The Warmth in the Cold

January 25, 2018
By EvanPetroni BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
EvanPetroni BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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There once was a boy made out of ice. However, he was never cold. He always felt warmth within him, as if there was a little flame burning within him, beneath all the ice. He was walking outside of his igloo one day- because a boy of ice has to live in the cold to survive- and noticed a bright figure shining in the distance. As it got closer, he saw a girl made out of fire. The boy of ice was shocked at just how beautiful the girl was, and wanted to talk to her. He walked up to her, and asked if she knew what elephants are good for. The girl, of course, confused had no idea, to which the boy of ice replied “They’re good for breaking the ice” and the girl laughed, a beautiful sound, her fiery laugh was to the ice boy’s ears. As time passed, the boy of ice and the girl of fire began to develop a strong bond that many would describe as love, and they were both happier than they had ever been in their entire lives. Nothing and no one could compare to the love they felt for each other. The flame inside the iceboy was still there, and he felt a different kind of warmth compared to the one he’d grown accustomed to. And a year after the boy of ice and the girl of fire met, he kissed her when the sun was going down over the horizon, and it was the most magical thing he’d ever felt. He was in love. But the usual flame that the iceboy had felt began to grow brighter, hotter, and larger. The iceboy looked down, and saw that he was melting. The very flame within him, along with his love, was consuming him, transforming him. The girl of fire had no idea what to do, and feeling responsible for causing the boy so much pain, she left him. She left the boy alone, confused and scared, in the darkness of that cold night, that the boy of ice could not feel anymore. The boy of ice could not feel anything. He was not of ice anymore, the fire had sought to that. He was of the air, floating away with no control of where he was going. He was trapped, and all because of that girl on fire that lit up his world, but caused him so much pain. As time passed, the anger he had for the girl grew, but he never stopped loving her, even after seeing her with a boy made of clouds, or the boy made of mud. The former boy of ice never could let her go. He realized that he was glad the girl had quenched his inner flame, even for a second, before that same flame destroyed him. The boy soon drifted away from his igloo when the summer winds blew, and ended up at the other side of the world, colder than his home, so cold, it could freeze air. With time, the boy became the boy of ice again, but he was so so cold. He had no inner flame to provide him warmth, and he thought of the girl of fire, the love of his life, and began to feel a familiar warmth. He opened his eyes to see if his flame had rekindled within him, but nothing had happened, but the warmth was still there. Then he realized it wasn’t the warmth of his inner flame. He turned around to see the girl of ember, of his desire and the one who plagued his thoughts for so long. She wore a smile, but her eyes were a blue fire, a color he had never seen her before. The boy asked what was wrong, and the girl of fire said nothing. She only stood up on her tiptoes and kissed the boy of ice, with a speck of blue flame running down her cheek. The boy of ice now had an inner flame again, one that gave him more warmth than his own. The girl of embers could not stay, however. She was very much still in love with the boy of frost, but their time had passed. She knew she could change that if she only tried, but she didn’t. She accepted her fate, and once again, left the boy of ice standing alone, in the darkness, on that cold cold night, that the boy of ice could not feel. Because his one true inner flame, the one he couldn’t replace, had been extinguished.

The author's comments:

Unfortunately, this is based off real-life events. The girl of fire really did love me (the boy of ice), but did not choose me. I wrote this to put my feelings on paper, and to show those that have gone through similar things are not alone, that although it seems like you've lost yourself, you haven't. There will be someone else that will give you the flame you need and deserve, and that one person's flame will stay with you forever. 

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