A Lover's Thought

January 24, 2018

My heart races when I am around her. God damn that woman; how can she do this to me by simply being in the same room as me. Am I as weak as this? When she stares in my direction I freeze; my mouth goes dry. She speaks with such softness and grace I believe she is an angel. One of the blessed who have been sent to Earth. I can not begin to express how much I love her. She is my reason for living. Alas, she loves another; a man whom will never be able to treat her as I will. I must show her how much I love her. My love, my soulmate, please give me a chance. I will show you undying love. My heart is forever yours if you’ll accept it. My fear is that you’ll reject me. I will respect your wishes of course; but my heart will be broken. I will love you forevermore. If you reject me I will ask nevermore. But I ask one last time; please be mine. I will treat you with love and affection. My dear, you mean everything to me. I implore you, please. At least give me a thought.

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