Don't Confuse Love with Comfort

December 21, 2017
By hopedonahue BRONZE, Buckhannon, West Virginia
hopedonahue BRONZE, Buckhannon, West Virginia
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Imagine this, a 16-year-old girl, “madly” in love with a boy who just broke her heart. Two weeks have gone by since Nathan left Hallie lonely. She hasn’t left her house moping around, feeling sorry for herself. Friends have tried to comfort her, her family has tried to comfort her, nothing worked, and she was hopeless. Hallie hadn’t heard a word from Nathan since the night of her birthday when he broke up with her.

She finally decides to attempt to go out for a girl’s night with her friends, just as she’s getting ready to leave, she gets some unexpected news. Hallie gets a text from her best friend, Lindsey saying that Nathan was at the Purple Fiddle with the girl Nathan had always been a little too cozy with all throughout their relationship. Instinctively, she breaks down in tears. Luckily, her best friends: Lindsey, Addison, Madi, and Karley are there to pick her up. They take her to a party at Lindsey’s brother’s best friend, Justin’s house in the next county over. Much to Hallie’s dismay, Justin had always had a little thing for Hallie.

Once they get there, Hallie is still crying and moping around, so her friends do what any good friends would do. They go and get her some drinks, Hallie and Addison chug 3 cups of orange juice and vodka then go look for another. Justin walks up to Hallie and starts having a conversation with her, “How’s it going, are you having a nice time? Lindsey came to me and planned this all of you.” Stunned Hallie responds, “ Yeah, I’m have a great time. She seriously planned this whole thing for me?” Justin smiling from ear to ear with a sparkling smile says, “Oh yeah, she was so worried about you, she said you were really upset about your break up and that she wanted you to have a night to just forget about everything and let loose, so of course I had to help her help out a beautiful girl like you.” Hallie just blushed but still completely shocked.

After Ethan, Lindsey’s brother, pulled Justin away, Hallie went to find Karley and Madi. Hallie in a daze and confused about what just happened asks her friends about what she should do. She asks, “I’m getting a feeling that Justin is into me and I don’t know if it’s the alcohol and I’m crazy or if it’s true.” Both, Karley and Madi ask her if she’s over Nathan yet, her natural instinct told her no but she felt a different way. She approached Justin and this time she was going to take control, as she was feeling no pain.

Stumbling and about to fall she made her way into the kitchen where Justin just coincidently happened to be, alone. As Hallie fell in the barstool by the island Justin turned scarcely, but quickly relaxed and smiled when he saw Hallie. With slurred words, she asked him for another drink, so he grabbed a beer out of the fridge and handed it to her. She asks him if he would to go upstairs and there’s no possible way Justin was going to turn down her offer. Justin carefully guides Hallie up the stairs into his bedroom and lays her down on the bed spilling her beer everywhere. With soaking wet clothes, drunken Hallie takes off her shirt and asks for a t-shirt from Justin. Slowly Justin walked to his dresser walked to his dresser and grabbed an old football t-shirt and helped Hallie put it on. Hallie lays back down on the bed about to pass out when Justin wakes her up asking if she’s okay. She says, “yes, but I want another drink,” Slurring her words, “but I don’t need another drink, I need to talk to you about something.” Holding her in his arms, Justin asks her want she need to talk about. She says she needs to talk to him about the vibe she’d been feeling and asked if it was true.

Justin leans in for a kiss and when he pulls away he asks, “is that proof enough for you, that the feelings I have are true?” With a big grin, Hallie says, “Well yes, yes it is.” They just lay there for the next few minutes, but that’s when they both hear yelling coming from downstairs. They hear Madi yell, “ Nathan, don’t. She needs to get away from you. You’re not good for her.” Hallie jumps out of the bed and locks herself in the bathroom; meanwhile Justin goes downstairs to see what’s going on.

When he gets down there all he can see is an infuriated guy that’s equally matched with him that’s looking for him. Nathan turns around she shoves Justin against the wall asking where Hallie is. Justin tells him it’s none of his concern and he could leave because Hallie was no longer his. This just infuriates Nathan further and he turns and runs upstairs to find Hallie. Ethan and Justin running after him trying to find him, but it was too late, as he had already found her because Hallie was already in the hallway listening to the whole conversation. With Nathan apologizing saying that he made a big mistake and that he shouldn’t have ever left, Hallie finally came to the realization that she’s all of this before millions of times from him when he had left before. Hallie finally woke up and told him that she was done and that he could leave. Tears building up in his eyes, Nathan tells her she’ll feel different in the morning when she’s sober, he then put his head down and made a beeline to the car to leave. This all pretty much sobered everyone up and they all went to the living room to listen to some music and talk about what just went down.

Completely stunned and shocked, Ethan asks Hallie if she’s okay and asks if she need anything. Sitting on the couch with Justin on one side of her and her girls on the other, she answers Ethan’s question, “Yeah, I’m fine. I realized tonight that for the last 5 years of my life I’ve been living in a daze where all I ever did as out someone else’s happiness before mine and in some toxic and twisted way I thought it was all okay,” smiling while looking at everyone she was surrounded by she says further, “as long as I everyone here in my life, I know I’ll never go down that path again and I’ll always be okay.” Justin then says, “As long you’ll let me be in your life is however long I’m going to be here,” then kissing her gently on the forehead. Karley then saying, “Yeah, what he said goes for all of us too, the 4 girls then share a meaningful group hug. Of course Ethan couldn’t be left out as he tells Hallie, “You’ve always been like a little sister to me so you already know I’m always going to be here when you need me.” Hallie then asks if they can watch a movie so Addison goes and warms up popcorn and Justin gets Netflix up and ready on the TV, it was Hallie’s choice, so like any normal teenage girl would choose, she chose to watch the Best of Me. This is where the night ended, but it was not the end of Hallie and Justin.

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