October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

I stopped walking when I reached the shore, letting the cool salty water crash onto my feet. The Hawaiian waves crashed loudly against one another, then up onto the sand. The perfect waves for surfing, I thought to myself. I grabbed my surfboard and made my way into the water. The clear, salty water here was the same, yet something entirely different than back in California. The sun was slowly setting, the waves were big, and it was the most peaceful moment I have had here in Hawaii yet. I paddled out, wanting to get further away from the land, away from reality. I kept a careful eye out for a wave. When I found a good one, I paddled towards it and stood up, quickly getting into position. My first wave was successful; I felt relieved. I rode a couple more, and decided on one last good one. I watched carefully, and saw a big one coming quickly. I made my move, and began to surf. I underestimated the size of this wave, because I realized I was in trouble when I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the curl. The next thing I knew I was under the iuwaves, my board completely detached from me, and I had the wind knocked out of me. I was struggling to breathe, and tried making my way to the surface. Another big wave came in, knocking me back and causing me to hit my head on coral. Everything quickly began fading, eventually turning black.
I woke up sputtering water, and choking. I was gasping for air, when I noticed there was a guy right next to me, watching me cautiously.
“You alright? You took a pretty big hit out there,” he stated worriedly.
“I don’t know, that’s never happened to me before,” I said confused. In all my years of surfing I’ve never wiped out to the point of getting knocked out.
“You must be new here,” he said holding his arm down towards me. I noticed right away his piercing blue eyes, and soft, curly caramel hair. His strong jawline and slightly crooked nose were physical features that did him justice. I grabbed his arm and he pulled me up to my feet. “Locals know not to go out on these kind of nights.”
“And you happened to be out here?” I replied accusingly. He chuckled and said,
“Actually yea, I was walking on the beach checking out the sunset, and all of a sudden I see you wipe out,” 
“Ah, okay, well in that case, thanks for saving me,” I said offering him a soft smile. I was still a bit shook. He grinned back and said,
“My pleasure.” We fell into a silence,  and I wasn’t sure what to say. I noticed that my board was not with me, and figured it broke in the water because of the pressure. That was one of my favorite boards. “I’m Alex,” he said stretching out his hand, offering me a smile.
I shook it and said, “I’m Sam.” At that moment, I got a text and saw that it was from my Dad, telling me to come home. “Ah, I have to go. Thanks again, for you know, saving me,” I said, laughing.
“Wish I could do it again,” he said with a twinkle in his eye, and his dimples showing. I blushed and turned before he could see, and made my way towards my house. Before I got too far, I heard him yell out, “Hopefully I’ll see you around, Sam.”
It is now Sunday, the day before school starts. My friend, Charlotte, texted me saying there is a end of the summer bonfire tonight, and that the two of us should go together. I’ve only known Charlotte for a few days; she’s trying to be a good friend by including me in things, and I’ve secretly been really grateful for her. Her parents had always been good friends with my parents, but after my mom died a year ago, my Dad didn’t know what do. Eventually, Charlotte's parents convinced my dad to move our family to a new setting, and believed Hawaii was a good fit for our family. I hope they are right. My younger twin brothers, William and Leo, were estactic to be moving to Hawaii. Back to Charlotte, she has a bubbly personality, but is serious and caring when she wants to be. With her green eyes and thick black hair, she definitely has boys falling at her feet. 
She came over and picked me up in her grey BMW convertible, and made our way to the beach. She looked like a fashion model, whereas I was wearing ripped jean shorts and a white flowy off the shoulder top. My naturally wavy, long brown hair was let loose, just how I like it.
“So here's the deal,” she says as we pull up to the beach parking lot. “There's going to be a lot of seniors here, so just warning in advance. But don’t worry, almost everyone is super nice. When we get closer, I’ll give you the up down on who’s here, just so you have an idea.” Alex quickly crossed my mind, which I was confused about. Why am I thinking about him? I laughed and agreed, and we made our way over to the beach. It was already almost dark out, so the bonfire was big and wild. There was loud music and a bunch of people buzzing around, and a group of guys tossing a football around to the side. We got closer and Charlotte was hugging people left and right. She introduced me to a few girls named Nelly, Erica, and Kali.
I sat and talked with Nelly for a while, she seemed like a really cool girl. I had a feeling we would become friends. As I was taking a drink out of my coke, a football came out of nowhere and hit me, making me spill my drink all over my white shirt.
“Oh my gosh!” I squealed, jumping out of my seat. Then a few guys came jogging over, and one with black hair came up to me and said,
“I’m sorry, that wasn’t meant to hit you.”
A few of the guys behind him gave each other looks and smirked. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. Charlotte saw what happened and immediately said,
“Dan, you jerk she’s new here!” she scolded, hitting him in the arm. “This is how you welcome her?!” He looked at me again and said,
“I’m really sorry. Can I make it up to you?” and he flashed me the most handsome smile. His teeth were super white against his tan skin, and had the brownest eyes I’ve ever stared into.
“And what would Claire think about that?” Charlotte said accusingly.
“Forget Claire,” Dan said getting serious. I took this as my cue to interrupt.
“Uh, listen it's alright, it’s just a shirt. But uhh I think I’m just going to go home now,” I said slightly embarrassed.
“Here, I’ll take you home,” offered Dan, but Charlotte quickly cut him off, saying,
“That’s alright, I can take her home.”
We made our way towards the car and I muttered a quick bye to the girls I met. Further away, I took a glance back and saw the guys continue to play football, but Dan was still standing there watching us go. I turned and made sure not to think anything of it. He did seem sorry. Charlotte dropped me off at home, and told me she’ll see me tomorrow.
I stepped into my room and looked around. The light blue walls, white furniture and white bed covers gave me a comfortable, at home feeling. I was slowly beginning to feel like I was home. As I layed in bed that night, I thought about what senior year was going to be like. I also couldn’t help but wonder if Alex goes to the same school. I fell asleep, sleeping like a baby.
That morning my dad made my brothers and I a full breakfast, curtesy of first day of school. Will and Leo were beginning 7th grade, but judging by how tired they were at breakfast, they weren’t too thrilled to be starting school already. We left home, and I dropped them off at the middle school, which was down the road from the highschool. I met up with Charlotte and saw that we had 2 classes together.
The day passed quickly, and as I walked into my last class, I immediatly saw Dan. We made eye contact, and he smiled. 
“Hey Sam! Come sit over here!” He was surrounded by a bunch of guys, so I politely shook my head and took a seat near the front on the other side. Not even a few seconds later I see Dan sit in the desk next to me. Before he could say anything, the teacher came in and started the lesson. A few minutes later, I see a small paper airplane fly on my desk. I look over at Dan, and he’s watching me. I slowly open the paper, and read ‘will you go out with me? circle yes or no.’
I scoffed and rolled my eyes. He spilled my drink all over me and then asks me out on a piece of paper? Is this 3rd grade? I crumple up the paper and continue taking notes. I see him fake shock and turn back to his notes. This class should be interesting.
After school, I drove around downtown. We had a cute town, with lots of organic food shops, and other small souvenir shops. I saw a surf store, so I parked and went in. The air conditioing hit my face, and I looked around. There were hundreds of surf boards and suits, and other surfing necessicites. I was the only customer, and I didn’t see any workers.
I was looking at some surf boards when I heard,
“I was wondering if you’d stop by.” I looked over and saw Alex putting clothes on a rack, but he was looking at me. I suddenly got nervous, and felt my face get red.
“Oh, hi. Alex, right?” I said. Of course I knew what his name was, but didn’t want to seem eager. He chuckled and said,
“Yea, and your Sam.”
“Uh yes that is me,” I nervously laughed. “Just looking for a new board, since, you know,”
“I do know,” he smirked. “So any specific type of board you looking for?” At that exact moment, my dad texted me asking me to find a surf trainor for the boys. You would expect them being able to surf, but with my mom being sick, my dad never got around to teaching them.
“Sorry this is random, but do you know where I can find a surf trainer? My dad’s asking,” I asked.
“Your dad wants to learn how to surf?”
I laughed and said, “Not for my dad, for my younger twin brothers,”
“You happen to be just in luck. I’m a certified trainor,” he said smiling, flashing his white teeth.
“You would teach them?” I asked, hoping he would say yes.
“Yea, why not.”
“Thank you so much!”
He laughed and said “it’s no problem.”
I then continued to look around at the boards, and he helped me pick out the perfect one. We made plans for him to teach my brothers Tuesday’s and thursdays for two hours. I left soon after that, with my new board in tow.
The next day at school was the same. I’m meeting more people each day, and am beginning to like it more and more. I secretly couldn’t wait for Will and Leo’s training today with Alex. With that on my mind, the day flew by quickly and I found myself taking the boys to the beach for their lesson. We met up with Alex, and I couldn’t help but notice his toned arms holding the surf boards.
“Hey dudes, I’m Alex. Which one of you guys is Will and which ones Leo?” The boys identified themselves, and I could tell they were already liking Alex; I was glad. He started lessons on land first, and I sat back and watched. Eventually he took them out into the water for them to get a feel of the waves. As I was sitting and watching, Charlotte texted me a picture of Dan and a blonde girl.
Charlotte: Just spotted Dan and his GF Claire- they are so back together.
I laughed to myself and put my phone away. I told Charlotte about Dan, and she told me that he is a full time player, and that I shouldn’t waste any time on him. I was completely content with that, because as I looked out into the horizon and watched Alex with the boys, I had a feeling better things were to come.

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