Blonde in Blue, Guy in Grey

January 12, 2018
By disaster_follows BRONZE, Chicago Heights, Illinois
disaster_follows BRONZE, Chicago Heights, Illinois
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Her energy glowed vibrantly against a myriad of colors, but in blue…
In blue, she could deliver sharp bites or the sweet softness of her lips on a lovers neck.
In blue, she could be the best thing in this world; or the worst.
In blue, her positivity, her calm coolness could spread and be shared, or the deep sadness rooted in her could flare up in you as well….
Blue was her color of choice, its vibrancy making her skin glow warm and her hair gleam gold, gracefully framing her face.
She is radiant- the royal blue dress is simple, the color alone as her greatest accessory, her confidence skyrocketing. Though beautiful she may be, no catcalls follow her, her aura commands respect.
She waltzes about, a hurricane of movement, and powerful enough to cause the same damage. 
She pauses momentarily, feeling a sensation of familiar eyes on her, and turns.
The boy in grey turns his face to the ground, sheepish, letting his dark hair fall across his face to hide the blush creeping across his cheekbones. She analyzes his expression, his posture, picking them apart as she does everything and in turn learning from it.
The boy begins an apology- probably to explain his absence, his all together disappearance from her life. She raises a hand to stop him, and they are silent together for a moment.
The girl feels something, a pull- like she’s drawn to him, his dark brown eyes, loose grey shirt… all the things she used to find immediate comfort in.
The boy pushed the hair from his face, and the girl began to remember.
Memories of his arm around her waist, photoshoots, ice skating, and baking…. And all the times they were together, heads tilted back in laughter, she remembers it all.
The guy in grey envelopes her in a hug and continues to whisper an explanation of his return. She folds into him as if this was something they did daily, just as they did before he left her behind over a year ago. He continues to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, kissing her jaw, forehead, cheek, neck….
It was as if they had been apart for minutes instead months.
She pulls apart from him, running her fingers through his long hair, feeling his warmth. She had been cold, so cold, since he left on that December morning, and now with him standing before her she and feel the heat soaking through her skin down into her bones. Slowly, slowly, she melts into him, the ice in the veins becoming fire once again. She looks for the truth in his eyes and sees a future.
As his hands find her body, she allows herself to remember, remember the smell of his cologne the way it mingled with her perfume, remember how perfectly their minds and bodies fit together.
At last the beautiful blonde in blue was perfectly balanced out by her love, the guy in grey.

The author's comments:

I genuinely hope that people enjoy reading this piece- that truly is my goal as a writer.  as always, if there is feedback to be given I'd love to hear it!!

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