A Forbidden Love

October 30, 2017
By B_Marie_Q BRONZE, Circle Pines, Minnesota
B_Marie_Q BRONZE, Circle Pines, Minnesota
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Her dress dragged behind her as she slowly walked towards the altar, where she’d be marrying the King of France, Her hands shook with anxiety as she held the bouquet of yellow roses in her jewelry bare hands. She quietly cleared her throat and fixes her posture, squaring her shoulders and holding her chin up high; trying to look like the tough queen she claims to be. She arrives at the altar and turns to face King Gabriel, a smile on his face.  She gives him a small smile as a response. He grabs her white lace veil and folds it back revealing her beautiful facial features. “Shall we begin?”

_- 1576, POLAND -_

Her bare feet make indents in the soft dirt as she walks hand in hand with her Polish love, Abel. Her baby blue dress softly flows in the gentle wind as they walk in the royal gardens. She sighs at the fact that she’s leading him to the fountain to tell him the devastating news. She turns to face him, admiring his chiseled jaw, high cheekbones, his brown curly hair that she loved to run her fingers through oh so much. He turns to look at her, his hazel eyes meeting her ice blue ones. She blushes as he had just caught her staring and he chuckles, slightly squeezing her hand a little tighter for comfort. “I like that you admire me even though you’ll have the rest of your life to do that, Aurelia.” He says, his deep voice making her heart swell. His words bring a pang of hurt across her features but she quickly covers it up before he senses it. “I only admire you darling, because I fall in love with you all over again every time my eyes lay sight on you.” She says softly.

He smiles softly as they reach the fountain, her guiding him to sit with her on the ledge as she gently runs her fingertips over the top of the crystal clear water. “Abel, I’ve brought you here because I have something I must tell you.” She says placing her hands gently with his. He gives her a worried look, “What is it Aurelia?” He questions slowly. She gulps as she tries to think of how she’ll word it. “The king of France, Gabriel, has offered a proposal.” She says quietly, “and I cannot deny this proposal or I could risk losing my crown.” She adds. Her hands shake slightly as she awaits Abel’s response. He takes a deep breathe, as he slowly removes his hands that were enveloped between her fragile ones. “You’re joking right?” He questions lowly. She looks at her feet as she shakes her head, “Sadly, no.” She speaks quietly, trying not to disturb the peace. He stands up and starts pacing, “What about me, Lia? What about what we have? What about our love?” He says in a pleading tone. A tear rolls down her cheek as she stands up, adjusting her posture. She wipes away the stray tear, “There is no room for love when you’re a Queen, Abel. Especially with a Noble and when everyone is breathing down your neck waiting for you to wed a King and have an heir.” She says harshly.

He sucks in a breath and puts his hand on his chest as if it’s getting hard to breathe. “How could you?” He speaks tears rolling down his cheeks. She looks to the ground not able to face her true love anymore. He sighs and walks away from her, towards the stables where he’d probably go ride his horse, Arion. She swallows the coming sobs and walks back to the castle, preparing to pack her bags for the long journey to France. Her maid, Lucille meets her at the castle doors with warm water and a towel to clean her feet. “How did it go my Queen?” She asks as she cleans Aurelia’s dirty feet. “Awful.” She mumbles, wiping her face of tear stains. “I’m sure he’ll forgive you in the end, you’re his true love he can’t stay mad at you forever.” She says drying her feet off. “Thank you Lucille, but I must go pack now.” She says walking towards her chambers, the ones she used to share with Abel, but couldn’t any longer. Her trunk sits waiting for her on the floor near her armour. She opens it and starts folding her most beautiful gowns and placing them gently in the trunk. As she continues packing her things tears roll down her cheeks, knowing now what she’s actually leaving behind. She sits on her bed, as the uncontrollable sobs shake through her body violently.

The door opens and closes and within a matter of seconds she feels arms holding her. “Abel?” She sobs out. “Yes my love.” He says softly. He holds her as she quiets down, finding comfort in his arms. “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave us.” He whispers. She sniffles and gets up, straightening out her dress. “I don’t have a choice Abel, I’m sorry.” She says closing the trunk with her nightwear. He sighs and falls back on the bed. “I thought we’d at least have a chance at happiness. I guess not.” He says harshly. She bites her lip to stop the tears, not wanting to look weak again. Weakness isn’t a good attribute to have as Queen. She turns around to the sound of a knock on the door, “Yes?’ She calls. The door opens slightly and one of her ladies, Evelyn, pokes her head through the door, her red curls flowing over her shoulder. “The carriage is ready my Queen.” She says softly, glancing at the distressed Abel. “I’ll be right there Evelyn, Thank you.” She says with a smile and a nod. Evelyn closes the door and Aurelia sighs, “Will you help me carry my things to the carriage?” She asks Abel softly. He nods and grabs a few of her trunks, walking them through the castle and to the blue and gold carriage she’d be travelling to France in.

“I must be going now my love. I’ll miss you greatly.” She says hugging him. He pulls away from the hug and leans down, placing his chapped lips on her soft ones. “Don’t forget about me.” He says as he turns and walks back into the castle. She frowns as she steps into the carriage, her ladies seated already. “I know you love him Lia, but you have a country to take care of.” Evelyn speaks. She nods and looks back at the castle as the horses move the carriage, her, farther and farther away from her true love, and her only chance at achieving true happiness.


_- FRANCE -_

As the carriage pulls into French Court Aurelia is awakened by one of her ladies, Laurelli. “My Queen, we’ve arrived.” She says softly. Aurelia opens her eyes to see a giant stone castle with gold embellishments. Her mouth drops open in awe over the building as the horses come to a halt. She hears trumpets playing her country’s anthem as her carriage driver opens the carriage door. Evelyn, Laurelli, and Willow step out before her each announced to all of French Court. She stands and slowly steps out of the carriage, immediately spotting King Gabriel looking at her intensely. “Queen Aurelia of Poland.” The announcer loudly shouts. She smiles and bows as people clap and cheer. Gabriel walks up to her and grabs her right hand, kissing her knuckles and bowing. “Aurelia, must I say you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.” He says as he stands up straight again. “Oh Gabriel, I’m flattered.” She says smiling, a slight blush on her face. He smiles and turns halfway towards the castle, “May I show you to your chambers?” He questions gesturing towards the doors. “You may.” She says with a slight smile.

He walks her around the castle showing her where everything is, since she’ll be living there after the marriage she’ll need to know. He finally comes across a room with a white door, which stands out compared to all the other brown ones. “Here we are m'lady.” He says opening the door to reveal her bedroom. She smiles and curtseys to him, “Thank you kind sir. I shall see you at dinner?’ She asks. He nods, “Yes, wear your finest dress.” He says smiling and walking towards the throne room. She walks into the room and looks around, the room is beautiful but she doesn’t intend to stay in it long. She sits on a chair in front of the lit fireplace, warming her cold toes as she yawns, suddenly tired. She hears a knock come from her door, and then Evelyn walks in. “They’d like to discuss the marriage with you, my Queen.” She says. Aurelia nods and stands up, “Let’s go then.” She says as she walks out the door and past Evelyn, heading for the throne room that Gabriel could always be found in. He sits in his throne, his council around the room. “King Gabriel.” She says curtseying. He nods, “Queen Aurelia.” He says stiffly. “Let’s start.”

Hours and hours go by when they finally come to an agreement. “So, you’ll send troops to Poland if needed, help fund our army, and in return we’ll give you the food you can’t get from anywhere else and most importantly an alliance.” Aurelia says as Gabriel nods along with what she says. “Yes, I’m glad you have accepted my offer Aurelia.” He speaks as he grabs her hands. She smiles and gently pulls her hands away, “I should go pick my dress, as the wedding is tomorrow.” She says looking Gabriel in his eyes. He nods, “Good night Lia.” He says, using the nickname Abel had given her. She grimaces, “Good Night Gabriel.” She says walking towards her room. She calls her  ladies to join her in picking her wedding dress for the next day. They talk about the wedding as they sift through the dresses and finally Aurelia pulls one out smiling. “This is the one.”


She runs her hands down her dress, straightening out the wrinkles as Laurelli finishes doing her hair. “I’m nervous.” She says as she looks out the window to see the carriage being packed. “Don’t be, you’re doing the right thing for you; and sometimes Queen’s need to be selfish.” Willow says as she pulls on her dress. “I’m glad you all don’t resent me for this.” She says softly with a closed lip smile. “How could we ever?” Laurelli speaks. “I’m jeopardizing our country by doing this.” She says. “We just want you to be happy.” Evelyn says. “Thank you.” She says as a knock sounds from the door. “Queen Aurelia, are you ready?” a servant calls. “Yes, I’ll be down in a minute.” She yells. “Go wait for me in the carriage, I’ll be there soon.” She speaks lowly and quietly. The girls nod and leave the room, Aurelia walking behind them but turning left instead of right. She walks to the ballroom, her flowers in her hands. She stops at the entrance of the room, everyone’s eyes on her.

Her dress dragged behind her as she slowly walked towards the altar, where she’d be marrying the King of France, Her hands shook with anxiety as she held the bouquet of yellow roses in her jewelry bare hands. She quietly cleared her throat and fixes her posture, squaring her shoulders and holding her chin up high; trying to look like the tough queen she claims to be. She arrives at the altar and turns to face King Gabriel, a smile on his face.  She gives him a small smile as a response. He grabs her white lace veil and folds it back revealing her beautiful facial features. “Shall we begin?” the Priest speaks. Gabriel nods and she looks down at her feet. He starts reading off the script for the ceremony and she holds out a hand. “Stop, please.” She says looking the priest in the eyes. “I can’t marry you Gabriel, I’m sorry.” She says before she runs out of the ball room and towards the doors that the carriage is waiting outside of. She busts through the doors and runs into the carriage, “Driver, Go!” She yells slamming the carriage door. He pulls away from the castle as quickly and safely as possible, not wanting to upset the Queen. “I’m coming Abel.”

_- POLAND -_

The carriage pulls up to the castle and stops abruptly.  Aurelia steps out, immediately running inside in search of Abel. The sound of her heels clicking against the floor as she runs pounds in her ears. Her heart beats frantically in her chest as she checks every room he’d be in, him not being in any of them. Did he leave her? She runs out to the gardens and towards the fountain, the last place he’d be. “Abel?” She calls as she runs towards the fountain, hearing the water splash as it flows into the center pool where all the water gathers. She stops running as she reaches the stones leading her towards their special place, spotting him sitting on the ledge. “Abel.” She sighs in relief a smile reaching her lips. He turns around and sees her, standing there looking frazzled yet still beautiful as always. “Lia?” He says. She nods and walks up to him, reaching her delicate hands out. He grabs them in his own, a sense of comfort coming to her from his touch. “I left the King of France at the alter. I couldn’t marry him when I’m already so deeply in love with you, Abel.” She says. He smiles and caresses her cheek, “Thank you for not abandoning us.” He says softly. “I love you.” He adds. She smiles and pulls him down to her level and touches her lips to his. Sparks fly between the two, and she pulls away, a smile reaching her lips. “I love you too, Abel.”

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece after watching the show called Reign.

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