My First Love

December 14, 2017
By nevaeh16 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
nevaeh16 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Waking up to the first day of my new school was terrifying. I didn’t know anybody and I was a shy person. I never let anybody get to know too much about me, besides my best friend Sharae, and I never been in a serious relationship or knew what love felt like. As I got to school, I just looked around at the students and teachers and I figured I would be okay in this school. I didn’t make friends yet, but I was hoping I would sooner or later.I met this tomboyish girl name Nevaeh and I instantly thought she was cute. We ended up becoming friends and talked each and every day. I was glad I had somebody to be with in school and at lunch. It’s been about a month since me and Nevaeh became friends, and I already feel like she’s coming onto me. I didn’t say anything about it but one of her friends did text me and tell me that she wanted me to be her girlfriend. I was kinda edgy about that because I didn’t know how relationships were like and I was always scared to be hurt by my mate.


I was too afraid to tell Nevaeh that I did have feelings for her. I don’t know how she going to treat me or if she’s even going to hurt me, I mean she doesn’t look like she will but I have very bad trust issues. One day Nevaeh came up to me in school and said “Hey Crystal, can I ask you something”. I was tense because I was so nervous on what she had to ask me, “Yeah, what's up” I replied. “I kinda just wanted to know if you would lke to be my girlfriend ?” When Nevaeh asked me to be her girlfriend, it just blew my mind away.I was so ambivalent about what she asked me so I said, “I can’t Nevaeh, I’m sorry” and I ran off because I knew I couldn’t be in a relationship with somebody just yet. So it been 2 months since Nevaeh asked me to be her girlfriend, she still talked to me like she always have and texted and called me also. I figured she would of stopped talking to me, but she didn’t and I was kinda jovial.


After Nevaeh asked me out and I ran off like a douchbag, I went home and sat in my room and just thought about it. I was kinda distreesed that I ran off from her instead of giving her at least a chance to talk and say how she feels. When we got back to school I saw her standing there talking to her friends, so I pulled her to the side, “Hey Neveah, can we talk real fast?” “Yeah sure” she replied. “So about what happened a couple months ago, I know we came onto a ruff start-”, “It’s cool Crystal, I should of gave it some time before I asked you” she says. “Well I was unsure about how I felt about relationships, but I went home and thought about it, and since I really haven’t known what love felt like, I’m saying yes to your questions”.


“You Serious?”, “Yeah, Just don’t hurt me”, “Promise I wont babygirl”.


*5 months later*


Me and Nevaeh been together for 5 months and I’m so joyous with being her. She’s amazing and she knows me well now that we’re in a relationship. I never knew I would have this much feelings for somebody or let anybody get this close to me. Nevaeh changed me she showed me what loves feels like and that in order to have friends I have to open up to people and not be shy. Im glad she didn’t give up on me and move on after what happened 5 months ago. This was the best feeling I could ever get, I started making new friends because I wasn’t shy and I loved my relationship with Nevaeh. Thanks to her Im not that shy scary girl I use to be.

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