October 24, 2017
By exithh BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
exithh BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Rule Number 1: show no love, love will get you killed.

She was at her last breath, holding the picture close to her heart. The past few weeks replayed in the back of her head. Tears were streaming down her face, as she was popping open the pills container.

4 Weeks Ago
Anähi walked down the hall on the 1st day of school. She kept thinking about Da’mar and how they broke up after 9 months. She remembered how happy they were and how life could not get anymore perfect. Anähi was so in love with him, and he was to.

She turned to go down the crowded hall, even though she was surrounded with people, it was empty. Her sorrow filled the halls with sadness and emptiness. As she turned to go to her math class, Da’mar was coming her way. She looked down, trying to avoid eye contact. As they pass each other Da’mar bumped into her. “Watch where you are going Anähi, gosh”, he says laughing. Anähi smiles at him, even though she is smiling she was broken inside. She can not help but to think to herself, what happened to them?

Anähi arrives to her math class. She puts her head down. She is trying and trying to rip Da’mar from her head but yet, she could not do it.

After what seemed like the longest class in the world, the bell rings. Anähi starts to walk with her friend Ronnie to her 3rd period. Ronnie noticed Anähi is upset, but she did not ask her what was wrong.

Anähi sits with her friend Niyah, Dee, and Jezi. She smiled at them. She pretended she was okay, so her girls would not see she was down. Anähi could not show she was weak, her friends looked up to her because Anähi was strong. She was the type of girl to not care much for relationships or love.

As she walks with Niyah and Dee, they see Da’mar. He is walking down the hall with the football players. Da’mar looked over at Anähi. She looked the other way. Anähi tries not to cry. So she doesn’t.

As she is in Mrs T-bone’s class, she starts to cry. Lisalilly looks over at her. Lisalilly, was very hateful toward Anähi so she does not ask what is wrong.

Anähi walked to the lunch room with the biggest smile you could think of, it was brighter than the sun. She sat in the middle chair. She talks to her friend with happiness, yet this is all fake.

She could not hold back her tears, She started to cry. The classroom was underwater with all of Anähi’s tears. But yet, no one was paying attention. The tsunami is hitting again and again, and she is drowning. She is going deeper and deeper. No one can save her.

Carmenita looks over at her “oh my, Anähi, why are u crying!.” Anähi tells her that it was nothing. Just some mascara in her eyes. Carmenita is not dumb. “Anähi let Da’mar go already, yall broke up a month ago, get over it already.”

Anähi ran out of the classroom right before the bell. She wiped her runny masacara and smiled. She went to her 7th period and walks over to Niyah, Dee and Daisy. Niyah was telling Anähi that Da’mar had told people they had done inappropriate things. Anähi responds with anger, “Are you serious!”

She walked to Da’mar, and confronted him
“Are you serious Da’mar!”
“Whats wrong girl”
“Did u seriously tell people we had sex!”
“No! I would never!”

Anahi walked away, running to her 8th period.

As soon as school she ran all the way home, walked to her room, grabbed her pills, grabbed a picture of Da’mar and her.

She was at her last breath, holding the picture close to her heart. The last few weeks replayed in the back of her head. Tears were streaming down her face, as she was popping open her pills container.

When all of the sudden the last person on this colossal Earth, Gusi called her. He was trying to proclaim his love for her. He told her that he loved her and that he was scared to talk to her at school.

Anähi put down the pill container and looked in the mirror, as she held the phone next to her ear. She whispered to herself. “I can do this, for I am no longer broken.”

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