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March 9, 2009
By Sugar_In_Ice BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
Sugar_In_Ice BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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Naussica sat playing with some dolls outside her house. She knew she probably shouldn’t be out because of the deer. Many lived around her home though she thought and believed they were quite harmless. That though, changed because it was mating season for the usual harmless animals.

Naussica was stubborn though and didn’t wish to believe they’d hurt people. ‘They Never have before,’ she’d try to argue.

Naussica Klaydous was a sixteen year old girl with waist long straight brown hair and unique gold and brown eyes. She lived with her aunt Maria Marlin, but she was never home. She was often on business trips of some kind and never took Naussica with her. Naussica didn’t have any parents either because they had been executed when she was young. Apparently, human and shinigami can’t be together.

A shinigami is a god of death and thus, they’re supposed to stick within their own kind. It’s the same way with any other kind of species but with some, exceptions can me made. The reason for this is because half breeds are born. These half breeds aren’t accepted by any species because they often have very odd featured. Some half breeds stay closer to humans and say that they were born differently or with some kind of defect. A lot of humans don’t know any different so they don’t argue with it.

Naussica was a half breed, because of this; she lived in a quiet, keep-to-yourself human neighborhood. There was a second magical family in this neighborhood; the Crillicks. They’re daughter was Naussica’s only real friend who knew her secret. The entire Crillicks family accepted Naussica; half breed or not. They were the closest thing to a family the sixteen year old girl had.

Naussica shook her head to move some hair off her shoulder before going back to brushing her dolls hair. She was too busy humming softly to hear anything else. As usual, she was lost in her own little word.

A grunt came from the front yard behind her. She blinked, it was loud. She looked behind her and saw a large probably unbelievably strong deer. He didn’t look happy. He looked pissed and even that wasn’t quite able to describe the look he had.

The young girl didn’t hesitate to grab her two dolls and run through the fence closing it quickly behind her the buck following close behind her. She ran up to the glass door and yanked it open quickly and ran inside. Dropping her dolls on the floor and pushed the heavy door closed and locked the double lock on it.
Her heart was racing in her chest but still she picked up her dolls and carried them back into the toy room and put them away carefully. She sat on her bed in the next room catching her breath trying in vain to settle down her heart.
It was unusual for her to be so afraid of an animal no matter how angry or dangerous they were. It simply wasn’t like her.
She was often seen having lively conversations with animals. This was because they were too afraid of her. Shinigami didn’t hunt animals or ever hurt them. The typical reason for this was because they didn’t need to eat much; an apple a month would do them just fine. Naussica though a half breed thought hurting animals were wrong. She still needed to eat of course, but she wouldn’t eat an animal. She couldn’t even hurt one.
The Crillicks were always telling her that she was too nice, but they still respected her way of thinking; even though it wasn’t always in an obvious way.
Naussica stood up her slightly pointed ears giving a twitch. It sounded like something kept running into something else. The buck floated back into her mind and she decided to check to see if it was still there.
She left her room and walked down the hall the sound still growing louder. Slowly she began to realize what he may be doing. He was trying to knock down the fence.
She was right, because them she opened the curtain in front of the sliding glass door she could see the buck running his head into the fence repeatedly. Her eyes widened, “Stop it!” she shouted through the glass suddenly. The buck either didn’t hear or just chose to ignore her.
Naussica clenched her fist and ran to the front door quickly. She unlocked the front door and ran out hardly closing the door behind her. She ran along the side of the house to the buck. He hadn’t stopped.
All fear left her as she ran up to the buck and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Stop it!” she demanded. Her voice was shaking, but it wasn’t out of fear, it was because of the tears that had filled her eyes that she was trying so hard to hold back.
The buck’s eyes fell suddenly into a relaxed state and it looked back at her. He started to change, the hair vanished, and it was like he was sitting. Two strong arms wrapped around her suddenly pulling her close.
Naussica opened her eyes and looked up at buck. He was a boy now. He had long light brown hair that ran down his back and over his shoulders. He just stared down at her as he held her in his lap.
“You’re a…Animagas…” she whispered as she looked at him shocked. An Animagas, was a person that could turn into an animal and in rare cases an animal that could turn into a person at will.
The boy nodded lightly, “My name…is Zenos.” He said slowly.
“Naussica; Naussica Klaydous.” She replied softly. She reached up and touched the blood that ran down his forehead. She stood up suddenly and took his hand, “Come on, we have to fix that now.” She said pulling him to his feet.
Zenos blinked but stood up and let her drag him into the house. He didn’t understand why she’d help him; even touch him after he’d tried to attack her. Not that he was in total control of himself at the time, but still…
Naussica pulled him into the house and towards the bathroom. She made him sit down in a chair then got a wet washcloth and started wiping the blood from his forehead carefully.
“You really shouldn’t do that kind of thing you know.” She commented suddenly.
“Why do you care?” Zenos asked. He hadn’t meant for it to sound as rude as it did.
“Because you were hurting yourself; what other reason do I need?” she asked looking down at him as if for an answer. He didn’t give one. She nodded, “Exactly,”
Zenos chuckled lightly, she was cute he had to admit.
Naussica finished cleaning the blood away then put some medicine on it. She stepped back and gave him a smile, “All better,” she said with a cute smile.
Zeno stood up with a smile, “Thanks,”
“Welcome!” she replied happily.
Zeno started to leave but stopped and glanced back at her, “I don’t suppose you have anything I could eat, do you?” he asked hesitantly.
Naussica giggled softly and took his hand again, “I do, come on.” She said as she pulled him into the large kitchen.
“What would you like?” she asked looking back at him.
“A sandwich or something simple is fine.” He replied glancing away. He seemed a bit shy, but she didn’t mind.
Without a moment’s hesitation, Naussica set to work on making his sandwich a smile across her lips. She didn’t have guests over very often so she was more then happy to let him stay for a little bit.
She placed the sandwich down on a plate in front of him. His eyes seemed to light up at the food as he started eating. Meanwhile, Naussica got him a glass of water and placed that down in front of him as well. He smiled and took a drink before eating again.
Naussica smiled; he looked happy and that made her happy. She liked to make people happy; whoever they were; whatever they were.
Zeno finished and cleaned up his dishes for her, “Thank you, Naussica for everything.” He said looking back at her.
She stood up and nodded, “No worries,” she replied simply before giving him a smile.
He smiled back then headed for the door followed by Naussica. She hugged him suddenly before he could actually leave.
“Be careful now okay?”
Zeno pulled her close and nodded, “I’ll try; hopefully none of this will last long.” He said before she let him go and he left.

Almost two weeks had passed and Naussica had returned to her usual life for the most part. The deer were still ‘going crazy’ as her friend would often say.
Naussica didn’t argue because to her it was quite true. They looked like they’d gone crazy. She felt a bit bad for them but didn’t say anything.
She’d seen Zeno a few times since she’d helped him. He’d come in and out of his ‘craziness’. They hadn’t spoken though. She swore that every time she saw him he was hurting himself more and more and she hated to watch. She didn’t go up to him though, not after the last time…

Naussica glanced out her bedroom window curiously wondering what the familiar noise was. In the yard across the street Zeno stood fighting with another buck that looked like it was twice his size. He was loosing too; covered in blood. It had only been two days since she last saw him, what was he doing?
Fear and worried filled her heart as she saw the buck plowing into Zeno causing him to fly across the yard and crash into a tree.
She jumped quickly out of bed and ran outside. She stood in front of the deer her arms held out, “Stop it now!” she demanded pushing her fear to the back of her mind as she often did.
The buck attacked her as well, but every time he did she stood back up and held her arms out. She wasn’t doing this just for Zeno but for the other buck too. She was too nice that way and now she was getting hurt.
Zeno changed back into his human form and pulled the teenage girl into his arms. His eyes filled with sudden rage as he glared darkly at the buck that stood in front of them.
The buck glared back but left seemingly angrily.
Zeno grabbed Naussica’s chin and made her look at him.
“What were you thinking?!” he demanded to know. He was angry but worry was in his eyes.
“I was afraid…for you…and for him…” she said softly her eyes looking away.
“Well don’t be! Look at you, he could have killed you!” Zeno yelled at her.
“I know, but I can’t help it…” she tried to defend herself. She knew he was just worried about her, but still, she didn’t like to be yelled at.
“Well learn how too! Stop helping me! You’re bound to get hurt if you do!” Zeno snapped back at her before leaving quickly.

Naussica shook her head of the memory. She continued to tell herself that he had just been worried about her. But even still, her heart kept saying he’d been angry with her too.
She glanced out the window once again seeing a deer out there, but it wasn’t Zeno.
“Naussica, come on you can’t keep glancing out the window for him.” A young girl’s strong voice came from the other side of the room.
Naussica turned her head and gave a small smile, “Sorry Kaylie, you’re right.” She said before closing the curtain.
Kaylie was the oldest daughter in the Crillicks family. She was sixteen going on seventeen. She had shoulder length black hair that she often pulled into low pig tails and sparkling green eyes. She was very outgoing, wild, and adventurous. Usually she was found doing things that got her into trouble like getting a butterfly tattoo to the left of her bellybutton. Her parents didn’t like that but didn’t make her remove it. She did though get grounded for a long time because of that. At the end she said it was all worth it.
“Now come on! Jaden said he’d do your tattoo for you. He’s got everything set up!” Kaylie said. Naussica stood up with a smile and left the quiet bedroom.
The two girls walked down the hall way and into the living room with Jaden was tapping his foot to the music he had playing on the stereo system.
The twenty-six year old boy looked up at them both, “You ready, Naussica?” he asked. Jaden was a tall skinny guy with spiky black hair and what seemed like a thousand tattoos. He was a tattoo artist, and he was very good. He was the eldest brother in Kaylie’s family. He was a little over protective, but otherwise a really cool guy.
“Yep,” Naussica replied pulling a doodle out of her back pocket and handing it to him. Jaden looked over the image and nodded. As expected the image was of what she wanted her tattoo to be. It was no surprise what it was of either. It was three stuffed animals a teddy bear, a duck, and a bunny in a little group together.
“Cute, Naussica,” he said with a small chuckle.
Naussica lay down on her stomach on the couch. Jaden already knew that she wanted the tattoo on her lower back seeing as how they’d talked about it a few days before.
While Jaden did the tattoo Kaylie and Naussica talked about whatever came to mind. Jaden listened to his music and paid attention to the tattoo completely uninterested in their lively conversation.

Within a few short hours the tattoo was done and Naussica sat up, “You’re done?” she asked blinking. It hadn’t felt like more then a few minutes.
Jaden gave a chuckled and nodded, “Go see what it looks like.” He said with a proud smirk. Kaylie giggled and pulled Naussica into the bathroom to look at the cute tattoo.
Naussica smiled happily upon seeing it, “it’s adorable,” she said with a cute giggle.
“Of course it is! I like the duck best!” Kaylie said with a smile.
“I like the bunny!” Kaylie’s little sister; Melanie piped in happily as she peaked into the room with her brother; Michael. Michael was eleven and Melanie was nine. They both had black hair and pretty blue eyes.
Naussica laughed and carefully let her shirt fall over the tattoo. The four of them left the room and headed down the hall into the kitchen for dinner then they planned to watch movies until they fell asleep.
Naussica loved having sleepovers at Kaylie’s because they were always a ton of fun. They always helped her to get her mind of things.

So October ended quickly and November came and went before anyone could realize it. December started and time continued quickly. Naussica couldn’t believe she was already off for Christmas vacation. She’d been so distracted with her friends and school and everything that the time just flew by.
It was December twenty-forth and as usual Zeno and a few other deer were hanging about. There was a heavy snow covering the ground now. The roads had been left alone allowing the snow to continuously cover them only a few tire tracks, deer marks, and shoes prints could be seen. They didn’t last long because the falling snow covered them right up again.
Naussica looked out the window and smiled at the snow. She didn’t know why but she loved the snow no matter how much she hated the cold she loved the snow more then anything else. It was so beautiful and made the world seem so much more beautiful and gave it the look of innocence and purity. It made the world look more perfect then it really was. The beauty was very deceiving.
Standing up Naussica walked past the Christmas tree her and Kaylie had put up in the living room. It wasn’t super decorated but she loved it just as much as always. She walked down the hall and changed into a large t-shirt to wear as her pajamas. She turned the heat up just a bit then crawled into her warm bed and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
She’d long forgotten about Zeno and all the problems she’d had before. She didn’t have a single worry in her memories anymore.

Hours passed and a crash came from outside the once quiet house. Grunts and thuds racked the silences of the still house.
“What…?” Naussica asked rubbing her sleepy eyes. Another crash shook the house. She sat up and looked out the window. It was too dark; she couldn’t see anything through the fogged up window. The snow was thicker then before.
Another thud came and knocked some snow off the roof of the house. She couldn’t help her curiosity as she climbed out of bed and went down the hall. She opened the front door slowly and peaked out. There was a large horned buck standing in her front yard. He wasn’t looking at her, or even towards her general direction. Something was to the side of the house and whatever was there, that’s what the buck was after.
The buck charged suddenly and another louder crash came. The empty trashcans on the side of the house were knocked over just adding to the noise. Something moved out of the shadows of the side of the house. She couldn’t see what it was though.
Naussica walked out of the house and closed the door behind her. She swallowed hard and walked slowly through the snow with her bare feet the snow making a kind of crunching sound under them. Her heart was racing in her chest. She didn’t hear anything except the sound of the snow under her feet and heartbeat pounding in her ears.
Taking a deep breath she peaked out around the corner of the house. The large buck heard her and looked at her. He prepared to charge without a second thought.
Naussica’s eyes widened she couldn’t move. Fear filled her gold and brown eyes. She couldn’t move. The buck charged at her and begged her feet to move but when they finally did it was too late. Her eyes snapped shut preparing to for the blow, but it never came.
A thud came instead and the sound of crunching snow. She opened her eyes very slowly and looked in front of her. The buck was gone. She looked around, to her left was the buck lying on the ground trying desperately to stand up, but he couldn’t. Over him stood Zeno who looked like he’d come from the side of the house.
Naussica’s hands went over her mouth and she fell to her knees, “Zeno…” she whispered subconsciously her eyes wide. She wanted to run up and hug him and thank him repeatedly. She couldn’t yet; he hadn’t turned to look at her yet. She somehow knew that she had to wait for him to turn and look to her as if to tell her it was okay.
So she waited; watching the scene between the two. The buck had finally forced himself to his feet; his legs shaking under him. He could hardly stand up anymore. Zeno raised his head still prepared to fight. The buck seemingly glared at him before limping away.
Zeno looked back at Naussica. She stood up and ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you…and he….I heard noises and –“
“Stop,” Zeno spoke suddenly cutting her off. Naussica let him go and swallowed hard as he transformed into his human form.
Naussica remained quiet and waited for him to give her permission to speak again. He grabbed her hands and yanked her to her feet forcefully. He yanked her towards her house door, opened it, and then walked inside dragging her with him. He quickly closed the house door after them. He continued to pull her by the arm into the living room where he made her sit on the couch.
“Don’t move,” he told her before walking down the hall towards the bedrooms. Naussica didn’t understand what he was doing at all but still she didn’t ask. She figured he’d tell her once he’d finished whatever he was doing.
He came back into the room carrying the big heavy blanket from her closet. He walked up to her and wrapped her up in it.
“What were you thinking walking out there in just a t-shirt? Do you not realize that it is winter and it is snowing?” he asked rather angrily.
“Sorry…I didn’t think about it.” Naussica replied looking away.
Zeno cupped her chin and made her look at him once again, “Don’t apologize; promise me you won’t do something so stupid again.”
Naussica gave him a small smile and a nod, “I promise I won’t go out in just a t-shirt when it’s freezing out.”
“That’s better,” Zeno replied with a small smile.
Naussica smiled rather happily at him then saw him glance to the door.
“What’s the matter?” she asked frowning a bit.
“I just can’t stay long.” He replied calmly still staring at the door.
“Why not?”
Zeno looked back at her hesitant to answer her. He sighed softly and crossed his arms.
“I just…don’t wanna loose control and hurt you.” He admitted with a frown.
Naussica simply shook her head.
“You won’t,” she told him. He raised an eye brow at her giving her a questionable look. A pink crossed her cheeks and she glanced to the side then back up at him.
“If you…have a mate…er…get a mate…will you be able to keep control of herself till this is over?” she asked.
The older boy glanced out the large window next to them then back at her. Frowning, he gave a small nod, “For me it kinda works that way; yeah.” He replied sighing, “Why do you want to know?”
“Well….um…” she swallowed hard her cheeks turning red, “Can I…be your mate then?” she asked. Zeno looked at her wide eyed.
“Why would you want to be? I’m not even human.” He said quickly. He really didn’t understand the way this girl thought.
Naussica shook her head again and looked up at him.
“I’m not completely human either though. I’m a half breed; half human and half shinigami.” She corrected but shook her head again.
“That’s not the point though. I…I really like you; human or not.” She told him.
Zeno just stared down at her in a state of pure shock. The thought was clearly started to get to him because he was getting a bit antsy; having problems standing still.
The dark haired girl stood up letting the blanket fall off her shoulders and onto the couch behind her. She looked up at him with a small but loving smile.
“I don’t know if this is just a crush or if it’s love. I don’t know if you feel the same way or not, but…if you want me…to be your mate, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.” She said softly her voice flowing like the snow outside did in the gentle breeze.
The tall boy looked down at her. He cupped her chin lightly and ran his thumb over her lips lightly. His eyes ran over hers as if looking for any hint of a betrayal, but there were no signs of something like that.
He leaned forward and pulled her into a soft kiss his hands going to her place themselves on her slender hips pulling her closer to him.
Naussica smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck moving to stand on her tip toes.
He pulled back only a little bit and stared down into her eyes, “Are you sure…that this is what you want?” he asked her slowly.
She nodded, “As long as it’s what you want too.” She replied with a loving smile. He actually smiled back and nodded. He picked her up carefully and carried her to her bedroom.

By morning’s sun the two were in love. Just something magical that can’t be explained. Love comes in many forms and lasts through thick and thin. It’s not a matter of who or what you are love is a feeling that lasts. So hold on tight to what you hold dear. Just like Zeno held Naussica through the night…

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on Jun. 12 2009 at 1:19 pm
liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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wow that was great! no words can describe how this peice made me feel! keep working and one day im possitive you will publish a book!

Stephenmcrey said...
on Apr. 6 2009 at 9:32 pm
Hey, that was good.

Could you check out mine to tell me where I should improve and where I did good?


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