My Amour

October 23, 2017
By MaddyWilliams BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
MaddyWilliams BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." John Lennon or Life Is Strange

  I took the train home from work that night. My briefcase stuck to my side as people crowded in. 10:00pm every night, I'd take this awful train back to my tiny demeure in the city. I was lost in my own thoughts when the train came to an abrupt stop. I lashed forward and slid onto the floor. With everyone staring, I stood up and gave a blushing clearly embarrassed grin. My smiling face turned into one of seriousness only a buisnessman could have as I straightened my black tie. I looked down at my suit. Dusty. As I was brushing all of the floor's mechancete off my black work outfit, a woman entered the train. I looked up and felt my eyes staring at her.
  She was beautiful, raven black hair, pale skin, shiny emerald eyes, and the prettiest red lips, and the sweetest, most elegant nose in all of Paris. Her thin, knee length black skirt revealed every one of her hypnotizing curves. She straightenes the collar on her black long sleeve shirt. It was obvious she had just come from work seeing as she was dressed in a formal buisness woman's suit.
    How could I not have noticed this beautiful creature before? Was she new to this side of Paris? Or was I just oblivious to this marvel the entire time? She looked up at me with those big, green eyes and for a moment, we were staring right at eachother. She gave a soft, beautiful smile and before I knew it, we were walking toward each other, pushing past the crowd. I was just about to speak to her when a big man got in the way, clearly not caring about the two of us trying to get past. I finally managed to get around the man when the train stopped again. Then, I watched as she walked out of the train onto the platform. I watched until I couldn't see her anymore. I watched until she had disappeared. I frowned in disappointment. And I hoped to see her again.
    I got back to my demeure and unlocked the door. Immediately my dog, Popcorn, came running out of my bedroom barking like he had seen a squirrel. I knelt down and watched as he circled around me. His tiny white tail whacking me in the leg now and then.
   "Popcorn! Mon bon garcon!" I said as he jumped into my lap. I had just gotten my German Shepherd puppy a few months ago and we were closer than any other dog lover would think possible. He barked happily as I stood up. I sat my briefcase down by the armchair and grabbed popcorn. I plopped him onto his bed and he rolled around for a few seconds before curling up and going back to sleep. I took of my black suit jacket and layed it on top of him. Then it was time to cook. I rolled up the sleeves to my white undershirt and headed for the kitchen.
   By 11:00 I was sitting in my armchair eating homemade pasta while watching the late night Television programs. After seeing another infomercial, I decided it was time for bed. After I got ready, I turned off all of the lights. Popcorn didn't seem to care but being in the dark like that gave me an eerie feeling. I layed in bed. The cold darkness of my lonely room surrounded me as I thought about the woman I had seen on the train. I wondered what she was like. What her role was in life. In this crazy paradox we call the city of Paris, France. Who is she? These questions scurried around my mind like the busy streets outside in the morning. I soon couldn't stay awake any longer and I fell asleep. Remembering the fast pitter patter of my heart when her eyes looked into mine.
  "Ding! Ding! Ding!" The sound of my doorbell woke me up at about 8:45 in the morning. I was quite disappointed seeing as it was my day off and I was planning on sleeping in. I dragged myself to the door. Popcorn was already there, barking like crazy. I looked through the judas to see who was there.
    "Oh no!" I gasped as I recognised the slowly balding head of my boss. I quickly opened the door and he walked in.
     "Mr. Gerald!" I said "What a pleasent surprise!"
    "Coeur." He said. Being a very tall, big man, he glared at me as he towered down, casting me in his dark shadow. He was wearing his usual black suit.He was wearing his usual black suit wich he practically never took off. It made him look like one of the queen's FBI agents. I looked down and realized that I was still wearing my sleepwear. Which was only a white tank top and a pair of black boxers. I looked up at my boss and turned beat red.
     "The papers." He said.
     "Yes! Yes!" I scurried around my house, Popcorn at my heels. I opened my briefcase and all of my paperwork flew out. White sheets, contracts, graphs, and documents fluttered through the air. At this point, I was on my hands and knees searching for this week's report.
       "Aha!" I shouted jumping up. I handed my boss the report and he walked towards the front door.
       "Monday." He said turning around to stare at me once more brfore exiting, slamming the door behind him. Popcorn growled. He didn't like my boss either. I decided to go out for a nice sight seeing adventure. I got dressed in some simple blue bootcut jeans, some brown shoes and my white undershirt from yesterday.
       "Allons Popcorn!" I said patting my leg. Popcorn followed close behind as we exited the apartments. I decided to use my bike this time. I hadn't ridden in a while. I wheeled the silver bicycle out onto the sidewalk. The streets were alive with cars, music, people, and the different scents from the shops that surrounded us. I biked and Popcorn ran beside me. The little pup was my faithful ami and we did almost everything together. It was a shame when my boss said I couldn't bring Popcorn to work with me.
         As We were strolling along I saw a familliar face.
        "Watch where you are going! Stupide!" I saw her yell as a taxi almost hit her. The driver sped off and gave an annoyed eye roll as she folded her arms. This time, she wasn't wearing what she was on the train. She was wearing a beautiful blue floral patterned spring dress with little pink heels and pink lipstick. The dress had cute little straps with white lace for sleeves and her tiny, pale shoulders fit them perfectly. She had a pretty brown beret with a gold buckle on it that sat on top of her night black hair which was pulled up into a tight bun and hitten under the cap. Strands of black hair strayed out defining her soft face perfectly. I saw her turn and look at me. She looked surprised to see me.
         "Hey! Wait! Hey you!" She yelled as she ran towards me, waving her hand in the air. I gasped and tried to quickly walk away without running. Then I felt a hand touch my shoulder.
         "I know you! You're that boy on the train!" She said. Her eyes lit up with wonder.
         "Y-yeah! That's me!" I said putting my hand to the back of my neck.
         "I wanted to talk to you earlier but, that guy kinda ruined it didn't he?" She said smiling.
        "Yeah. But... you're here!" I said. I smiled as we were interrupted by Popcorn's barking as he ran down the street towards us. In my head, I thought. "You were supposed to stay with the bike!" But I just laughed. Popcorn ran up to her and started sniffing her wondering who this strange person was.
        "Is this little guy yours?" She said laughing.
      "Yeah. That's Popcorn. I replied.
      "He's adorable!" She said rubbing my mutt's belly. "I'm Amour by the way!"
       "I'm Coeur." I told her as I stuck my hand out to shake hers.
       "Nice to meet you!" She said as her face glowed with joy.
      "Hey, do you wanna walk with us?" I asked her. She nodded in agreement and soon, I was touring Paris with a dog at my feet, a bike in my hands, and an angel at my side. After that, life went by fast. Before anyone knew it, we were married. Then we had a little girl, Genevive. And then grandchildren. Then Popcorn passed away. And then me. And then my Amour. Our love had been growing strong for years. And after life, it continued. The day I met my Amour, was the day my life became full. All because of a train, at 10:00 at night. Under the streets of Paris. The city of love.

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