October 18, 2017
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“That’s a great choice for a cake topper, Kaylee. The groom looks just like Joseph.” The wedding planner’s smile was nothing compared to Kaylee’s. She was a beautiful bride-to-be. Kaylee and Joseph, the ideal couple everyone envied, were to be married February 14, 2016: Valentine’s Day. High school sweethearts, they’d met at age 18 and been together ever since.  Kaylee just finished things up with the wedding planner and they were going to get married on February 14, 2016. Kaylee and Joseph were the ideal couple that everyone wanted to be like. Highschool sweethearts and had been together since they were 18 years old.
Four days before their wedding, Kaylee received news that no fiancee would ever want to hear: Joseph had been cheating on her with her best friend. Instead of going to pick up his tuxedo, Joseph went out with Jamie.
Kaylee had big news to tell him: she was pregnant with twins. Joseph didn’t care and blew her off every time she brought it up.  Drunk as he was following the lunch he’d spent in the bar with Jamie, Joseph probably wasn’t even thinking of Kaylee as he sped down a windy road and hit a eighteen wheeler. The medic on the scene knew Kaylee, and he called to tell her Joseph had been in a wreck.
She arrived to the accident scene and saw Jamie in the car with him. Kaylee folded her arms across her chest and hurried away then cried to Joseph’s mom, “How long has this affair been happening, because I just caught him two months ago with Carol. ?”
Joseph’s mom, Emily, grabbed Kaylee and hugged her. “Honey, I didn’t know Joey was cheating on you.”
Kaylee got in her car and left. She looked in the rear view mirror and told herself, “I don't need him to help me raise my kids.” Kaylee went to the hospital to check on Joseph's mom and see how she was holding up. When Joseph woke 3 hours later, he begged for Kaylee’s forgiveness. Kaylee said, “I will put up with you for our kids, but our relationship is over.”  She stood and slid her purse over her shoulder. “I hope you and my best friends enjoy your life together.”
Eight months later, Kaylee had started having contractions, and it was time. She welcomed two healthy babies into the world: a boy named Kaden, and a girl named Kasey. Emily brought the babies some gifts. Kaylee was so happy, but sad because Joseph wasn't at the hospital to see his kids.
Kaylee and the babies were released from the hospital, and Joseph and Jamie were walking into the hospital to see his sister. Joseph looked over saw Kaylee, and the babies but kept walking.
Emily and Kaylee went to her house and helped get everything situated. Four years went by and the kids started pre-kindergarten. Joseph had went to Kaylee’s house six or seven times since the kids had been born to see them.
            Fourteen years later,  Kaden and Kasey got older and were out with some friends. They were driving around, when a car hit them.
Kaden and Kasey were both fine, but the driver of the other car was their father. Joseph looks them in the eye and says, “Sorry daddy hasn’t been here for yall”.
Kaden and Kasey tell him “You cheated on my mom with Jamie, but now want back in our lives.”Joseph said “yes”. Kaden and Kasey walked away saying “you will never be part of my life you missed out on that 16 years ago”. Kaylee goes picks up the kids, and takes them home.
Kaden and Kasey tell their mom, “We love you mom, we will always love you.”

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