Young and in Love

December 11, 2017
By Cliffnerd BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
Cliffnerd BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
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There was a girl who lived in the city of Fairbanks. She was a beautiful girl in her teen years. Her name was Ayla and has lived there her whole life. Her hair was a beautiful light red from dying it, and her eyes were blue like the sky on a clear day in August. She was tall and curvy. Every day she would go and see her boyfriend. He might of been a couple years older than her but they simply didn’t care because they were happy. She was 14 and he was 17. His name was Jack and went to the school right next to hers.

They met through a social media website and soon after soon each other at the local library , but at the time Jack was in a relationship with another girl. But he was not in love with her. So he broke up with her and I little while later asked Ayla to a movie and in that movie he asked her out. Jack didn't know her too well, but he had already fallen for her. “She was the sweetest girl he has ever met”, he told his best friend

When school started every weekend they would go to one of their houses. While they where their was their time to be alone and time to do and say whatever they wanted to do. Ayla laid next of Jack as he held onto her with one arm. With the movement of his arm, she would lean over and kiss him every now and then and whisper, “I love you” into his ears. “I love you too baby girl” as he kisses her neck, making her giggle in happiness. Every time on Fridays and weekends when it would get later at night, Ayla would fall asleep in his arms. Only waking up to be taken home. This is how they would stay sane. Living for each other.

  since she entered his. His grades improved dramatically. She gave him the motivation to do good in school, and he gave Ayla the reason to eat. They where both dysfunctional in many, ways but together they were not. Everybody would call them the perfect couple because they seemed too perfect together, and they were. Never having the need to argue or get into a fight. Until one day when Ayla asked Jack to give her more space. He wanted to know why she wanted some space. He felt like he might of done something wrong. But she didn’t know herself until the day after when they were talking together, he was trying to get to the bottom of why she wanted more space. And it was to think about things happening in her life. Her mother was trying to come back into her life about a couple of years of her not being there. So he gave her the space she needed. But after one day Ayla didn’t want the space that she asked. Because he would make it easier on her than him not being there. They would talk about it together until late at night. She would sometimes cry, but he would keep her happy and help her to stop crying. He didn’t care that she would cry because he would cry too, but just silently not wanting Ayla to worry about him. This was only sometimes though. Jack was not the crying type. He always tried to be strong and hold in his tears. But when he couldn’t, it was about something or somebody he cared about a lot. Jack was very strong in that way. But deep down he knew, he was soft hearted and would easily fall in love.
Ayla on the other side was soft hearted and would show it. He family was not the nicest to her. Her brother called her names and was completely rude to her. Jack did not like him. He actually hated him a lot. Maybe a little over protective of his girlfriend, but she liked that about him. It made her feel secure and loved. He liked protecting her because it gave him enjoyment and he felt important.

Jack had to prove this many times in the short while that they have been together. The first time was with a guy at Ayla’s school. He would text her asking to do things not mentionable. Jack met with this person after school and continued to properly threaten him if he did not stop the harassment that he was giving Ayla. He stopped once this happened. Although she had just lost a friend. Ayla gained the best thing of all. Trust. Trust in her boyfriend that he could take care of her in the need to do so.

But just as in any other relationship there where some flaws. The flaws did not come from Jack but from Ayla. It was not her that caused the problem. The problem was that other boys would flirt and hit on Ayla. This bothered Jack a lot and since he did not go to the same school he could do nothing about it majority of the time. But when he could he would. Ayla would also think too far into the future and doubted that they would last.

But this is what jack was most scared of because he knows that if you think things won't work out they eventually will not. That is why he was doing the best he could do in school with the motivation of being in love. The need to be the best person that he could be for Ayla. He was going to make the most out of his life. Even if it meant going through complete hell to guarantee his future with her. No matter their past he was going to love her. Every time he told her about his plans for them to stay together and about their future, she would fall deeper in love.

After a year passed and jack graduated from high school he became a heavy equipment operator straight out of highschool. This made it hard for Ayla to see him. Even on the weekends they would not be together as long as they would hope. But making close to thirty dollars an hour he would use his lunch break to go and pick her up in his truck and take her to lunch.

But one day he had to talk to her. He was tired of working for minimum wage. He wanted to make money to support their future family. He mentioned the benefits if he would go up north to work making forty something dollars an hour. Telling her that he would be back in a couple of week. So he left her to go to school as he went to go work. She wasn’t use to the distance and it became a little much. In such a small amount of time she had gotten depressed. This bothered her deeply and made her stressed. Worrying about her boyfriend of two years, as well as school.

When jack came back to her knew something was wrong from the look in her blue eyes. They did not shine so bright when he would kiss her or hold her close to him. He promised never to leave her for that long again, And agreed to get a job at some company that needed an operator here in Fairbanks. After he did and had his an apartment of his own and was all set up. Jack asked Ayla’s dad Brad if she could move in with him. Replied only if you promise to keep her safe and not let a thing happen to her, as well as take good care of my little girl. To this jack agreed completely to and ensured that he would do so.

From when Ayla moved into jack's apartment, he could tell she was happier. Her house was dysfunctional. Nobody really got along and there was a lot of yelling and awkward silence. Ayla was happy to get out of there. This helped their relationship a lot and gave them both something to look forward to at the end of every day to come home and to see each other. He would get home later than her so she had some time to do homework alone and if she ever needed help jack would be there later once he got off of work. Sometimes it would be late when he got home, but she did not care because she would have all night to spend with him.

But one morning all of this changed. While bringing Ayla to school on a Friday they got some news about Ayla’s dad. He had been in a bad roll over in his truck, during the snow storm . He was alive but in bad condition. This sent them both into a state of shock. Jack called Ayla’s school telling them the situation, then calling into work for the day. They rushed to the hospital and were met by a nurse at the door, leading them back to the room. Pushing the door open for them. They both saw Brad laying on the bed with machines hooked up to his shirtless body. Cuts where all over his body from head to toe. There was an i.v in his arm with a small bag of liquid being dropped into his body. Ayla started crying as she walked over to her dad. She held his hand and questioned why this had to happen to her. Jack brought her a chair so she could sit down and held her other hand. Jack may of been strong, but he started to sob also seeing Ayla crying . Him and brad had been good friends, although he was his girlfriend's father so it hurt him also.

Soon after they got there a doctor came in to check on brad and tell Ayla what was all wrong with him.  When Ayla and the doctor were out of the room brad woke up and say Jack sitting there with tears in his eyes. Brad called out to Jack and he walked over to him sitting in the chair next to his bed. Jack asked him how he felt and what had happened. Brad told him that he had been going around a corner on a road too fast and lost control sliding into the ditch at fifty miles or hour. The truck rolled and that’s all he could remember from the accident. But before Jack could ask if he was okay. Brad said to Jack “I give you my blessing to marry my daughter. You are a good man and you have always treated her with respect and never lied to her. I want her to be happy as I know she will be with you”. Jack didn’t know where it came from but he knew what he meant when telling him that without being asked the question. Jack replied with a simple thank you sir.

Meanwhile in the hallway the doctor told Ayla that the cab it the truck had dented in giving Brad a concussion. He had received a broken rib, a broken shin bone, and a broken collarbone from the seat belt. This was a lot for Ayla to handle, but was trying to be strong for her dad. Just then Jack walked out and told them that Brad had woken up. The doctor and them walked in and introduced herself to brad. She told him about all that was wrong with him and insisted that he stay at the hospital for at least two days just to make sure that no more complications were to arise.

That night ayla could not fall asleep. Jack gave her sleepy time tea and massages to try to get her to sleep but nothing worked. He himself eventually passed out on Ayla lap while watching tv in the middle of the night. But he woke up to her cuddling against him on the couch. Carefully moving her arm so he could get up and get ready for work. He left a note on the bedroom door telling her to stay home today and do what she wanted. So he went to work and returned home to Ayla sitting on the couch crying her eyes out. He went and tried to comfort her but that’s when she tried to push him away. He asked what was wrong and she said she wanted to take a break from him. It was all too much for her to take in, school,  living with Jack, and her dad’s accident. So that day Jack took Ayla to her grandmas.

This all cut Jack deep he felt broken and wanted to be there for Ayla. All he wanted was for her to have happiness. But he was broken into a million pieces when she left him. All Jack would do now is wake up, go to work, come hope and stare at photos of Ayla. He didn’t eat much Trying to stay strong for when she came back to him. Until one day Jack went to go and see Brad in the hospital. He took the elevator, walked up to the door, and opened it. Inside he say Ayla crying in the corner as Brad slept in that same bed wrapped in casts.

Jack walked up to Ayla as she stood up and he embraced Ayla in his arms. “I missed you he said into her ear. It may of only been a week. But in that week Jack had destroyed his body. He was depressed with severe anxiety about if Ayla would come back. And she did Go back home with Jack.

Ayla’s grades where dropping severely so Jack helped her with what he could with work and everything else that he had to do. He still cared for her until one day Ayla told jack about what she did during that week. She went and saw a buy from her school. This made jack not want to trust her but he did trust her. His mind just kept it in the front of his head that she could be cheating on him after three years.

Brad was doing a lot better at this time his leg has healed and he could walk and drive but couldn't return to work yet so Jack helped him keep his house and car. Jack still kept in touch with Brad to make sure he was okay every week. And week by week he got better to the point where brad didn't need Jack to check in on him any more so he did not. Brad fixed his truck and found out that he lost control because if a worn out steering joint that made the truck unstable. He had Jack help him fix in in his garage that winter.

Ayla was doing better in school and was happy again. Every night she would thank Jack for saving her in her time of despair when she couldn't love herself. He would always reply with the reasons that he had saved her and how he hopes that she would do the same thing for her if he ever needed her like when she needed him. Because that's live when you can be happy around the one person who makes you happy. The one boy or girl that can make all of your problems vanish when you are together. When an argument just ends and life continues. No secrets are kept and you can trust each other . This is what they had. Jack may of had trust issues but he didn't let that stop him from staying with Ayla. Their relationship was the type that you find in made up stories. Too perfect to be real. But they where making the most out of life.

Jack bought his own house at the age of 20. This gave him a amazing feeling that he was actually doing good in life. Jack knew that his life was going as he always promised Ayla would happen. She was scared when they first started dating that all of Jack's plans on life where not to work because normally they don't. Jack insisted that they would, and when they both moved into his house he said “ i told you things would go like we planned on.”  All you need to do it trust in all of your decisions and work towards what you want in life.

Ayla took this in a special way and it motivated her to do better in school. Even Brad called her every other week just to make sure that his daughter was doing good. She was always his little girl and the only daughter that he had.

Brad on the other hand was making a great recovery from his accident and was working to his full potential once again. Brad also asked Jack to help him add on to his house to make living there easier for him and his wife. Altho his wife Donna was not the nicest of people they had a very weird relationship. First off they may of been married but that lived in separate houses that where less than a mile away from each other. So if they needed their time away from each other they could have that space when needed. Donna wanted to move in but Brad's house was too small so he decided to put money in to expand his house, But since he could not do it alone who else better than his daughter's boyfriend. Jack was a heavy equipment operator and had keys to all of his equipment that he used. After asking his boss to okay it with his he used the crane truck to lift and place the roof onto the structure that they had built. This maybe took them two months but it added 1000 square feet which is more than double what house was.

By this time Ayla had graduated highschool and was seventeen years old. Jack was twenty because it wasn't past August yet. But what Ayla didn't know was that jack was planning on taking her on a vacation for their anniversary. JAck had been working for four years at the same company so he had his leave hours added up, and he had enough to take two weeks off for vacation. He had made a plan to ask Ayla to marry him. Two weeks before Jack would take Ayla to Hawaii he drove to Brad’s house in fox and Asked to take him to dinner.
Jack took brad to a quiet little chinese restaurant that was next to the school that Ayla had graduated from. During the middle of dinner jack begun to talk about how much he loved Ayla and Brad seemed surprised about the way he was talking to him about his daughter. Jack on the other hand was freaking out because he was about to ask Brad if he could have his blessing for Ayla’s hand in marriage.

So he asked the question,  Brad set his silverware down and looked at Jack with eyes trying to read his emotions. Brad replied saying, “ you love my daughter that much to where you want to spent the rest of your life with her if you last. Will you take care of my little girl even when you where to be having the worst day of your life. If you say yes to both of these you can have my blessing. I have liked you ever since I met you, I knew that this day would come eventually.” Jack said yes to both of those questions and got his blessing. Two weeks later Jack told Ayla to pack a bag because he wanted her to go and see her grandma in anchorage and they where going to stay there for a week. That day after He got off of work he went home to see ayla with the bag packed and ready to go. He checked tho fluids in his truck then they set off to Anchorage.

They had a good trip and jack was excited to pop the question to Ayla. They stopped at the ice cream store along  the way and stopped and took photos at Mt. Denali viewpoint. After arriving in Anchorage They went to see Aylas grandma and visited for a while. But the JAck said they would stay in a hotel but after they went to see his sister. Jack's sister was in on the whole plan. When visiting Jack would sneak out and move their suitcases into his sister's car and he could leave his truck at his sisters so that he wouldn't have to pay the parking fee at the airport. The plan went as planned and JAck was able to trick Ayla to going to the airport with Jack's sister saying that they had to pick up on of their friends.

Ayla soon realized that Jack was taking her somewhere when they pulled up to the departure part of the airport. Ayla started to freak out and begun to cry when Jack told her where he was taking her for their anniversary. She could barely keep herself together when getting on the plane. She had always wanted to go to Hawaii but never thought that it would be this soon. The plane ride begun, and ended in such a long time. But when Ayla got off she wasn’t disappointed.

The couple had fun. He took her places to eat exotic foods, and do the craziest newest and best things. They went to gift shops, spent money. Jack showed Ayla a good time. Jack adored Ayla. He enjoyed watching her smile and have fun.

The day ended, and they found a hotel. He wanted to get the fanciest room, but didn’t want to spend too much for the surprise. Jack settles for something in the middle, one bed, big room, and a great view of the ocean. Ayla spun around and threw her backpack on the bed and laid down on the several pillows that where on the bed. She smiled at him and put her arms out and he laid next to her and she climbed on top of her and kissed his cheek. She thanked him for the day and decided to take a shower. While she took a long shower he left a note on the bed and he went down to the market and got some cocoa but and fresh bananas for them to eat.

When he got back she was just getting out of the shower and greeted him on the bed and got dressed as Jack peeled the bananas and put them on a platter for her to eat.

Sitting on the couch together they both realized just how hot it was in their room so they blasted the AC in an effort to cool down. Jack being the childish one at the moment decided to get ice cubes and rub them all over Ayla’s back as she squealed and tried to fight back. But Jack was a lot stronger and she could do nothing about it so she suffered the cold. As soon as he was done messing around she gave him a death stare and told him he would regret doing that. Replying with “what are you going to to dump a bucket of water on me.”

That was the wrong answer because he was about to go and take a shower and that is exactly what she did. Ayla took the ice bucket and filled it with freezing cold water and poured it all over him while in the shower and he screams god damn it babe I’m going to make you do something you don’t want to do while here.

That night as Ayla slept Jack was looking at tourist attractions in and around Honolulu which is where they where at. Finally he found one and it was parasailing. Jack was not scared of heights but he knew that Ayla was.  So he got the places number and planned on doing that in a couple of days. Everything that he planned would be a surprise to Ayla. He promised her that he would make sure she didn’t have to worry about anything that they would do because he would plan it all out.

In the morning Jack woke up early that morning.He made coffee for him and tea for his soon to be wife. Then he woke her up with tea and more bananas because that was one of her favorite food. As she yawned and stretched Jack kissed her stomach and made her giggle.

Standing up and walking out to onto the balcony sipping on her passion fruit/pomegranate tea. Jack went over and gripped her waist standing next to her pulling them together and drinking his death wish coffee he bought the other day.

Getting dressed Jack went down stairs and got some pamphlets for things to do around Honolulu. Bringing them back up to his room and setting them on the counter spreading them out. Sitting down Ayla walked over and rests her chin atop his head looking down at the pamphlets.

In excitement she squealed and pointed at the photo of the mermaids at the restaurant not too far from where they where staying. We can do that tonight for dinner babe he said.

Then looked at the jet skis and asked if she wanted to do it. Ayla said yes so they left their hotel room and got a taxi to the place on the other side of the city where they where.

It took longer than they thought but it was well worth it. The jetskis where a great idea. Ayla fell off a couple times because Jack was kind of a crazy driver but she made him fall off also so they where even. They did that for a couple hours and had a blast.

After doing that they went back into the main city and went shopping. But not before they had something to eat. What Jack wanted was spam musubi.

Spam musubi is a slice of spam cooked in a teriyaki sauce that is only sold in Hawaii. It is made by a company that makes it somewhere in the big island. The spam is them squeezed between a layer of rice on the top and bottom then wrapped in a layer of seaweed that has been wetted then dried around it. It comes with two musubi, soy sauce and a soda of your choice. Surprisingly they are really filling.

The next day Ayla wanted to just walk around the city and look at all of the little shops that where around and eat at restaurants and see what the local markets have to offer. So that’s what they did and they found so many interesting foods. Ayla’s favorite was the sugar cane that they had which was very sweet and healthy to chew on. The old man at the market told them to stir it in tea or coffee for a healthier option to regular sugar. So they bought a pound of it and would snack on it while walking.

Later that night Ayla told Jack something that he had never known before because she had never told him. Ayla did not know how to swim without a life jacket. He wondered why it took her so long to get back onto the jet ski the other day and that is why.

Jack made it his goal to teach her to swim. That night he kept her up until the pool closed at the hotel teaching her to swim. She started to get the hang of it but they had to get out so they could clean the pool at 11Pm
That night Jack went out and got food from a restaurant and brought it back to the hotel and ate dinner in the bed together. By one Ayla had fallen asleep on Jack's chest and soon enough Jack was also asleep with the love of his life.

They’re anniversary was on August 10th and His birthday was August 11th. That night at 12am he planned on asking her.

The next morning was the 9th and Jack called a suit parlor to rent a suit and he went dress shopping with Ayla that day. She asked why he was getting her a dress and he simply replied with for our anniversary. After 3 hours if trying to find the right dress and one that fit since Ayla was so skinny and tall he bought it for a hundred and eighty dollars. And the rental tux was one hundred dollars. After they got their clothes they took it back to their hotel and then Jack continued to teach Ayla how to swim.

But this time in the ocean. She became really good at swimming that day but they both ended up having hands that looked like prunes which they laughed about. After the beach they went and had lunch at the restaurant that was there close to the beach.

After they went to the mall and went shopping for anything that they wanted because Jack had a couple hundred dollars to spend on what they wanted. So they walked around and ended up buying headphones, bluetooth speaker system for their house, and some clothes for Ayla.

After they walked home and got some spam musubi and a movie. At the hotel they enjoyed their night by watching a movie on their Ipad on the balcony enjoying the view of the moon on the ocean. Jack made them tea and enjoyed the breeze that blew off the ocean and through their hair. Holding hands Ayla fell asleep and Jack carried her to the bed and covered her with the blanket after finishing both tea’s and falling asleep spooning Ayla and playing with her hair. Thinking to himself that this is what he needed since he was first in high school.
The next morning Jack too Ayla to the movie theatre and it was one of the ones with beds for chairs that was meant for couples. They only played romance films and Jack everlasting was the movie that they where going to see. It was Jack's personal favorite movie. Although it came out many years ago.

So they cuddled on on the bed and watched the movie together along with the single man in the bed next to them that laid alone. They found this funny but sad. After the movie Jack asked the man why he was alone at the movies and he replied that his girlfriend had just dumped him for his best friend the day before but he had already gotten tickets for the movie. So he went alone and enjoyed the bed and the movie. Feeling sorry for the man Jack gave him a hug and wished him luck.

Going back to their hotel it was night time already. They both took showers and then left and walked along the beach looking at the lights of the city. They don’t know how long they walked but they reached the end of the beach then decided to walk back. But this time along the road and back to their hotel. But along the way Jack said he needed to find a bathroom but in reality he want an got Ayla a wedding ring.

This ring was huge it ha a diamond rock and several small diamonds around the outside of it. He knew that it was perfect for her. 

Jack came back as though nothing had happened. It was hard for him to do this but he was able to do it to his surprise. On the silent walk back to the hotel Jack gave a hint to ayla when they walked past a wedding dress shop,Jack pointed out how beautiful Ayla would look in one of the dresses but she didn't get the hint which made him laugh. When Ayla asked what he was laughing about he told her about when she was sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth when they would longboard around back in fairbanks. The less she knew the better.
That night when they where eating dinner having conversations about how much fun they where having. Jack asked if Ayla knew what would make her happy for the rest of her life. As Ayla looked up she looked at the time and it said 11:59. In that moment Jack stood up and said in a loud voice ¨May I ask for a minute of silence.” As he walked over to the side of Ayla still sitting in her chair, ¨ I have waited for four years to ask you this Ayla. I have gotten your father's blessing as well as your grand mothers.¨

Kneeling down he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the box. Ayla starts to tear up as Jacks says ¨ I have loved you since I first met you, you are the love of my life and the only girl to my heart. Will you marry me¨
Ayla replies with ¨yes.¨ They both stand up after Jack puts the ring onto her finger and embrace each other in their arms. The crowd cheers and wishes them a happy marriage.  They kiss then sit back down and eat their meal but neither of them can stop smiling at each other.

The owner of the restaurant brings them champaign. But they politely decline due to the fact that Ayla is only eighteen but that night was Jack's twenty first birthday but was not going to drink. So he have them free dessert to congratulate them on their marriage.

That night Ayla and Jack had a special night and Slept in late the next day. Getting up to eat at the buffet that they had at the hotel. Jack had planned to go parasailing that day. Ayla didn't know what was going on when jack told her to get a bathing suit on and to put her phone in the water proof case he had gotten her.

They got dressed all the way then Jack called them a taxi and told the driver the address. The whole way there Ayla was asking what they where doing but jack insisted that she had to wait and see.

When they got there she swore to god that if he made her go that he would regret it. But he did make her go. Right before he told the driver to dunk them which is when he slows down enough to dunk the people in the water. Ten they hit the release button and jack and Ayla shot up into the sky away from the boat. Jack was laughing But alya was screaming and trying not to look down.

Then came the dunk. Jack and ayla tried to yell for them not to because there was a great white shark right under them. But as soon as they hit the water. Both of their legs where bitten off and the blood filled the water. And  when they where raised. The driver soon realized what had happened and pulled the chute back onto the boat but is was too late. The couple had bleed out and where dead. Right on the shore of Hawaii. The island of couples dreams.

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