The Storm Of Life

October 16, 2017
By Jenna.brophy13 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
Jenna.brophy13 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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Falling deep into soft sorrow, his heart sank watching me step forward.
His emotions are as clear as the early morning sunrise.
Dim yet glossy.
The cruel lesson of life has struck him, yet none of my forgiveness goes with it.

His mind explodes with a raging temper but quickly settles.

The leaves advance to their natural stance, as he watches me his heart becomes weaker and weaker. The branches of his soul are about to snap.
Brittle and unsettling, the winds pick up and everything gets heavy.
Buried deep into the center of his body, his roots are struggling to hold on to the feeling of me.

Watching me whip through his life like a hurricane, moving fast and damaging every corner of his conscience, leaving no help for the aftermath of the storm that has left him feeling isolated.

Scrounging every last second out of anything we had. Trying to grasp the realization that this isn’t permanent. But to him, he can’t shake this idea of letting life evolve.

Feeling the discomfort of raindrops trickle down his forearm. The ache of being left alone fills his body. Nervous that he will be deserted forever. Catching the eyes of a stranger but not caring because that strangers not me.

A weeping willow as some might call him. Standing alone and dying during the winter months but coming back to civilization around February. He can’t hold all the weight of the heavy agony that piles up during the winter months.

The pain in his eyes makes my body shiver, it makes me think twice about my decisions before making them. This storm is underway and has already busted through one life, creating pure hell for anyone that crosses the path of him from now on.

Wiping away a single tear from the side of his face. Flowers start to bloom again after he’s finally settled down after this storm of life has lashed through his world.

The author's comments:

I wrote this with a friend in mind and I worked really hard but I need some advice about how to make the story flow like a storm better.

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