"The scream"; a picture is worth a thousand words

October 15, 2017
By coleratliff19 BRONZE, Lake City, Florida
coleratliff19 BRONZE, Lake City, Florida
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A young bald man fell in love with a beautiful princess named kaylee. He never thought a woman like her would love him back. Years and years went by of him trying to improve himself. He traveled miles upon miles to the beloved castle where his beloved lived. The bald man knew it's been a long time since he has last seen her but he was certain his love for her could never fade. Kaylee was a lot older then the man which scared him. What is the desirable woman he loves loved another. The man knew if there was anyway they could be together he would make it happen.
The day finally came, the bald man stood exhausted and excited. He slid his way past the guards and made his way to the throne room. There he seen her. He thought to himself that age did nothing but add beauty and wisdom. The beautiful princess sat in her silk chair in her red robes. The mans mouth grew dry and his palms got sweaty as he searched for the words to say to the woman he waited nearly his whole life to see.
“Princess kaylee I need to have a word with you if that's fine to you” the bald man said watching the princess get her hair brushed by a maiden. “What is it kind sir” she says stepping to her feet showing the full length of her lushis locks of beautiful brown hair. The bald man thought quick and he thought of a brilliant idea. “Princess I need your help, my village is being held captive” he said as her father the king walks into the throne room. “What's this all about?” He asks with his scruffy voice. “My king I need your daughter she's the only one who can safe my people” shouts the bald man to the great king as kaylee looks over ready to jump in. “Who even are you, I'm not going to send my daughter off with a stranger” “what father you don't think I can do it” says the inpowered princess. Before the king could respond kaylee undid her dress straps and the red drops off and the cloths a warrior women would wear stood in its place. Kaylee pulled the royal family sword out of her father's throne. “I'm going with this man father he needs me and I intend to help him” says the older princess who walks down to the man.
       The princess and the bald man set off on a quest the bald man made up to get alone with her.
The bald man told the princess he lived on the farthest corner of the farthest part of the world. “There is no time to waste, we must make haste” said the princess ready for adventure and battle. The man and the princess set off on the castles fastest horses through the dark woods. As soon as the horses slowed down and the thought of battle simmered down the princess took a second to take in all the scenery and beauty. The castle where kaylee grew up was on a small island called italic red and the surroundings of the island was nothing but clear water and beautiful island flowers. “These flowers are beautiful if never been to this side of the island” kaylee said in a soft sad voice.”why this is all yours” the bald man responded “ I was born in the castle raised in the castle I even did all my schooling in that castle the only flowers I seen were out of a window” “ that's horrible beauty should know beauty” he said as he looked at her in a new light” “so I'm guessing you haven't had a man either” the man asked happy as can be “ oh heck no I had many men they don't have to be outside the wall only in my chambers” she said thinking about the guys staring out into space “ ohhhh” said the bald man “there was Lukas, Author, sir galavant…”  “ okay okay I get it a woman like you has many men striding to be with you” says the bald man hurt. They rode in silence for a little while passing waterfalls and other sights like carnivorous plants and jungle trees. A little more time passed till the princess pearled over at the bald man and asked “what about you?” Started from where they left off a while ago which confused the man . “what about me what?” “You said before that many men stride to be with me, what about you.” The man didn't know what to say so he didn't say anything. “How old are you mystery man” she asks with a smirky smile on her face “old enough my princess, what of you?” “Silly man, you're not supposed to ask a woman's age” she said in a fun voice
    The man was happy riding with the princess but he knew it could not last for ever. They made it through the jungle and found there way to the ship that gets people across. “Princess you really wanna know what I think about you” he said but she was to busy being amazed by all the people working together like a well oiled machine. The princess was preoccupied talking to ship men so the bald man snuck away and sent a message to his friends back home to have the whole village pretend to be captured and be ready for the queen. The bald man's village was called star rock it's a city on stilts extended over swirly water.
  The queen was at the age that she needed a king and she was looking the bald man hoped it would be him but he knew he would have to work for it. So the bald man grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close “I have never done this before but for a girl like you I would do anything” he kisses her and she looked at him surprised “ i knew I liked something about you “ and she kisses him again “now let's go save your people” she says as they step off the bout to see the orange sun set and people on the deck the bald man went in for another kiss but before he did the princess kaylee exploded and chunks flew everywhere. The bald man stood screaming with his hands on his face.

The author's comments:

I have always always had a wild imagination. When I was a kid I thought of whole worlds where i could escape to when the real world was to much. As I grew older the magic never really disappeared and i started writing down my ideas in a composition notebook. I wrote stories and made games in secret cause the other kids made fun and could not fully understand. 10th grade I joined a creative writing class and she told me I could post on teen ink to get my stories out into the world.

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