an love unexspected part one

September 29, 2017
By lillyhorn BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
lillyhorn BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I walk into my new school and it’s the middle of the semester, I just moved from Florida to Texas. As I walk around and try to find my first class which was double advanced science will help with becoming a surgeon that’s not the only advanced class I have because well all my classes are advanced besides band and drama. My phone vibrates right when im about to look at it a kid bumps into me and knocks my stuff every where and that’s not even an exaggeration.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it and you don’t need to help me pick it up either.”

“um yes I do I ran into you and since I’ve never seen you before im assuming your new.”


“you got that right.”

“What’s your schedule?”

“Here” I say as I hand him the paper with my schedule.

“well we have all core classes together”

“That’s good I think I mean like seriously you should stop talking to me before you football colleges come over here and you get in trouble. I mean ive been new to places a lot and its fine I can do this alone and I don’t want your friends or you to hate me on my first day of a brand new school.”

“wow wow slow down I don’t give a f*** about what the other damn football players will say and for me I don’t hate you I find you well quite beautiful, nice, and very very smart to go along with those you quite funny.”

“oh well thank you and im noit all the beautiful or even pretty im quite ugly actually but if there is someone who is beautiful well its you well technically beautiful is the wrong word saying that you’re a guy and a very hot and sexy one at the.”

“now no reason to lie to yourself or to me your beautiful and im ugly.”

“well you’re a very flirty person and very wrong I wonder how you got into all those advancied classes since you’re a very incorrect person well any ways I got to go don’t want to be late on the fissrt day.”

“well im not always incorrect for example your very beautiful that’s not incorrect and as for the you having to go let me walk you to class .”

“If you really want to walk me to class then feel free.”

“so its band what instrument do you play? ”

“I play trumpet and im honestly quite surprised you asked.”

“Don’t be surprised I used to play trumpet my self that is till my well that’s a conversation for another time anyways my name is Conner.”

“oh well I hope youll tell me the reason you stopped playing trumpet sometime I mean I understand if its personal but id still like to know but hey no pressure any ways my name is Isabel but I go by Izzy. ”

“well its been a pleasure meeting you but if I don’t get to class with in the next minute ill be running laps at practice saying the my gym teacher is my coach.”

“then go I will see you later bye.”

I go into the band room and meet the band teacher Mr. smith and he asked me to play for everyone. So I  just got up in front of the class and played this really amazing piece that I had played for a group of germans when my band went to germany and I got the solo. I finsh playing and I see so far is the open mouths of my fellow trumpets then the band teacher looks at me and says “why didn’t you tell me that you were the izzy the on that has won world competitions and went over seas to play for big events you know you might as well be famous.”

“wow wow slow down a minute im not famous nor do I want to be I might have won those awards and world wide competitions and all that stuff but don’t call me famous please.”

“ok I wont but seriously that was amazing and your now the new section leader of the trumpets.”

“thank you.”

“Well if you wouldn’t mind could you take the rest of the trumpets out sidde in the hall and teach them a few things. “

“id be delighted to.”

We get out of the band room and I ask the others to tell me about them selves and they did so then I told them to plat a b flat.

“No No No No listen to me play now do it exactly like that please.”

They played again and perfectly that time and it was amazing. Next note and lets just say after like 10 notes they finally decided to actually play with good tone and posture.”


The band teacher finally came out and said its time to pack up so that you guys aren’t late to your next class. We head in side and I finish putting my stuff away and the band teacher tells me to go ahead and go to my next class so I do so.

I get to my math class and im the first one there. I was on my phone reading a text when I look up and see him standing right over my desk. I cant help but notice how ever curve and muscle are so noticeable in the shirt that hes wearing and man he looks so damn hot right now. He looks at me and says

“hey beautiful you should come back to the back and sit with me back there.”

“ok lets go back there handsome.”

“im probably not going to be able to focus because of your stunningly beautiful eyes the sparkle like a ocean at sunset.”

“For the third time class stop talking and Conner if you keep talking to the new girl your going to be in detention and as for the new girl stand up and tell us about your self please.”

“will do im izzy and well I just moved hear from Atlanta Florida because of some family stuff that id rather not share at this particular moment in time. I’ve been in all advanced classes since I was in 3rd my favorite color well colors anyways are teal white and black. My favorite food is sushi and salad. That’s all thank you for listening.”

“thank you izzy for that introduction and guys today is a free day.”

“so how was band I heard you yelling at your new trumpet section.”

“band was interesting but fun.”

“so um how are you doing with the new school and all and do you happen to have any boyfriends back in Florida.”

“im as best as I can be for getting in trouble on the first day and being on my period sorry if that was too much information. On the topic of boyfriend that is a not anymore but my best friend Lucas live there we happened to have moved a few times to the same place by happen stance and well I’ve know him since we were both babies. In fact talking about Luke he should be moving hear in about 2 months why do you ask and do you have a girlfriend.”

“no I don’t have a girlfriend and I asked because I was curiosand you know this thing called conversation it typically helps when you know things about each other.”


“well that’s an obvious yes in know what conversation is you smart ass but anyways how does a football player not have a girlfriend.”

“well I just am resevering my self for someone special.”

“oh I under stand that.”

“so what is the family reason you moved out here.”

“um id rather not talk about it right now and I hope you understand that.”

“oh um ok I do under stand and I hope that you tell me when you trust me more I also hope youll grow to trust me in the future and who knows maybe this friendship could be more than a friendship maybe it could turn out to be a relationship because your so stunning, amazing, beautiful breathe taking and a whole lot more no words in the world could explain how I feel right now and I know I might just be a dumb 17 year old junior but I think im falling in love or maybe not exactly that but I don’t know it just fells right like when every your around I feel like that’s where im supposed to be. “

“um cant you slow down a bit please by the way my phone numer is 325-201-9*** and im sorry about the slowing down thing I just don’t want to be that fast to just jump into a relationship.”

“oh um thanks for the phone number and i don’t want to just jump into a relationship im just saying that in the future we could be more then just friends.”

“oh yeah that could work but id like some time but I am going to my favorite tea shop that I go to cause well im very obsessed with tea so if you wanted you could come with me.”

“um sure lets go after school right?”

“yeah after school.”

“afterwards would you like to come over to my house.”

“I would love that but can we make a stop at the store so I cant get my self different clothes and no I don’t want to get them from my house.”

“can I ask why.”

“um just don’t want to go home ok.”

“is this part of the personal topic?”

“yes very much so and please just give me time to learn more about you and to trust you cause that’s not easy for me so youll have to give me some time and if this is to much trouble I understand.”

“no no no I understand I takes me awhile to I just your different then anyother person ive ever met.”

“well thank you I think I mean I think your going to be easy to trust but I always seem to put up a wall and not let anyone in.”

“hey I will find a way to get through that wall ok I don’t want to hurt you im not going to hurt you in anyway and I want you to trust me and im not going to do any thing to change that.”

“Please even if I push you to give up on me don’t I have a very big tendency to push people away and most of them just give up its I guess like a test because most of the important people ive ever had in my life give up on me.”

“I’m not going to let you push me away and don’t worry I don’t plan on giving up on you ok.”

“Thank you for that it means a lot and I mean…. Did you know that your really sweet and hot and nice and heart melting. You make me happy so far and you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside you send a swarm of butterflies into action when ever your around I’ve never had anyone that made that happen and the feelings really nice.”

“Thank you but you know its not only me that’s give that felling you give me that exact same feeling every time around and from the moment I first saw you I knew there was an instant connection even if the first time I meet you it was me bumping into you and knocking all your books on the floor sorry for that by the way.”

“For the millionth time its fine I never would have had the guts to talk to you if you didn’t bump into me.”

“How come you would’ve talked to me if that didn’t happen.”

“Cause well I have way to many problems to be being turned down by hot football players.”

“Oh well I probably would’ve been to chicken to talk to a breathe taking beautiful girl who makes me so nervous.”

“I’m going to take you being nervous around me as a complement.”

“That’s a good thing cause it is a complement.”

“Ok so who’s the new friend ha Conner who is she.” Says one of Conner’s football friends.

“She’s my new friend and her name is izzy and shes amazing why.”

“just wondering I mean look at her amazing blue as ice easy and light brown curly hair that sits right in the middle of her back.”

“dude back off already and go away.”

“wow calm down dude and ill go.”

“Sorry about that jack a**.”

“its fine im used to it.”

“no its not fine you desevere much much more like a lot more then jack a**es messing with you.”

“please just don’t wrooy about it ok.”

“im always going to worry about it and you but ill try not to flip out everytime.”

Then the bell rang I headed to my next class and that was E.L.A  and well before I knew it was finally time for my kinda sorta date with the absoulutly hottiest guy in this school and all of a sudden I feel like I should put on a different shirt and I start to wish I would have wore a different outfit. Man I’ve never in my life care about what I looked like for a guy man I need to calm down I mean I highly doubt he actually liked me and excpecally now that he knows I have problem hes going to hate me when he finds out. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh im so wow ill just calm down now. I see him walking towards me and he asks me if im ready to go. I say yes and on our way out of the school he puts his arm around me.

That action sends those butterflies I was talking about earlier into action im starting to go crazy about a guy I just barely meet why im just wow unbelievable 

I think I’m I’m I’m falling in love with this damn guy and ugh.

“Why did you put your arm around me?”

“I can move it if it makes you uncomfortable but I mean I just did.”

“no! I don’t want you to stop, please don’t it feels nice but a few girls keep glaring at me because there jealous that I got the hottest guy in the whole school and I mean I would be jealous of me to.”

“Awe that’s sweet”

“Would it bug you if I like move towards you more?”

“No not at all it would be nice to be able to hold you in my arms.”

“Well thank you I’m flattered.”

“That’s how it should be.”

“Let’s go get my tea and new clothes so we can go back to your house and just random question will anyone be home.”

“Not tonight actually because my parents are on a business trip and since I have a car and a drivers license I can just drive my self to and from school so yeah ill be home alone for 8 days actually.”

“Oh I see my parents all I have to do is text and say im spending the night with a friend or the im staying at a hotel or something like that and all they say is ok have fun princess.”

“Oh well at least that means you have freedom.”


“lets go get you your tea and ill pay then we can go get you some clothes.”

I give him the directions to the little tea shop on the corner of the street.

“I would like a burning hot peach tea with a lot of sugar and a muffin.”

“what would you like Conner.”

“um I guess ill take the same.”

“ok that will be 5 dollars.”

Here I had the girl a five when Conner says no don’t take that and gives her a five from his pocket.”

“Thank you but I really could have payed for that.”

“No I wanted to pay and im not going to let you pay.”


“Here’s your order.”

“thank you and have a great day.” Me and Conner say to the girl at the front counter.

We get back in the car and go to Wal-Mart.

“Ok how long are we going to be looking at clothes?”

“why do you not want to see me try on clothes?”

“oh no I want to see the clothes I just hate shopping but I do get to spend time with you so it will be amazing.”
“Then let’s go in.”

We go in and when im looking through pants on a shelf conner wraps his arms around me and then he pulls out a pair of size 0 skinnyjeans that are maroon and say I should try them on with a mint green tank top that has a black skull on it and I say fine and head for the dressing room wondering how he knows what size pants I wear.

“oh my god you look great you should get that.”

“ok and thank you babes.”

“your welcome.”

Head back into the changing room and change back into the clothes that I was originally wearing. When I come out he says you get these and hands me white pants a black tank top grey sweat pants that say love down the left leg.

I say “I will ok I will now we should go get food while were here and im paying.”

“ok babe lets go get food.”

“oh chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs we should get them.”

“yum sounds delicious.”

“with lots and lots of crunchy cheetios.”

“Oh totally yes I love those things.”

“ok you want anything else?”

“yes we should get tea.”

“you know me so well.”

We check out and head to his house where right now im really hoping we like going to cuddle or kiss or something.

“we here lets go in.”

“ok this is a really nice house.”

“thank you babe.”

“here let me show you to my room.”

“its nice I like.”

I walk in and pull him towards me then throw my arms around his neck. Before I know it those lips ive been wanting to feel against mine are touching mine kissing them and with out thinking im kissing back and it feels like just wow I finally break the kiss.

“that was amazing like wow.”

“I know I mean that was like nothing ive ever imagined.”


“yes babe”

“i’m falling for you and I was wondering if you were ready to catch me.”

“yes of course.”

“catch” I say as I fall back into conners warm luscious muscley arms as they wrap around my body and conner lays me down on the sof bed that feels like laying on and cloud but a cloud that smells like gym lockers in 109 degree weather b ut I don’t mind when those lips that we on mine earlier land on mine for a second time. Those lips that are luscious and I have been thinking about touching mine since I first saw them are now lovingly caressing mine under the wrath of his temperate mouth and body. He is now laying beside me as we sit her and with passion  we lay on the bed and make out with are tounges do a little dance in each others mouths. This is one of those make-out session the I will always remember for the rest of my life and I hope I will never loss the most phenomenal guy ive ever had in my life.

Are lips part and conner looks into my eyes and says you’re the most wonderful girl ive ever seen.

“so you know that family stuff I was talking well let me start at the being so basically I lived with my dad and mom and well my dad and mom split when I was younger. I was 5 when the split then my dad got ran over and died but my mom after they split got into girl and well the girl she married would when we were alone. She would come up behind me and take her hand and slide it from my stomach damn slowly and it made me uncomfortable. So when I told my mom she got all pissy and said to stop being an over dramatic little b**** who lies about everything. After a few more weeks after that I told my best friend who then told the police and since I my mom wouldn’t make her move out snd she would me because she picked her over me. I got put in foster care and well every since then ive been in 4 foster homes and then got adopted my my mom who is single and I have a baby brother whos 4 and hes adorable his name is drake. My mom recently got pregnant and is having a baby girl who I chose the name and were naming her Hazel rennia McKinney. I go to therapy every week to deal with the things that happened to me. And we moved her because my old step mom was threating me so me my mom and drake decided to pick up and move and that’s were im at now. But on my first day at this perfect school and have this like ddly perfect amazing wonderful loving boyfriend.”

“why did you tell me that you parents don’t care and why didn’t want to go home after school?”

“oh well I wasn’t prepared for the questions and my mom knows im here by the way.”

“oh ok”

“well go on why don’t you play trumpet anymore?”

“well ok I was on a car ride to a concert on night and well my whole family was in the car it was snowing and the roads were slike and everyone but me and my dad died. So every since that night ive blamed my self.”
“hey baby its not you fault alright”

“I know its not but still”

We lay back down and I lay my head on his chest and it feels perfect as I start to douse off conner whispers in my ear night baby I love you.”

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