The Notebook

January 22, 2018
By Anonymous

May 18, 2059

Hello my lovely.  I am writing this to you in case anything ever happens to me. We haven’t written a letter to each other in over 40 years. We are in our late 80’s. I found out today that I have the early stages of alzheimers. I’m going to keep it from you for a bit, I don’t want you treating me any differently. I just want to be loved the same as when we first started dating and got married. Remember that one time in 11th grade in the science room? We didn’t start dating yet but you were trying to get my attention.. We had to mix chemical and you mixed the wrong chemicals and it blew up in the air. We were the only ones who started laughing and then Mrs.Stanley gave both of us detentions! Ever since that day we fell in love. You took me to the ice cream shop and we each got shakes. You then asked me if I would be your girlfriend. I was dreaming of that moment for a long time. You went away for the summer to work on your uncle’s farm and you had changed so much by the time you had came back, you were so much taller and stronger. We were seniors now in high school, I started to take more college classes and you did too, we hardly got to see each other during school. We would call every night to talk before we went to bed, and to say goodnight. That was my favorite time of the day, because I got to hear your voice after a hard day. We graduated high school together as well, I’m looking at the picture of you holding me in your arms at graduation, the smile on our faces, not knowing that this was our future, but hoping it was. When we went to the same college, I was hoping we would last because I couldn’t go to the same college as you if anything ever happened to us. My grandma died and I went back home and while I was back at home, you went to a party at our college and you did things with another girl. I then transferred to another school closer to home. The day of my graduation, you were there. Standing next to my family. My family kept it from me and so did you. You never went to that party, and never did anything, you didn’t do anything with anyone the whole time in college, and either did I because I was scared it was going to happen to me again. So I was going to wait till after college. What you and my family kept from me was that you broke up with me so you could focus on school and have a job and save a bunch of money instead of buying me things. When I got off the stage, I walked over to you and my family not knowing why you were here. I was in love with you still, so you made me blush, and you did that one smile. You grabbed my hand and got down on one knee and proposed to me right there in the middle of my ceremony. I said yes. I’m glad you did that and we got to spend the rest of our life together. I’m so sorry that I’m getting alzheimer's, I’ll love you forever. Just tell me stories everyday until we both don’t know who we are.
    your unforgettable wife

The author's comments:

we had to write this for a final

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