The Emergency Room

September 30, 2017
By Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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It was 11:30 pm and I was just trying to collect my thoughts, I knew what I had tomorrow and it was big I mean really big. As I walk along the house, a cold dark and mysterious house, who was nothing but the fault of my own it was the realtors job, to tell me what has happened of the past. I found a job that would take all day, a nurse job where I am nothing but around narcotics and tempting myself. I soon rest my head and dream of my dream job that I now have. It's 9:00 am I wake up to a screeching sound of  annoying beeping, beep beep. I frantically jump up and to what I find I'm disoriented searching for my keys wallet and other accessories that I might need. I stumble to the kitchen hoping to find banana or something that I can eat on the way. I look at my watch it's 9:30 am I rush to the door hopping the traffic is not too bad to where I'm not late on my first day of being a, Emergency room nurse to where anything and everything can happen.

  It's now 10:48 am to where I am in deep working order, my boss who is a tall young man who doesn't look over the age of 25 or barely legal to drink or to even work here. I stare into his dark brown eyes and wonder what my life could had been like other than single and drinking my life away. His tempting smile warms me and others, I speak a slow and steady pace to not confuse my mouth “ Hi Dr. Cooper, what's my issue for the day to help and serve?” He looks at me like I'm crazy to even get a job here, he simply looks over me and goes to help another. I stare and find multiple words to call him and many not very professional. Lunch to where I find myself at the lunchroom at high school again, hoping to find a seat, then suddenly a body a heavenly body bumps into me. He along like Dr. Cooper was tall and young, but he looked like his age and he was kind hearted and funny. He speaks like a soft fuzzy blanket. He says “Hey Ann what's up?” I tremble at at the very sound of his voice as he says my name. “Hi, Tyler” I say, and I'm off in space hopping I'll never touch down. “ Would you like to go eat with me?” Says Tyler. I do nothing nothing but look up into his beautiful blue eyes. He speaks again “ would you, it's ok if you can't we can go tomorrow” To where I replied “Oh no, we can go today how about that place downtown?” Tyler says “yeah that's the same pizza pub place where I was going to ask you to eat!” We walk down to the pizza pub, and order. Tyler speaks “ So first day huh?” “Yeah” I replied, “ Did you find Dr. Cooper” Tyler says. “ I find him very odd” I say. We walk back and we get back to work. 

  It's now 11:27 pm I close out and hope the new night shift nurse goes a lot better than mine. Tyler who is a doctor but I don't seem to find him at that higher placement. I see him as a nurse just like me. And I can't imagine what would happen if I could only see him and not talk to him that would drive me crazy. I walk down the slightly dark room of a hall,  and with no one there I see it a tall dark figure to who looks like Dr. Cooper or Dr. Tyler I say “ Tyler?” But it doesn't turn around so maybe it's Dr.Cooper I speak in a slow and steady voice I say “Dr. Cooper?” And I still doesn't move, at that moment I had no idea what that thing was, and there was no one in that hallway. I'm startled by a small moan and small piercing ring scream. I turn around and I speed walk to the other corridor and there it is and it's right in front of me and it's arm come out of the shadows. I hope that this is all but a dream and I will wake up in my bed and hopefully don't go through all of this aging in the morning. It's arm and cold hand touched my face and then my shoulder and then take my hand and pulls me in as I scream I try to get away from that monster and then all of a sudden. It's dark and I know what had, happened but I don't want to know for a fact. That I'm dead.

  I find myself self thinking this. When I suddenly find my own self in the same hospital where I work at,and I find myself hooked up at a IV and there I see drip drip. Dripping my life once away once again. I soon awake from my slumber and I see Dr. Tyler staring at me. I noticed that he was worried and once I told him why do you look in a rush, he simply just told me “I was worried about you because I thought you were gone and I knew that you were the only one with me that I knew you saw that hideous creature”. I was going to speak and say “ wow…. I'm….. Just speechless I never knew that you cared that much about me!” Dr.Tyler soon replied, “ Ann I always cared since we talked that second day and I knew you were the one.

  The only one to come and see that "monster." Because I know you could handle it.” “And that's what I'm talking about, I don't want to be more than friends…. I just want to be with you.” Says Tyler As if suddenly i'm popped like a bubble and drifted away. I wake in the hospital again this time it really doesn't feel like a dream, and I feel reality kicking in.

  Dr. Tyler is standing over me again and I feel like I want to reach out but I can't for some reason. And Dr. Tyler tells me that I was OD (overdose) and I couldn't believe it because I never had problems with drugs and always being around them I have had tempted urges but I never fell in to them. And he told me everything. He began to tell me everything that happened so far since day one. Tyler said that once you bumped into Dr.Copper you couldn't handle it so you turned to the only thing in your hand. Drugs and OxyContin and quickly addicted. And that “monster” he told me was him trying to calm me down when I was off the charts. So I told him “ do you remember what happened?” Tyler just said “ Yeah Ann, I do and I think that great because I didn't want to tell you that you were thinking out loud and, I heard you say all those things about me” I replied to say “ Oh man I'm sorry” Tyler says he that's ok… I liked it and I like you.” I reply “would you like to get a drink” Dr. Tyler says, “I would love that.”

The author's comments:

Romance, just another story, I find to amuse myself and hopefully other, when reading this.

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