Tiny Fractures

January 8, 2018
By ILLENIUM14 BRONZE, Prineville, Oregon
ILLENIUM14 BRONZE, Prineville, Oregon
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Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."
~Stephen King

Anex Lasrina was no ordinary girl. Yes, she may have had the normal hourglass shape, soft fur, and overall playful demeanor like all other "normal" females did, but something just didn't. . .click with other species when around her. Until a new boy comes along. Moving into the house right next to her's, he's drawn to her, and she's drawn to him. When they catch the courage to ask each other out, what will become afterwards? Will they except, or will they separate?

Chapter 1: Character Information

Anex Quinn Lasrina
DOB: 9/13/1996
Species: Belgian Hare
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 4'6
Mother: deceased
Father: Deceased
Elementary: Started in 5th grade at an age of 10.
Middle School: All Grades
High School: Graduated two years early
College: Stanford University for degrees in baking, business, and art.
General Description: Sarcastic, brave, smart as hell, athletic, chunky but thin. Has never had wisdom teeth. Skipped preschool-4th grade because of not needing them. Has pale burnt sienna colored fur on/in her: back, sides, thigh, top of tail, back of ears, upper and lower arms, calves, top of head. Has snowy white colored fur on/in her: Muzzle, ears, bottom of tail, each paw, halfway up calves. Has deep brown rimming her inner ears. Both ears are pierced but right ear has two metal rings above the piercing.


Corwyn Lindsey Anderson
DOB: 1/14/1994
Species: Red Fox
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Mother: Alive
Father: Alive
Elementary: All Grades
Middle School: All Grades
High School: All Grades
College: COCC for a baking/business degree (4 years)
General Description: Loving, kind, can be outgoing but mostly 'goes with the flow'. Had his wisdom teeth removed at 17. Has hazel eyes. Dark red/brown patches on/in his: Upper ears, tail, each arm up to the elbow, up to each knee, stomach. Has coffee cream fur on/in his: ears, inner cheeks, snout, around the patch of dark on his stomach, a single strip above each elbow. Has red/orange fur on/in: top of head through the middle of his ears, a strip on is nose, his tail, his back, sides, thighs, shoulders, upper arms.

Chapter 2: Chapter 1 - Moving Day

The gleaming moonlight made her vibrant blue eyes shimmer, dancing like a thousand polished diamonds. Her dress hugged her curvy form nearly too perfectly, gleaming like a ruby. She glanced over a me, and soon our eyes were locked together. "Anex, I-I. . ." I trailed off as she pressed a finger against my lips. "I love you to." She removed her fingers onyl to replace them with her rosey lips. My eyes widened as I realized what was happening. We snuck closer to each other, drawn in like a tiger waiting for it's meal. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist as her hands slid onto my broad shoulders. Her large ears dropped to meet her lower back as we were lost in a temporary world of just our own. She released the embrace, panting. "Are you okay with this?" I asked, breathing heavily as well. "As long as I have you at my side, I'm more than okay with this." We glanced out at the glaring paserbys, ignoring them as we embraced once more. This was the one. The one that was meant for me. 

Chapter Notes:

sorry it's so short! It's jus an Idea I might add on to, but I thought I mine as well release what I have! Thank you for reading!

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