ready. She seriously has some issues but I love her and if she’s late I’m gonna be late.
“Sophia are you gonna come out or not? We don't have long till the bus gets here,”
“Just come up to my room. I’m still getting ready,” Sophia yells from out her window. I go and knock on her door to see her mom in her long blue robe with her curlers in that make her look like she has three rows of huge holes in her head.
“Sophia is upstairs in her room getting ready,” said Mrs. Lee.
“I know she told me to come up from out her window.”
“Well don’t be late cause both of you girls can’t take another tardy on your records so make it quick then head to the bus,” said Mrs. Lee.
I ran upstairs to keep any further conversation with her mom from happening.
“Bonjour Emma!” said Sophia from behind her door.
“Bonjour Sophia!” We always talk like this since we both are in French II. Except she needs more practice than I do.
“Es-tu prêt Sophia?” And of course she has no clue what I mean.
“I have no clue what you just said but get in here and look what I found!” said Sophia.
“Okay but make it quick cause your mom said we can’t be late anymore.”
“Just get in here!” said Sophia.
I go in to find her sitting in front of her bed still in her pajamas. So I knew we were going to be late and I needed to get her ready while she tells me her news. I grab some clothes and hand them to her before she starts going on and on.
“Can I get dressed after I tell you my news?” said Sophia.
“Come on just put them on while you tell me so we aren’t late.”
“Fine,” she starts putting her clothes on, “ So I was talking to Ethan and he said that Abigail and Mason broke up yesterday cause he saw her kissing some other guy. They broke up on the spot! Now you finally have a chance with him!” said Sophia....... In the process of writing more but need feedback to let me know if I should continue. Thanks

The author's comments:

If anybody has any tips on how I can fix this or any character names it would be greatly appriciated that you comment them.

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