My life,My boyfriend, and My secret

February 5, 2018
By Cheetah_beat SILVER, Sanford, Florida
Cheetah_beat SILVER, Sanford, Florida
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“How could you do this to me!”
“Listen please!”
“NO! I’m leaving!”
Pause! I probably know what your thinking. You're probably wondering what is going on! Well first, my name is Rosalina. I’m the one that is yelling for the other person to listen. The one that is leaving is my boyfriend, Seth. We were in mad love and he pro- Sorry, i’m going to far ahead. Let me start at the beginning and don’t worry it won’t be long. The beginning was only a few days ago. I know so long ago. Anyway flashback time!
I woke up to yelling coming from down stairs.
“ROSALINA!! GET DOWN HERE!!” My mom yelled
“UGH! FINE!” I yelled back
I got up from my bed still half asleep. I walked downstairs tripping on my own feet because that is the clutz I am. When I got down there, my mom’s tail was going everywhere -Yes, she is a werewolf-.
“What is up?” I asked trying to keep my voice from cracking
“You got accepted!!” She yelled with joy
“What do you mean?”
“You got accepted to Harvard!!”
“I know! I’m so h-”
“Why did you sign me up for Harvard!”
“You need to go to a good college!”
“I don’t care! I wanted to go to UCF!”
I stormed off to my room, not listening to my mom’s yells to hear her out. I closed my bedroom door and got changed. I couldn’t believe she did that! I left my room and went downstairs to see my mom on the couch waiting for me to say something. I just went outside and hopped into my car. I drove to my boyfriends house and waited for someone to answer the door. When he did I jumped in his arms and cried. He picked me up and took me to his room. He sat me on the bed and hugged me.
“What is wrong?” He asked with a concerned voice
“I…I…I’m…g…going……H...Harvard…” I said through hics
“So why are you crying?”
“We can still talk to each other…..”
“How about we go out tonight!”
“Just a treat ok?”
I got up and hugged him goodbye. I wonder where we will be going. Before I left he told me to dress nice for our date. I drove to my best friend’s house, Tulip. I told her the same thing but instead of me crying she was the one crying.
“Y...YOU…C..CAN’T...G..GO!!” Tulip yelled
“I probably will….It is a good school and my mom is willing to pay for some of the things.”
“But you want to go to UCF. Don’t change your plans for me.”
“Without you I wouldn’t go to UCF! I wanted to go because you wanted to go!”
“Just wait until I tell you if i’m going or not.”
I left her house pretty late. I drove home and quickly took a shower, got dressed and did my makeup. Around nine, Seth came and picked me up. I said bye to my mom and left with him. He had his windows down like usual, but tonight was different. The cool air was nicer than usual. I would be complaining it was to cold but I wasn’t. I looked at Seth he was watching the road intently. Which is not normal, he usually drives without a care in the world.
“Is something wrong baby?” I ask Seth
“Y-Yeah everything is fine….we are nearly there…”
“Where is there?”
“You will see.”
I wait a bit, then I see this fancy restaurant. We go into the parking lot for it and he helps me out of the car.
“Is this where we are eating!?” I ask
“This is a special occasion.”
I don’t think that me moving to another state is that special but, whatever. We go inside and the waiter shows us our table. We sit down order drinks and food. After we are done, Seth gets up and walks over to me. I watch him and see that he slowly get down on one knee. Is he… NO!..... HE IS! Seth digs into his pocket and pulls out a small black velvet box.
“Rosalina, I don’t know what I would do without you in my life! I love you and...well..would you marry me?”
“Y-Yes….” i said slowly
He puts the ring on my finger and hugs me. Is this right? I mean… Is it really? We leave and he drops me off at my house. A few days pass and of course we told our friends. Some were happy, others weren’t.
I was in my room drinking from one of my blood bags that I hide away. Is it right for a human to marry a….vampire? Yes, I’m a vampire….but that doesn’t mean that I’m bad….Right? I than hear the door open, expecting to see my mom. So I turn my head and see Seth standing in the doorway. I look at him and see the horror in his eyes. I get up and was going to say something but the words got stuck in my throat.
“WHAT IS THAT!” Seth yelled
“......” I couldn’t speak
“Your drinking blood! What the heck!”
“I-I can explain!”
“Please do!”
“Let’s go outside…”
We walk downstairs and see my mom on the couch. Her deep dark brown eyes were full of sorrow and tension. My eyes probably full of misery and uneasiness. We walk out of the door and stand on the healthy green grass. The wind rushes past us, as we stand there in silence.
“I-I’m a vampire…..”
“For how long…..”
“Since, I was born…….”
“How long were you planning to keep this from me….”
“As long as possible…”
“I just didn’t know if I could trust you…”
“How could you do this to me!”
“Listen please!”
“NO! I’m leaving!”
“I’m done listening! I’m leaving you!”
I froze up by those words. Would he really leave me? He started walking towards his car. He really would leave me! I run to him and grab ahold of his jacket’s sleeve.
“Stop! Please Seth! I’m sorry! I won’t keep any secrets from you for now on!” I yell
“LET GO OFF ME!” He says as he pushes me on the ground, “Don’t call me! Come near me! Text me! NOTHING! You are nothing to me B****”
Did he really say that to me. I’m nothing to him now. I’m just another girl that he sees...or I’m just invisible to him now!?
He hopes into his car and rolls down the window. He then proceeds to stick the middle finger up, and throws the ring at me. After that, he drives off.
I get up and walk into my house. I held in the tears that I wanted to shed, but couldn’t. My mom sees me and hugs me.
“It is ok sweetie…” She said to me in a soothing, calm voice
“.......” I couldn’t talk
“I will go ask if Tulip can sleepover.”
She walks off into the kitchen and calls Tulip’s mom and tells her everything and ask if Tulip can sleep over. After an hour or so, Tulip arrived at my house and quickly hugs me. I just started to cry. I cried the tears I held in since he left. I explained what happened and stuff because,her mom didn't tell her much.
“That is RIDICULOUS!!” Tulip yelled in protest
“Yeah….but I should of told him sooner!”
“But..maybe if I told him he would have stayed!”
“I know but, I could have done something to ch-”
“You should go to Harvard and forget all about Seth!”
“It will be healthy for you and it is a good school!”
“Yeah…. You know what! I will go!”
“YAY! I also got accepted so we'll go together!”
Weeks past and finally it is graduation. We go get our diplomas and get ready for the after party.
“You ready Rosalina?” Tulip asked
“Not really….but… this will be the last time I see him….so I should be fine…” I said back
We walk in and see everyone laughing and dancing. We then look over and see Seth...with another girl. I can’t believe that he is with another girl already! Is he coming over to us?! No! I feel someone grab my arm and begin to dragged me toward him. I look to see Tulip is the one pulling me. I try to get loose but her grip is to strong. We are getting closer to him! NO! We reach him and we just stand in front of him.
“Hello there, I would like you two to meet my g-”
The next thing I see is Seth fall to the ground. I look over and realize Tulip punched him, in the face. She grabs me again and runs us out of there. I stared at her in awe of what she did. I just hear her laughing about what happened. I started to laugh with her. We then stopped and I looked at her wondering why we stopped. She turned to me with a smile and tears. I jumped a bit when I saw her crying.
“Roeslina…..I love you….” She said with tears in her eyes
I blanked out. My best in love with me. I feel my heart racing. I have never felt this before…. Is this love? I think so…
“I-I love you too Tulip…” I said with a smile
She hugged me and we both cried. We went home and told my mom. She knew all along that we had secret feelings for each other.
Years have passed, we graduated college and got married. We even adopted two kids. Lily and Steven are pure angels and are amazing students. Lily is a blonde little girl and a model student. Steven is a good kid but likes to cause trouble sometimes. Today is actually a special day, it is our high school reunion. We asked Tulip’s sister to watch the kids. When we got to the school we saw all our friends and classmates. A lot of them were doing well some were parents others were by themselves. Others were not in the best shape. I went to the food stand to get something to eat and drink. I felt someone tap my shoulder and when I turned around that is when I saw him. Seth was standing right in front of me with a wide grin slapped on his face.
“Hello, Rosalina.” He said with joy in his voice
“H-Hello Seth…” I said with worry in my voice
“How has life been?”
“Ok…And you?”
“Great actually! I got married and have a handsome son!”
“What do you do as a job?”
“I’m a teacher!”
“That is a surprise…”
“How about you?”
“I’m a lawyer…”
“I’m guessing you're single still?”
“You still have no one to love! I’m glad I left you!”
I was going to walk away when I was pulled into a passionate kiss.
“She is married to me a**hole!” Tulip said with confidence
“W-What?” Seth said blankly
“And we have two beautiful children and are happy together! SO if you will excuse us.” She said pulling me away
I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at me and enjoyed ourselves the rest of the time. We went home afterwards and enjoyed the rest of our evening.
Yep, that is my life, that was my secret and that was my boyfriend.

The author's comments:

I want people to enjoy and/or connect to this piece. Also, for people to get a laugh or be able to get attached to these characters.

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wow im so proud of you.

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