The cold stars above

November 1, 2017
By JB346 BRONZE, Magnolia, Texas
JB346 BRONZE, Magnolia, Texas
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The tip of this hill makes the stars feel cold above. The wind around me breaks into my bones. I shiver a little as if I feel the breath of an angry God trying to reach my soul, but my rosey cheeks and her hand are keeping me warm. Her skin is soft, and light to the touch, I run my thumb stroking her hand with the light tip of the finger and imagine her hand is purring with the same cadence of a happy cat. I try to stay calm, let my breath be silent and still, to make it seem I am not here as quiet as a ghost trying to not let myself ruin the moment. Afraid that she will suddenly realize she is holding hands with a loser and let go but as the time continues to wind on and the stars get colder she still hangs onto me. Two souls intertwined in our fingers. I keep stealing glances out of the corner of my vision, and each time gain a glimpse of the brilliance in her eyes as she admires the sky above. Her brown hair, long and silky, comes down flowing in amber streams glistening like a river as the moon above kisses her hair, a single long braid comes down the side of her head seeming out of character in the rest of her straight and strict hair, but somehow extenuates her beauty even more over than before. Her face, round and symmetrical with tiny brown spots coming across her nose and leading in a trail to her cheeks, she was always so embarrassed of her freckles when we were younger than the young we are now but I silently found them adorable. As I look away again trying to engross my mind in the stars instead of my present company I can’t help but glance at her again. The stars can be jealous if they want, they have nothing on the girl beside me, perhaps that is why they are cold? With this new glance my breath is caught in my lungs at something about her appearance I had not noticed before. Her cheeks, are bright red, it seems to me the rose that is her soul is showing its red hue through her fair skin. Could she be blushing? Could it be from me? How can this queen beside me. I am a peasant in her wake, I don’t deserve the hand I hold and yet she gives it to me. I feel warmth in her presence,her hand makes me feel like I'm dancing in the rain. As my thoughts entrance me I realize that I am now full on staring at her with my eyes of wonder. She turns her head and stares into my eyes, I lose myself, gasping as her Emeralds pierce my soul. I think I might have died I think her beauty trampled on my soul as I feel my body go stiff and cold just like the stars that shine down from above. She does the most peculiar thing, she smiles at my stares and both of our cheeks show their true rose. She starts to lean towards me coming in as her eyes start to flutter and eventually close. Her lips purse forward and suddenly everything feels warm. Her lips connect with mine, she pushes lightly into my face as if she is trying to give me her warmth. As if on cue the stars above seem to become hotter as she kisses me, the world I swear stopped for a minute, I know my heart skipped a beat. I close my eyes as well as the kiss continues while behind my eyelids long streams of lights buzz around creating shapes like fire. She makes me feel warm, she always has but now more than ever. She plucks the cold stars from the sky, she lights them on fire, she makes me smile. She pulls away from my face but as reluctantly as two lovers hugging who haven’t seen each other in forever. She touches her forehead against mine and laughs a good little laugh and then coughs a little in the cold winter air. Both our bodies are an aura of heat melting away the frost in the air. I feel her arms go around me as she hugs me tightly telling me she never wants to let go. I sigh a bit of relief and look down at my queen realizing for the first time in her eyes I am a king. This girl, my best friend, my childhood love, my first kiss, she is all of the above until now I thought of her as none. She let's go, pulling away like she is wearing a suit of velcro and looks into my eyes her cheeks show brightly the truest rose. She lets out a sigh and laughs a little more before saying the words that stopped my heart and sent me to heaven. She says “umm that was nice, honestly I have wanted to do that since well forever,” she pushes her hair behind her ear, “man is it hot out here?” I smile largely pushing my hand across the ground to grab hers ever so tightly. I stare at the stars burning hot in her eyes, and find myself thinking this girl is a legion of wonder.

This hill feels so much colder than the one I was on that night. The tears drip down my face and almost freeze. The sun rises over the hill this morning, this day of spring is suppose to be beautiful and warm yet my soul feels cold and the sun's heat doesn’t reach me anymore. I am glad I get to be here with her though, just not the way I was with her before. I can’t hold her hand, kiss her face, hold her tightly, like I did the last time I saw her in the the cold sheets of that medical bed. My hand feels heavy, it's the same hand that held hers that one night, the night my life began. I take my eyes away from the stone in front of me for one moment and see her ring above mine it should be on her finger as she stands next to me as she has always stood beside me keeping the rose of our souls alive, but time withered her rose to much, and the water of my love wasn’t enough to keep it whole. It so hard to accept so hard to go on, I could choose so many memories over the years of our love but I only can seem to find the sad ones, her lying on bed, her crying all night, the doctor telling her...I can’t even finish the thought. Tears stream down my face unlike the streams of Amber that was her hair, even tears remind me of her now I chuckle but it isn’t a funny thing. I miss her, I do, I want her here with me not six feet below like she is now, but nothing I can do can change time, nothing I can do to bring her back. I want so badly to tell her I want to give up I really don’t want to go on, my rose is cold and the hot stars are gone. In this great time of need as I contemplate my state of mind I hear a voice behind me, the love of my life. I turn seeing her run up the hill with such gusto, the rose of her soul makes mine glow. She is the same age I was, when I first kissed her mother, she has a braid on the side of her head making her more beautiful than ever. This little girl looks just like her mother but is timid like me, she has the glow of the stars projecting her aura of heat. She runs towards me smiling ignoring the tears on my cheek grabbing the hand that now belongs to her, the hand her mother use to keep. We watch the stone before us for a while, her presence makes me warmer, her hand grasp mine tightly and I try to stay entranced with the stone but find myself glancing at the beauty beside me. Her eyes glisten in a brilliant manner staring at the stone yet tears stream down her face, her cheeks have the same hue that I saw from her mother through all of my days. She looks up at me and I look away trying not to make it seem I was staring so intently, she tugs on my sleeve forcing me to look down and says to me “How did you meet mother?” I smile at her as she with such a simple question has the power to bring back the good memories, the breakfast in bed, the times on that hill, the day I proposed, the day this girl was born. My tears grow hot and my rose truly shows like the night on that hill where the stars were cold. I open my mouth trying to find what to say, this girl, my daughter leaves me flustered and somehow has whisked my heart away. I look upon her and decide to paint her a word picture about the night her mother kissed me and I knew I loved her. I started with the beginning, how I met her when I was young. I told her of how I saw her as a queen never knowing I was considered her king. I continued on watching a smile grow across her face and finally got to the night, possibly the best night I have ever had. I try to think of how to start, how to kinda finish the story when I come across a phrase I like that is the perfect caption. She is smiling so brightly, projecting more heat than the sun, I hold her hand tightly finally saying “the tip of the hill made the stars feel cold above...”

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by my idea of love. I have never had a love that special but when it comes to love this is what I strive for. 

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