Fabricated Beauty

October 21, 2017
By Elizabeth.T BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Elizabeth.T BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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He was unanimously romanticized to the point of where he seemed unflawed.

An expert with pretty words and stringing together captivating sentences. He had a skillful gaze, catching anyone's eye with a simple glance over his perfectly sculpted shoulder. He hypnotizes any surrounding person with every crinkle near his eyes as he belts out the laugh of a thousand flowers, not to mention the sound of him omitting such a ray of light is enough to shamelessly kill anyone with a surge of love. He has a knack for wavering a lazy wand, an effortless professional in casting girls and boys under enchanting spells. He shines under even the dimmest of glows to project a complexion of velvety white wine, dotted honey splashed unruly over his constantly flushed cheeks and scattered down in specks across his throat. His hair is spun into thin strings of delicate gold, effortlessly gliding through his fingers when he brushes his hand through it. He's got everyone wrapped around his chubby, little finger but no one has ever seen a reason to protest. He didn't give them any reason to not fall in love with every soft word he spoke. His flaws were evident but his peers’ obsession made them overlooked: annoyingly optimistic maybe, dirty word bank at most, and perhaps even a little controversial. They argued that that was what made him appeal to the entire spectrum. He is the personification of dark mixed with light; he never did anything to intentionally cause harm, but he left people heart broken with how much they loved him and how little he gave back. After all, there was such a long line of people waiting to receive his affection; he would never be able to get through them all. So he gave the few at the front only a pinch of himself, to keep it fair and consistent. Painfully grateful was the lesson everyone learned. He was an angel soaked in black tar--dressed in white to hide the black--but no one ever knew until they got too close and stuck. And by then, it'd be too late to escape. He was a survivor off of others’ love. The seemingly beautiful luring the innocent into a lion’s den.

The author's comments:

Love is intoxicating. It eats you up and swallows you whole without even allowing you to come up to breathe. When you're in love, everything looks better. You paint the person you're obsessed with as a celebrity, as perfect, even as a dream. But in reality, this person is just simply a person. It is because you're so in love that you take everything good about that person and glamorize it until their traits are too good to be true. It is important to recognize where the line of perfection is drawn and don't get too sucked into fantasy.

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